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    Front Bumper cover attach

    I used JB weld's Plastic Weld on mine. held for three years or so until my son absolutely,positively did not hit it on something.
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    Drivers door key cylinder problem

    thanks Moose...from what I could see inside the door (not much) it looked like it might have been a 'special' clip. will see what Dorman can do .
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    Drivers door key cylinder problem

    I'm baaack... Been using the key to lock/unlock the Snailblazer recently. this week, turned the key and the cylinder moves, but doesn't work the lock. the rod coming down from the lock cylinder has come loose from the latch. I'm assuming there's supposed to be a plastic clip on the lower end...
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    Intermittent brake grind

    So I take my son's trailblazer to the store last I'm pulling in, apply the brakes and there's a lovely sound like someone dragging a concrete block down the road. Goes away when brakes are off. So I figure time for new pads/rotors. I drove the truck today and brakes are perfectly...
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    Trailblazer remote/alarm issue

    I did not see the AU0 code on the RPO sticker so I don't think this thing ever had factory RKE. will give the actuator r/r a try, sounds like the most likely culprit. much thanks to everyone who replied
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    Trailblazer remote/alarm issue

    Have an 06 Trailblazer LS that is driven by my son. It has what I'm sure is an aftermarket remote door unlock system (vehicle has a key slot on drivers door, and I found the module for the remote and it's definitely not GM). The thing has always acted sketchy off and on, but for the last month...
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    How long do you plan on keeping your Trailblazer / Envoy?

    Our '06 TB will need to go at least another 5 years or so. My older son drives it now...he's a junior in high school. Depending on a lot of things....he'll probably get something a little newer in 2-3 years, at which time his brother will be driving ,and he will likely get the Trailblazer for a...
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    seat fuse...but no power seats

    checking out the under rear seat fuse box. there's a 30a slot marked "SEAT" in this location. There's a fuse present...but I don't have power seats. am I missing something-is it for something else? or maybe a previous owner thought a fuse was missing and slapped one in there (?)
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    New "Pseudo" Blazer to get SS badge

    Still sacrilege. Besides being an old Blazer fan, I work in a clinic dealing with power wheelchair/scooters. One of our concerns is getting a carrier for our patients to transport their devices. The main thorn in our side these days is that mobility devices are getting heavier, while tongue...
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    How to clean these wheels

    awesome. thanks for the info!
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    Tesla Tru... What?

    as a former resident of the Slidell/New Orleans area....ya gotta get a Yeti sticker on there, then she's done, boy.
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    Tesla Tru... What?

    Sure, anything to take the focus off the new Blazer.
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    How to clean these wheels

    I've had this Trailblazer for about 8 years now. until a few months ago, the wheels looked great with a simple wash job but lately they just look bad. irregular stains and looks like maybe some flaking going on. I have no clue how these things are finished. any clues on how to clean them up?
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    Suspension question

    is this for getting the yoke off? apparently my lower ball joints are bad. debating trying to replace just the ball joint vs the whole lCA, just replaced the LCA brackets, so I'm familiar with most of the procedure, except removing the yoke.
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    any torque wrench experts out there?

    Loosened bolts, nursed a beer and chased dogs around the back yard for a while, then retightened. Getting new tires and an alignment this week. Hopefully the ol girl will be good for a while.
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    any torque wrench experts out there?

    Got it done. I'm a bit of a sis about some things still...snapping bolts off in hard to reach places being one of them, and I was semi-freaking out wondering if the wrench would ever click. new wrench but I kept wondering...maybe its not gonna click before something else snaps. but I got 'em...
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    Suspension question

    I recently did LCA's among other things on my 06. soaked the bracket to frame bolts in PB Blaster for 4 days before I did the job and they came out pretty easy. Had to do the bolts over because I didn't have the right wrench the first time. I've never cranked on anything with torques this high...
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    any torque wrench experts out there?

    I replaced the brackets for the lower control arms on my trailblazer. the torque on the bracket to chassis bolts is crazy high , I think 177 & 190 lbsft (don't have the numbers in front of me right now.) At the time I did the job, I only had a wrench that would go 150, so I got em that tight...
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    removing lower control arm at the knuckle

    ok...that makes sense. gotta do the upper arm anyway, so that fits into the overal scheme. thanks
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    Filling up fuel always makes pump click off

    mine does this every 2 years or so. I replace the vent valve solenoid and the evap purge solenoid and the problem goes away. not horribly expensive nor hard to do, was aggrivating at first, but I treat it like routine maintenance.
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    removing lower control arm at the knuckle

    I am really missing something here...trying to loosen the lower front control arm so I can replace the bracket. plan is to let the arm pivot on the strut. I have the ball joint stud loose but can't get it all the way out because it's hitting part of the knuckle (see pic) before the stud clears...
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    Trailblazer Lower Control Arms Support Brackets Replacement

    I haven't had a proper look at the area, but if I'm doing lower control arm bushings only, or even the whole lower bracket, does the wheel hub, strut and all that really need to come off, or could I support the lower arm with a jack and do the bushings or bracket safely?
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    Does the Trailblazer have a Saginaw type steering rack?

    for anyone who might be in the same situation., I just rented the Powerbuilt Tie rod tool- Kit number 85, used the 1 7/16" adapter , and it worked like a charm. from opening the box to having the old tie rod out and on the floor was maybe 2 minutes. now on to the next project...which appears...
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    Does the Trailblazer have a Saginaw type steering rack?

    Looking to buy an inner tie rod removal set found one it looks like it would work but it says not for Saginaw type racks
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    What are you towing with yours ????

    Band geek---now band dad
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    High mileage oil

    that's pretty much what my brother does, and he's a petroleum engineer. 25+ years with Mobil but he's always gone with whatever was on sale and changed oil & filter on schedule with no problems (even with three teenagers driving).
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    How-To Repair Your Air Conditioning

    is the clutch on the compressor removable by a DIY-level owner? mine has made a God-awful racket for the last few years, only when turned on so I *think* it's the clutch....still cools the inside of the truck pretty darn good, even in a Florida summer so I'm hoping to avoid replacing the whole deal
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    Does the 2006 Trailblazer have variable power steering?

    Sorry, thought it was in the subject but now I don't see it's a 2006 Trailblazer LS. there are two different Delco inner tie rod options one is about $45 the other is $97....I'll pay for whichever one is needed of course but didn't want to blow the extra $$ if not needed. both are...

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