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  1. jeffro312

    P0171 and P0303

    just my 2 cents but when i had a p0171 it was related to the sais pump. Not sur if 05 trailblazers have them. With mine the hose connection on the pump under driver seat broke off and also the valvle on engine side didnt work. my fix was to delete the sais send my ecu to get reprogrammed and...
  2. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Coolant Drip/Leak Driver's side

    Hey not trying to be dumb just my honest thought but you say it's on drivers side... the thermostat is located on drivers side like behind and under the alternator. It's a bitch to get the gasket to stay on and what not so that could be cause of your leak if it was improperly installed. Just...
  3. jeffro312

    Secondary Air injection Solenoid BYPASS

    Not sure about the method you are talking about. When I bypassed my sais I sent ecu to pcmofnc to program sais code out then removed solenoid and installed a block plate I got from dealer and removed sais pump
  4. jeffro312

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Vacuum Line

    Hey AutoZone sells various elbows and vacuum hose just find ones that fit correctly. That's what I did anyway. Did you try calling dealer?
  5. jeffro312

    Your take on these noises

    Hey not hundred percent what it is but to rule out a couple things. Depending how mechanically inclined you are if you can remove your serpentine belt off the truck then start the truck for a short brief time with engine warm see if noise is still there without belt. If the noise is gone...
  6. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Kinda of a long video or what I thought would be useful torque gauges Can skim through at the end is when I starting spraying carb cleaner then inducing a vacuum leak by taking that plug off the intake manifold stalled when putting back on restarted to misfire Sorry bout music. Didn't think...
  7. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Well I went to AutoZone got cheapest coil they had valucraft I know i know horrible idea. (I'm broke sorry) get it home go to plug harness in it wouldn't clip on returned it to AutoZone got next one up duralast I replaced 2 others in past with that one no known issues. Ac delco were 99$ and...
  8. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Ok so bad news guys while using carb cleaner to find a vacuum leak I was spraying couldn't hear a change so I unplugged that cap off intake manifold and badically caused a vacuum leak so I can. See what carb cleaner does. I sprayed and it really didn't do anything I mean as soon as I...
  9. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Yea I think I'd most likely pay a shop 2 hours labor to find issue before I bought that thing haha. Thanks for the info. If I win lottery I'll be sure to buy that So I'm thinking I missed a vacuum leak What are all things that vacuum could leak out of ? 1. Intake manifold 2. Fuel...
  10. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    One last question. At idle does everyone rpms fluctuate or are they steady close to one number Not sure what this means if anything but mine does this goes to 630 then surges kind of down to 592 then slowly goes back to 630 then 592 I'll posts video of sound (edit I lied cant hear it too noisy...
  11. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    First time I went for emissions was in lot waiting to get it done light came on. So I cleared it went home went to work came on again. Cleared it drove home and didn't come on emissions were showing complete so I went to the place shut car off. I had to go back there with guy because I...
  12. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Hey thanks for video. Not sure if I stated before or if that's wrong video but my sais system has been deleted. As in completely removed air pump hoses and valve and a block off plate from dealer installed and pcmofnc deleted code from pcm. Truly wish it was that I'd have it fixed by now
  13. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    hey thanks for info you are correct about it going into open loop when rvved over 3k grr. going to check spark plugs this weekend ive replaced map back when first tried fixing this ill have gf rev engine listen for that whistling local shop charges 110 for fuel injection cleaning...
  14. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Also quick question tried searching via Google on here for how to actually remove and clean injectors manually not by adding fuel additives? Or is that something easier done paying a shop to do? Not sure if special tools or what not is involved
  15. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Hey mooseman thanks for that info I read that over plus a few similar articles. It says if it's a vacuum leak that ltft should return to normal at higher rpm and there I tested this theory and ltft. First I did it when I left work but engine was cold so nothing warmed up etc. At idle ltft...
  16. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Here is video of noise sounds like high pitch dog whistle sort of. At or around 2k rpm.
  17. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Attached is a excel in a zip of my log on 20 min trip home shoes engine temp rpm speed o2 voltages fuel trims Highest long term fuel trim goes is 14.7 I think for short time under acceleration once I release gas to coast it drops back down Some pictures at idle Then I think I revved it up...
  18. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Yes they refused to fix it even though I was able to get them to admit they did it it's obvious they did it I reported them to better business bureau and his response was "with this many miles on vehicle something else will go wrong before that snapped stud causes a problem". Basically he was...
  19. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    So since removing sais and adding block plate and replacing both o2 sensors p0171 engine light pops up more then before really damn frustrating lol. So during next week or weekend going to check everything again Going to check 1. Vacuum 2. Fuel pressure 3. Fuel trims Anyone has...
  20. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    What do you mean is pcm latest calibration. It's never been calibrated? But I just sent it to pcmofnc for a tune a week ago. Would they have calibrated it? Only other thing crosses my mind is when I bout car long time ago they replaced exhaust manifold as old one was cracked. Well...
  21. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Ok an update I removed sais completely installed block off plate Pcmofnc programmed out sais code with tune (should have gotten a tune long time ago) Installed 2 new o2 sensors acdelco brand Cleaned throttle body So after all this was done I noticed b1s1 o2 was a little more responsive...
  22. jeffro312

    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    . And going semi strong minor issues still strong like a bull. 04 Buick Rainier Just soldered in new stepper motors and blue LEDs. Only gauge I had working for about a year now was my tachometer. So strange to see a gauge to go with the miles until empty thank you gm for that handy display...
  23. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Thanks for video this sort of confirms my thought at first. I was in torque today on my drive home. Couldn't get code to set or rpm to jump to 900. Figures. I'm going to get my hands on the plate to cap off valve after j remove it see if it fixes the issue. Only other thought is...
  24. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Thanks for the quick reply. As far as fuel trim on torque.. I see long term fuel. Short term fuel. Then there is fuel trim for b1s1 and b1s2. I know if I go into torque and add a gauge then it listes all the pids. The b1s2 fuel trim is highlighted green but not as green as all the other...
  25. jeffro312

    NEED HELP Can p0171 be related to sais

    Hi guys long time since I posted. History. Had p0171 intermittent issues for over a year now never bothered to fix it have to pass emissions this month so am forced to fix it. Symptoms. No code will show at first but will be pending with a hike in rpm at idle 900 or so. Clear code rpm...
  26. jeffro312

    Screwed Up Spark Plug Change, Now I've Got A Flashing P0300 CEL

    What spark plugs did u use.... Are you sure the connectors to the coils are connected coiled sitted on plugs good. I would do the job over again. Remove spark plugs put them all back etc try again. Disconnect battery during also clean your throttle body while your at it
  27. jeffro312

    What causes acceleration 2002 TB

    I've had this same issue for quite sometime now I have elm Bluetooth dongle and torque pro not sure what to look for. I assumed it is just a vacuum leak. It's very random when it does it but at a light Rpms will be 1000 and in torque shows pending code same as yours. I'm able to clear the...
  28. jeffro312

    Another thread for P0440 help

    Just my two cents from Google probably don't help you much more but what I would do get a new gas cap there cheap enough and wont hurt to try If that doesn't work check filler tube for any hairline cracks wet spots etc obviously replace if cracked and go from there This is copy and pasted...
  29. jeffro312

    Engine stall low oil now cyl 5 misfire

    Well except power steering leak driver side. Threw some blue devil stop leak in keep my finger crossed don't have money to get new rack. Poor truck is getting old

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