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    NEED HELP P0171 Lean Code

    2003 TB EXT 4.2l is throwing code P0171 after driving for about 20 minutes at speeds of 55-70. The vehicle has almost 160K miles on it, with a remanufactured engine that only has 20K miles on it. Over the past 3 months this is what has happened. I was getting a code P0340 (Camshaft position...
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    FOR SALE Pistons (with rings) and Main Bearings (All NEW) $180

    Quantity 6 Enginetech pistons 0.50 mm oversize , including rings, piston pins and retainers. Also included are crankshaft main bearings. Fits GM 4.2L I-6 engines with VIN S, 2002-2005 (Trailblazer, Oldsmobile Bravada, Buick Rainier, Saab 9-7X, Isuzu Ascender, and GMC Envoy) Fits GM 3.5L I-5...
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    NEED HELP Service 4WD light

    2003 Trailblazer EXT "Service 4WD" light illuminates only after reaching approximately 15 mph, and stays illuminated at any speed. At restart, the light is off until reaching approximately 15 mph again. All lights on the switch illuminate when selected, and the disconnect actuator and transfer...
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    NEED HELP Seat Belt Latch

    2003 Trailblazer EXT with power seats has an intermittent working seat belt light and usually no chime. Some times the light stays on when buckled, and sometimes it is off when not buckled. It also has a continuous Airbag light. I have removed the driver seat, cleaned the connectors (buckle and...
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    NEED HELP Engine Knock and Running Rich

    Hey guys. I just finished doing a total engine overhaul on my 2003 Trailblazer EXT, including new timing kit, water pump, serpentine belt, thermostat, fan clutch, ignition switch, and muffler/resonator (but no new catalytic converter). Took it for a test drive, and it was running good, but after...
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    NEED HELP Crushed Heater Hose

    While stabbing the transmission up to the engine (4.2L EXT), the heater hose clamp was pinched between them, and the hose got crushed. I pulled the old hose out from behind the engine, and removed it. I want to know if I can remove the heater hose inlet and outlet fittings from the block, and...
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    NEED HELP Separating Transmission From Engine 2003 TB EXT 4.2L I6 4x4

    I am in the process of pulling the engine, and I have been unable to loosen any of the 3 torque converter bolts, to disconnect the transmission from the engine flex plate. I started under the vehicle at the access hole in the housing, with no luck. Now I have removed the starter, for easier...

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