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  1. Bartonmd

    Where to get SS Grille??

    picture That's the cheap part of it, yeah. I'm looking for all of it, though. Cross-bar and everything.
  2. Bartonmd

    Where to get SS Grille??

    Really?? All the non-$300 ones I've seen on Amazon were like billet grille inserts, not the whole grille. This is what I'm doing:
  3. Bartonmd

    Where to get SS Grille??

    Yeah, that's what I'm gathering... Sucks that the aftermarket companies don't make them, because the regular model grilles are like $35. I'll probably just get an aftermarket, open LT grille and cut the sides off of my stock one (and paint them black) to snap into the headlights.
  4. Bartonmd

    Where to get SS Grille??

    So, I'm looking to swap to the SS grille, but don't want to pay $300 for a new one from GM. I can't seem to find them for the SS, aftermarket. Anybody know if there's any place to get aftermarket ones (or good used)?? I'm also not opposed to the LT grille, but by the time I get the grille and...
  5. Bartonmd

    MDB Fabrication

    Yeah, just... Send me a PM... Mike
  6. Bartonmd

    2016 MIDWEST MEET - - Elkhart, IN - - July 23

    Ground 0. Grimor - ? - Providing place and PORK 1. Hardtrailz - 1 (for now) - Bring Cole Slaw 2. Sparky - 1 - assorted bags of chips/snacks 3. Matt - 1 - you know the one thing I'll bring. Plus, plates, red cups cutlery. 4. Bartonmd - 1 probably - All the STDs
  7. Bartonmd

    Front hitch

    Yeah... Everything you are talking about doing is a really, really bad idea... If you want to keep the plastic bumper cover, just replace the center part of the bumper support with a small, internal bumper, and so it like that.
  8. Bartonmd

    How's the 6.0L Vortec as a powerplant to tow with?

    I've actually towed with a 3/4 ton 6.0 Quad steer 'burb like you're talking about. I think it was an '03 or '04. It towed fine, and the quadrasteer is REALLY NEAT to tow with! Changing lanes on the highway, the trailer doesn't whip back and forth, and you don't have to swing nearly as wide with...
  9. Bartonmd

    Goodyear Duratracs

    Kyle is right... if they are load range E, the conversion chart from the mfg will say like 42psi for that tire. Thatswhat it worked out as for the 245/70-17 LT/E Duratracs that I had on my TB. Mirror, to your issue, the combo of a really floppy 2-ply sidewall, and really tall, really siped...
  10. Bartonmd

    When Did Your Fuel Pump Fail (or has it yet)??

    Wait... If the gas pumped itself onto the road, you had a leaking fuel line, not a bad fuel pump... Mike
  11. Bartonmd

    When Did Your Fuel Pump Fail (or has it yet)??

    I've got a general question about how long fuel pumps last, these days. Used to always be that they failed around 140k miles, but I'm not sure that's the case on post-2000 vehicles. So the question is, when did your fuel pump fail, and/or what mileage is currently on your TB or other post-2000...
  12. Bartonmd

    Would a certified GM shop do this???

    Just call the GM customer service line, and they'll sort it out. Mike
  13. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    I had a diesel and bought a gas, so there are some of us. My use is very similar to yours, I think. Use it like a truck whenever I use it, tow car trailers, a couple trips with the travel trailer per year, etc.. You just have to drive a TON of miles for a diesel to pay for itself, especially due...
  14. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    If by "heavy" you mean 13-14,000# trailer, then yes. The 6.0 doesn't like towing more than about 13k# in the mountains, and can't keep speed going up the passes with more than that. The 8.1/Allison, on the other hand, is comparable to a stock diesel built during the same time. But yes, 3/4 ton...
  15. Bartonmd

    Reality thread...continued.

