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  1. xxchadallacxx

    Hauling a jet ski

    Hey guys. I'm hopefully picking up a 1 person jet ski tomorrow. I already have a 3 seater ski that I tow on a single trailer. I'm hoping to put the stand up ski in the back of the tb. The dimensions are really close, I should have about 2 inches of wiggle room. Has anyone ever put a ski in the...
  2. xxchadallacxx

    Biggest tire without wheels spacers

    So I've researched this for quite some time and can't find a clear answer. Everyone knows 30.5" is the safe tire size, but i'm really trying for ground clearance without wheel spacers bc I don't want the added strain on my suspension. Can anyone confirm if 255/70/17s fit stock? I've already cut...
  3. xxchadallacxx

    Picture request

    I am wondering how size 245/65 AT tires would look on Mark MC spacers. If anyone knows where to find a pic, let me know, I searched build threads, picture section, and appearance. Thanks!
  4. xxchadallacxx

    SOLVED! Load range

    When I do my suspension lift and get wheel spacers I will need bigger tires. I really like the look of the KO2s, and my buddy has them on his 4runner and swears by them. I was looking at them in 265/70/17 for my TB, but noticed they come in different load ranges. Can our vehicle run load range E...
  5. xxchadallacxx


    I want the "blue headlight" look without doing HIDs. Anyone know of a plug-and-play bulb that puts out white/blue light? Thanks!
  6. xxchadallacxx

    FOR SALE Radio

    I have a 2007 trailblazer stock head unit that I don't need anymore since I installed my Kenwood. I'll let it go pretty cheap if we can work out shipping costs. Let me know.
  7. xxchadallacxx

    FOR SALE Bumper

    Trailblazer stock bumper for white 07 LS. 8/10 condition. Will sell pretty cheap, feel free to email me at
  8. xxchadallacxx

    SOLVED! What do I need for Mark's lift and Mike's bumper?

    Hey guys, I hope this is in the right section. I mistakenly signed up for trailvoy last month and havent been getting much help, come to find out, everyone moved here in 2011. I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I am interested in a steel bumper for the added protection and off roading...

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