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    20/22 GMC Y spoke bolt on wheels in stock!!

    Taking perorders of the GMC Y spoke wheel for the Trailblazer I posted link on post below that has direct link to my store section
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    TRAILBLAZER DJM UPPER CONTROL ARMS FOR NON SS MODEL I installed New bushings New sleeves New zerk fittings Including new washers (not pictured) Painted arms black Cleaned up balljoint hole $199 shipped anywhere to the United States via 2-3 day express shipping PayPal payment accepted
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    24" TBSS Replicas are here!

    Finally I got thrm made for us!!! And just like the 22 inch reps I set up years ago these went on great. All info is here
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    NORCAL SS CUSTOM REAR 2-3 inch kits.

    NORCAL SS CUSTOM rear TBSS kit tested and now on my webpage. These shocks are the hd version which belltech makes exclusively for me. i tested them for a few weeks on customers trucks and all agree much better then regular version that comes standard which everyone else sells. I offer this in...
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    All of July I am offering a $150 dollar rebate on the complete belltech kit shown here Once you get items there is a upc code you will need to send that in and I will forward you a pdf recepit and give you all other...
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    24x9.5 TBSS WHEELS whose interested??

    Would anyone be interested in a 24x9.5 tbss replica wheel? 275 30 24 or 285 30 24 would be used.
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    Kbee coilovers in stock!!

    In about 7 weeks. I put a order in for 50 sets. lower a stock tb up to 3 inches in front lift a stock tb 1.5 inches. 750 shipped thru paypal or my website Any questions just ask.
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    Kbee coilovers

    Have a group buy going any questions just ask Front KBEE Coilovers GB - Forums - The #1 TrailblazerSS Dedicated Owners Forum
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    Pics!!! Norcal ss 30.5 vs belltech 31.5

    Heres a buddy of mine that came back to get the truck lowered more. He got the factory reps 22s from me with 265 40 22 front and 285 40 22 rear nittos. I set up the front belltech drop struts and my modified uppers which it sits at 30.75 front now in rear he had the belltech shock/spring combo...
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    Norcal ss custom true 3/4 drop kit

    Well came out with my own rear coils and got together a kit for the 2wd guys who really want to go the lowest they can. Front kit My modified djm upper a arms Store - NORCAL SS'S Modifed Trailblazer Upper A -Arms w/drop 2WD ONLY (Powered by CubeCart) and belltech front drop...
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    Led kit sale till sunday

    I've been selling these leds for over 4 years now on my trailblazer site and NOT ONE has burned out and people have been updating the results over time. By far the longest lasting leds for the tb proven for over years now More info here $85 SALE UNTIL SUNDAY TBSSOWNERS.COM Trailblazer...
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    Suspension sale--- until sunday 1159 pm pst

    Belltech Drop struts/Modified DJM Uppers Normal Price $565 SALE PRICE $535 SHIPPED Belltech Drop Struts/Modified DJM Uppers/Rear Shock/Spring Combo Noramal Price $825 SALE PRICE $785 SHIPPED DJM Modified Uppers Normal Price $350 SALE PRICE $335 SHIPPED KW COMPLETE COILOVER KIT with...
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    KBEE Coilovers back in stock.

    I will have the coilovers back in stock the first week of september. Just a heads up since they sell out fast. Store - KBEE Front Coilover (Powered by CubeCart)
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    Trailblazer 20/22 inch Replica wheels

    Seeing that I was the person that got the 22" tbss reps going (worked with fr for over 2 years on them) and i worked out the offset and had the first set to test just wanted to show the community of what we have to offer in terms of the 20/22 replica wheels. You can click here to see all the...
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    Exclusive TBSSOWNERS.COM DJM Custom A arms.

    After years of modifying the DJM upper a arms for customers DJM is now making the DJM a arms per my revisions and only available here at $350 shipped for upper a arm (works on awd or 2wd trucks) Store - Modified Trailblazer DJM A -Arms wo/drop (Powered by...
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    MASSIVE spohn sale until tomorrow night.

    This sale is running right now through 11:59 PM (Eastern) Sunday July 8, 2012. I have all items ready to ship out. Complete adjustable rear spohn tbss bar set up in mild steel Regular price 520 shipped Sale price 450 shipped Complete adjustable rear spohn tbss bar set up in cromoly Regular...
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    New DJM Rear Springs/shocks

    Brand new DJM rear springs with djm shocks The shocks have a lifetime warranty 3" drop customer totalled his truck so can't use them anymore. $250 shipped lower 48 states.
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    2007 Trailblazer SS 24k Miles Tons of upgrades.

    Since new baby is coming along looking to get something bigger. Me being 6'4 and having 2 kids will be a tight fit. My wife drives this truck DAILY for the past 3 years here in San Francisco with hills and there is no problem driving it. No issues with truck. If you want somethings that...
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    BIG cam in my wifes tbss

    We love it Stefannys New TBSS Cam - YouTube
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    Belltech Drop Strut Install Guide with pics

    Just did another customers truck How to On Belltech Drop Struts - Forums - The #1 TrailblazerSS Dedicated Owners Forum
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    Cowl Hood and 22s

    Just cleaned my wifes tbss up today. Hood is made by Evil SS 2006 on Forums Wheels are True Forged Sleepers in 22x9 front and 22x10 rear that I spec the offsets for True Forged Oh 285 35 22 front 305 35 22 rear
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    Colorado/Canyon Lowering Parts Page

    Been dealing with the Colorados for years now which many people will remember me. If you have any questions on lowering just ask since I lower them and sell parts for them and yes im here 24/7 to help Here are some of the items I sell and if you don't see something just post up your question...
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    Euromax 515 22x9.5 Group Buy. Pics inside!!

    They are 22x9.5 38mm offset Chromimum black NEED TWO MORE PEOPLE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN GUYS $1150 SHIPPED LOWER 48 STATES WILL BE GROUP BUY PRICE $1300 SHIPPED LOWER 48 STATES WILL BE AFTER GROUP BUY PRICE. CA RESIDENTS MUST ADD TAX. I would buy 1 extra for a spare since Euromax is only...
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    Suspension Lowering and LIfting section???

    Anyway we can have General suspension section and a sub category under like lowering and then another lifting Then Brakes by itself Kinda try to keep those in their own areas
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    DJM Adjustable Rear Swaybar

    I had a accco on my Trailblazer and took off for this one. Like other people have stated the DJM bar has the tabs welded which doesn't let the bar move around and cornering is greatly improved. The front bars on these trucks are big enough the most increase in performance you will feel is the...
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    DJM Modified Upper a arms. Why are they needed?

    This is the reason djm now sends people to me if you have a trailblazer and want to lower it. You will hear a tapping on front end and even if you think your ok look where the a arm goes over the spindle you will see a rust mark. That mark means its been hitting which over time can lead to...
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    Official post whore thread!!!

    Yeah those who know........ know what this post is about. Waazzzzzzzzzz upppppppppppppppppppp!!!
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    I'm here let the smack talking begin.

    Yes many of you know me as the outspoken asshole on trailvoy or the guy who started that trailblazer ss site where its just kids stuff lol. I'm here now and hopefully you guys see things that have been said in past about me aren't true....... well yes some are like having a off topic porn...
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    off topic forum?

    DO you have a off topic forum where people can just vent?

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