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    2008 Trailblazer LS Build

    I figured rather than just using/making new/existing threads for pictures i'd throw it all in One thread. Just bought my 2008 Trailblazer after Wrecking my 2004 Trailblazer in 2012. So far here's what's been done. I bought the car to be a Daily Driver and replace having to drive my 2015 Charger...
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    Weird Electrical Issues (Radio on all the time, Door courtesy light not coming on, etc.)

    Hey Everyone, Figured I'd make this a separate thread from my Efan question, and quickly before the Ambien kicks in! (Edit: Already has, posted this in the Tahoe Forum accidentally) :tongue: Since I've bought the truck i've started having a few strange issues, the biggest happened tonight as I...
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    Efan question

    Hey everyone, Am buying a performance kit from PCMofNC and it has the Efan conversion kit. I decided to try and source one locally. 73 Miles away is a 2000 LS1 Camaro Fan assembly for $65, or locally about 5 Miles away there is a 1999 3.8L Firebird Dual Fan Assembly for $30. $35 with a...
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    Installed new Android Stereo thoughts.

    Hey Everyone, just got done this weekend installing one of those Chinese brand Android Radios. For a equivalent Nav/DVD unit from Alpine or Kenwood it was about $750+ while I got this with wiring harness, and dash kit for about $250 with overnight shipping from Amazon. You can find them under...
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    08 5.3L SWB Considering LS3 Swap, Questions

    Hey Everyone, Been a few years since I've been by. I just bought a 2008 SWB 5.3L. Coming from a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.7 Hemi and My Charger with the 6.4L I wanted something a bit faster (Yeah should have probably just saved and got an SS, but I wanted a project) I was considering two...
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    Something leaking in passenger floorboard?

    hey everyone, been a while since I was on, i'm trying to figure out whats going on here....i'm sure its an A/C issue as this started....about a month ago....but it's random...usually when the A/C is turned to 60 but sometimes if its 70-75 on a higher output, anyway water will cover the passenger...
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    Planning for FI (<3 Months away)

    Hey Guys, I've only had my Trailblazer for about 2 weeks and already see so much potential in this Straight 6! First thing that comes to mind is WTF was GM thinking dropping this from their lineup? I've already purchased a CAI and Catback and they should be here tomorrow, and I am saving up...
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    Horn Not working...

    Hey guys checked here and on the Old Site and maybe i'm overlooking something but i'm not seeing anything with problems in regards to the horn, basically the horn on the steering wheel doesn't work if your press it...however if you press the "lock" button on the FOB it chirps the regular honk...
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    Hello from North Louisiana

    Figure I may as well C&P my introduction on TrailVoy after a member their kindly pointed me in this direction: Hey everybody! Just bought a 2004 TrailBlazer LT, 72K Miles, for the pricetag, and with just about every option and button known to man I Just couldn't say no. Plus I've been needing...

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