    BOOM! CList WIN! So, I've had a 5HP 2-stage Crafstman snowblower for a couple years (used off Clist), and it does pretty well. However, since my driveway is like 5 cars wide at one point, I end up blowing the snow twice, which the 5HP doesn't usually have very much fun with. I also have to blow...
  16. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    It's cool. It should say on your bars, what they're rated for. On a some of them, the hitch is the same either way, and the bars are what change. Even then, it could be that the hitch isn't set up right. With my sister's ~5000# GVW travel trailer, she's got a 5k WD setup, and in order to get...
  17. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    Length is a big deal with towing stability. My 5.3L TB tows a 6500# 2-axle car hauler just fine, but you have to be careful how you load it. It's much more sensitive to being setup exactly right than my old Cummins was, and certainly my '02 ECLB K2500HD is. Having said that, do you have enough...
  18. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    The difference in VE between gas and diesel compression ratios isn't a straight comparison because of the different cycles and burn temperatures of the mixtures. It's less than a couple percent, from what I gather. Turbocharging only increases VE a max of a couple percent up to ~15psi, then it...
  19. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    Oh boy... E10 gasoline has 112BTU/gallon and diesel has 129BTU/gallon. At WOT (still closed loop on most stock trucks, these days, even my '02) on the gas and a diesel running the same engine load, the diesel will only get roughly 13% better fuel mileage. Most of the inefficiencies of a...
  20. Bartonmd

    '02 K2500HD 6.0 Idle Issues...

    I'm not sure I see a question in your post. Either way that has nothing to do with this. The TSB is for cable-actuated throttle models. The 5.3L was cable-actuated up to 2000, and the 6.0 was cable actuated up to 2002. This is not an electronic DBW throttle issue. Mike
  21. Bartonmd

    '02 K2500HD 6.0 Idle Issues...

    OK, I never would have gotten this one... $900 at the dealer later, it's fixed. It was the throttle body. Apparently, in the throttle sticking (which mine wasn't doing, BTW) TSB, there was a voltage spec saying that if the TPS voltage at closed throttle was more than 0.61V, don't do the TSB...
  22. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    An 8.1 in a truck tows better and gets better mileage. They didn't want to redesign the frame and tunnel on the Avalanche and the 'burb (same thing) for the Allison, so they put the 4L85E behind the 8.1 in those, and torque-managed the crap out of it to get those transmissions to live behind the...
  23. Bartonmd

    Finding the proper full size tow vehicle

    You say "light and medium duty," but I only see light duty trucks up there. I'd stay away from medium duty, as they can really only be serviced at MD/HD truck dealers and service centers, which are much less prevalent than the Chevy or Ford dealer that every town has. Plus, they stock parts for...
  24. Bartonmd

    MDB Fabrication - View topic - Receiver-Mounted Tire/Fuel/Jack Swing-Out. After some consideration, I think I'm OK with selling this one... I'm too busy this year to wheel it anywhere far away (where I'd need it), and the wife is driving the TB more this winter. Plus, IF all goes as planned, when...
  25. Bartonmd

    How far is your travel TO and FROM work?

    80 miles round trip. Mostly highway. Mike
  26. Bartonmd

    Completed: 2-9-14 Badlands Attica, IN

    Looks like a hell of a good time! Mike
  27. Bartonmd

    Front Bumper Cover Help?

    I've got a stock impact bar and a stock 2-tone black bumper that's missing one of the "ear" hooks on the inside (you can take one off of your original one and super-glue it onto the inside of here). I'll let them go to anybody on here for $100 + shipping (around $120 on a pallet to VA), or pick...
  28. Bartonmd

    Feels like 4lo when in 2hi (Cold conditions only)

    It really isn't that common, though. Almost every part on these things has failed at some point, on somebody. It's more common than a computer, but less common than alternator, cluster stepper motors, 4x4 selector switches, blower resistors, etc.. You see a lot of problems on forums, because...
  29. Bartonmd

    Feels like 4lo when in 2hi (Cold conditions only)

    Oh, you mean that list of wear items (on nearly every vehicle) or weak points (on this vehicle) that have nothing to do with cold weather? Some of them have to do with long term exposure to salt on the roads, but it's the same with almost anything, and it's not a "didn't design and test this for...
  30. Bartonmd

    Feels like 4lo when in 2hi (Cold conditions only)

    It's not that they touched nerves. It's that you have no idea what you're talking about. Post after post with cold-weather issues on a forum where none of the vehicles are less than 5 years old, and all are out of warranty, and all either have, or should have a non-OEM battery in them. Check...

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