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    Thule 92726 Pull Top Ski/Snowboard Carrier

    OK guys I have a nearly new Thule 92726 pull top carrier for sale. I only used it for one season then I traded my Trailblazer. This has a universal mounting system that works for many different style bars both factory and Thule bars. Right now it is set up for the factory racks on the...
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    [SOLD] Brand New GoPro Hero3 White with over $150 of accessories FREE SHIPPING

    I have a GoPro white for sale on Ebay. The link is below. If someone from this forum buys it I will ship for free!!
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    [SOLD] Motive Products Power Bleeder ( BARELY USED)

    I have for sale a Motive power bleeder that I have used only twice. I bought it last year to flush the brake system on my Trailblazer, but the Trailblazer is gone and my 2013 Cruze is a lease so I wont need to bleed the brakes. The bleeder works great, made my life a million times easier!!! It...
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    [SOLD] Free Trailblazer Stuff!!!!!!! Will fit others too!!

    Everything is gone! Can someone please delete this thread.
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    Exhaust manifold heat shield! Please HELP!!!

    Ok guys I am pretty sure I have a leak at my exhaust manifold but I have not been able to get the bolts off the heat shield so I can check. The bolts are pretty much rusted on there and won't budge. I was going to just cut them off and go from there but I wasn't sure if I would have problems...
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    Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid...leaking oil!!???

    OK guys I have another question, I have noticed that my Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid seems to be leaking oil all over the place... It looks like it's coming out the end but I am not sure, it also seems to be in the plug itself. This can't be normal but I have had no one ask me or tell me...
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    Belt tensioner frozen???

    Ok guys I have done searches both here and OS and I can't seem to find anything. First it started with a constant squeak from somewhere up front. I replaced my belt a few months ago and had no problems whatsoever with removal or noise until now. Trying to isolate the squeak I decided that I...
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    Roof Rack and thule box

    So here is my situation guys. During the winter months I have a Thule snowboard carrier that I attach to my factory load bars and it works just great. My problem however is come September my girlfriend and I go camping at Hermit Island in Maine for a week so we have to bring a lot of stuff with...
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    possible transmission problem! please help!!! :(

    Ok guys I dont know if I am being paranoid or what but I have the sinking feeling there is something wrong with my transmission... Lets start at the beginning... back in February of 2009 I had a local Chevy dealer flush my transmission because they said the fluid was burnt. I had 85000 miles at...

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