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    Rear In Channel Rain Guards

    This thread has a pic of the in-channels on both EXT and SWB models, you can see the difference there.
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    FOR SALE Parting out: 2005 Saab 9-7x

    Would be interested in procuring the following from you: Cargo area floor storage lid center console lid faux wood center dash insert console cup holder insert Would likely need to have you ship.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Been driving around with a broken lens on the tail light for close to 2 years now after someone in the parking lot got a bit too close. I finally got around to ordering a replacement and installed it today. Edit: Oops, been a while since I posted a picture here; forgot to hit the "attach" button.
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    Vent actuator intermittent

    This appears to have fixed my intermittent issue with the passenger actuator where I would get hot air during A/C that would sometimes go away after shutting the vehicle off and back on. Definitely worth a try before picking up parts.
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    Thank you all for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community.

    Had to read it twice...first time was just shock without comprehension or attention to detail.
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    Life after the 360...

    Yes, anecdotal evidence from 2nd party sources and a cousin's durango with a new transmssion in the first 12 months certainly doesn't help but it's the JGC's inclusion in "least reliable" lists and something like 14 recalls for the 2014 model year that raises real concern. I'm not saying you...
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    Life after the 360...

    Keep an eye on the recalls and consumer reports, that JGC is not faring well in terms of reliability.
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    Can I drive it? AC compressor clutch?

    My revision of the 5.3 v8 uses a secondary belt for the AC, you can safety remove it and run without it. Check your routing, you should be able to as well. If the bearings are going out then I would be concerned about it locking up and causing the secondary belt to tear up the primary belt...
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    Gas octane

    Oxy fuel leans out the mixture and depending on the additives used can also have damaging effects on fuel systems when stored for significant periods of time. On modern EFI engines which adjust mixtures and whose fuel systems are hardened against ethanol this is less of a concern but for seldom...
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    comments or concerns about rockauto

    RockAuto is a reseller and they carry everything from AC Delco OEM to the same low end chinese parts you find at local B&M shops and other online parts dealers. The good news is Rock Auto is cheaper than most and has a good customer service and order fulfillment track record but you still need...
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    Gas octane

    If you're set on spending more for fuel (because it's sooooo cheap to operate a 15mpg vehicle already :wink: ) then you should spend your money on better quality fuel, not higher octane fuel.
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Pads remove paint from face of rotor on first few stops, rest of rotor still painted keeping rust away and also looking awesome.
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    Problems pulling in to parking spots....

    Warranties on Saab vehicles sold during GM ownership are now fulfilled through specific certified service centers. At that mileage and age your vehicle is likely still under warranty. Unfortunately they didn't reach this agreement until AFTER my 5 year/100k mile warranty ran out last September...
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    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Not as a rule and unless you test a station's output yourself you're unlikely to know for sure but yes it's possible that premium fuel can contain "less" ethanol depending on what you're comparing it to. Some premium grades at certain gas stations contain 0% ethanol. That said, octane rating...
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    Terrain & Equinox?

    I do see a "GMT Small Platforms" section but there is no mention of any of the Theta platform vehicles. There is a lambda section (traverse/acadia/enclave) though.
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    What to do!!!! 17" envoy wheels for $280 or SS wheels for $800

    Not a bad deal but if you're going to buy the SS wheels you'd still have to buy all season or summer tires for the SS rims at a cost of $500-800 or more. And don't forget a few bucks for new centercaps so you don't have to rock bowties on your GMC. Selling off your wheels at $600 still leaves...
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    This is the last US show car's in FRANCE! (little show)

    Nice pics, the de lorean and the corvette indy pace car were my favs.
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    2006/2007 TB Safety Investigation (now a recall) over Driver Side Door Switches

    Roadie you missed the quotation marks and the credit to ed norton. OP, nice thread on this here:
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    ABS engaging at low speeds Technical Investigation

    Thanks for sharing your testing, I didn't realize the sensors could be swapped. I had this problem with my GMT330 but it eventually went away after I had to swap the front bearings out twice (bad ball joints tearing them up).
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    Column shifter conversion

    IMO the prevalence of the console shift layout in modern cars has much to do with the death of the bench seat (so long W-Body Chevrolet Impala). Now that cars do not have to be designed with a center passenger in mind they have little incentive to locate the shifter on the column and can...
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    Column shifter conversion

    Ford, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota full size trucks all have console shifters available with their higher trim lines paired with bucket seats. Those with a 60/40 split bench still use column because there needs to be a place for the middle occupant's feet. Chevrolet/GMC is the only manufacturer I...
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    Auto- Stick???

    IME the novelty wears of quickly and you end up using it as a normal auto 97% of the time. I think it would be difficult if not impossible to retrofit as the +/- button control I have played with in other vehicles was different than what I experience when manually moving the shifter from D to...
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    Junkyard/Used Engines in Michigan

    Thanks, I'll have my guy give him a call :thumbsup:
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    Junkyard/Used Engines in Michigan

    Tri-cities/Midland County, would travel to pick up.
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    Junkyard/Used Engines in Michigan

    Looking for a good place to find some used GM engines in Michigan. I have talked to a few I know and have submitted a request for quote over at but it never hurts to have more contacts and options. Thanks
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    Rotors / Brakes

    IIRC the rears are the same size for all GMT360s, even the SS. The LWB, Saabs, and SWB V8 models got the larger fronts. Not sure if the calipers/brackets are all the same though.
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    Wear Ever? More like "Wear about a year"

    Appreciate the advice on the OReily parts but why would I need to replace my calipers?
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    Wear Ever? More like "Wear about a year"

    I was thinking of picking a set of these up, Advance Auto has the Wearever rotors with the 2yr warranty and rust inhibitor coating and the Gold pads for $230 and change all around and there's a 15% off coupon available but I wouldn't want to use these if they're only good for a year of normal...
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    Rotors / Brakes

    The brakemotive kits have a zinc coating which may be the reason why Sparky isn't seeing the rust that those MFR reps are referring to. That said, that's a coating and I don't know how deep or long that will last on those or any other rotors. Since I only drive once or twice a month the rust...

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