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    20/22 GMC Y spoke bolt on wheels in stock!!

    Taking perorders of the GMC Y spoke wheel for the Trailblazer I posted link on post below that has direct link to my store section
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    TRAILBLAZER DJM UPPER CONTROL ARMS FOR NON SS MODEL I installed New bushings New sleeves New zerk fittings Including new washers (not pictured) Painted arms black Cleaned up balljoint hole $199 shipped anywhere to the United States via 2-3 day express shipping PayPal payment accepted
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    24" TBSS Replicas are here!

    sorry corrent link here
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    24" TBSS Replicas are here!

    Finally I got thrm made for us!!! And just like the 22 inch reps I set up years ago these went on great. All info is here
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    NORCAL SS CUSTOM REAR 2-3 inch kits.

    NORCAL SS CUSTOM rear TBSS kit tested and now on my webpage. These shocks are the hd version which belltech makes exclusively for me. i tested them for a few weeks on customers trucks and all agree much better then regular version that comes standard which everyone else sells. I offer this in...
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    Project - Rear Air Bags

    please look here
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    Finally Lowered the TB! (Project Sexy)

    did you get it to align? if not i have the correct arms fornt looks way cambered. also if you want to bring the rear down i have custom springs that will bring it close to what you have in the front now. And just a heads up looks like you used the drop springs and almost no spacers in front...
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    All of July I am offering a $150 dollar rebate on the complete belltech kit shown here Once you get items there is a upc code you will need to send that in and I will forward you a pdf recepit and give you all other...
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    Cheapest way to level?

    how low do you want rear to go>
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    24x9.5 TBSS WHEELS whose interested??

    Would anyone be interested in a 24x9.5 tbss replica wheel? 275 30 24 or 285 30 24 would be used.
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    Any one else goin low??

    with camber set right it should ware like oem tire.
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    Any one else goin low??

    2/3 kit with shocks belltech is 475 shipped. You can slap that in and get it to the best alignment as you can and then when tire are shot get my uppers and your done. guys on a budget i usually do that. Tires last from 15-18k miles with the 2 inch drop in front and not my upper a arms (tbss...
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    Any one else goin low??

    yeah call djm they will sent you to me also. My drop arms wont hit spindle and better fit up top on oem balljoint plus my washer kit does not have issues like the regular djm ones have (they are elongated and loose)
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    Lowering 4X4......

    Also so many of them have rotted upper a arm bushings so good time to uograde. Also shops will say it aligned fine but truck has -1 degree camber. Yah ill pass on that one I usually set it at most -.25 because on a tb after that it chews up tires thr more negative camber you run..
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    Kbee coilovers in stock!!

    In about 7 weeks. I put a order in for 50 sets. lower a stock tb up to 3 inches in front lift a stock tb 1.5 inches. 750 shipped thru paypal or my website Any questions just ask.
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    Kbee coilovers

    Have a group buy going any questions just ask Front KBEE Coilovers GB - Forums - The #1 TrailblazerSS Dedicated Owners Forum
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    DJM upper control arms

    THESE are the old version not my new modified version. If you buy these you can send them to me to go thru the upper ball joint clearance and fix for slop and also will cnc notch the bottom so does not hit the spindle and crack it like this version does. $125 total for fixing the arms and...
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    Installed DJM upper control arms, having issues.

    are these my modified upper a arms or the old regular djm design with issues?
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    Lowering 2in 3in

    with my arms will be nice.
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    Lowering 4X4......

    YUP all good
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    Lowering 4X4......

    you need my modified a arms. NORCAL SS Custom Upper A arms. - Forums - The #1 TrailblazerSS Dedicated Owners Forum - - - Updated - - - and install on arms
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    Looking for an adjustable Panhard bar

    I SELL THE spohn 135 shipped and proven in many tbss trucks with over 600 rwhp :)
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    Pics!!! Norcal ss 30.5 vs belltech 31.5

    Heres a buddy of mine that came back to get the truck lowered more. He got the factory reps 22s from me with 265 40 22 front and 285 40 22 rear nittos. I set up the front belltech drop struts and my modified uppers which it sits at 30.75 front now in rear he had the belltech shock/spring combo...
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    SS front strut/ spring

    I have a group buy for endlinks on the owners site going on now
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    SS front strut/ spring

    Im doing a group buy on those on my tbss site. I would get a little shorter links which i sell
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    SS front strut/ spring

    yes in front you run the ss springs with 2 16mm spacers on the struts rear you run the belltech shock/spring combo i sell with the 1 inch spacer 515 shipped
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    SS front strut/ spring

    totally different than tbss valving wise.
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    SS front strut/ spring

    gm started on 08 models going to the cheap black shocks. Do yourself a favor get belltech sp shocks they are 310 shipped front/rear i have them for and they are much better than the 08 up black shocks.
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    Air Ride to Spring Conversion Questions

    the 3 inch drop springs will drop a trailblazer ss about 1.5 from factory and a regular trailblazer 3 inches. So by doing the rear spring conversion you will have a truck that sits 1.5 inches lower than a stock trailblazer ss.

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