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    Junkyard/Used Engines in Michigan

    Looking for a good place to find some used GM engines in Michigan. I have talked to a few I know and have submitted a request for quote over at but it never hurts to have more contacts and options. Thanks
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    LED Brake Light Bar for Enclave

    Bought an LED brake light bar for a family member's Enclave at their request only to find out that there's really not a good place for it. I was wondering if anyone has tried this or some other supplemental brake light for the Enclave and how it turned out.
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    Strut/Spring/Shock Replacement

    Vehicle in signature/profile, just shy of 70k miles with original suspension parts (to my knowledge). Noticed a touch of feathering up front on the outer edge so I dropped into a shop for an alignment. Camber and toe both came up as in-range but the caster was 0.1-0.2 degrees out. Claim from...
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    OBD II Data Reader Problem - Saab specific

    Despite my best efforts both the Android Torque application and the MSD Dashhawk firmly believe that my SAAB is not a GM product. This means that few if any of the GM specific PIDs work. I was unable to find any Saab specific data on the OS. So any ideas on how I can monitor my trans temp...
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    Different Platform, Same Story (Warning: Whiny Person Venting)

    Some backstory; I don't have a garage to keep half assembled vehicles in or much room in an apartment complex parking lot to work on them. In addition my experience and tools are quite limited and I work a lot of varied hours so I end up farming out maintenance to local shops or dealerships at...
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    Not an appearance modification but I thought it fit better here than in a "technical" section. There is a lot to like about the Saab but I'm struggling with cupholder options. I have only one of the original TB cupholders. The one in the dash won't hold more than a redbull can. I like to...
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    GMVIS Lookup?

    I have posted my VIN up in threads on two other forums hoping to get a GMVIS report for my Saab only to find out that neither were able to look up the Saab vehicles. Anyone know how/where I might be able to get this information? I did call a local GM dealer and got the same response (we can't...
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    I need a trim piece, can't seem to find it or a part number..

    I climbed into the truck the other day only to find out that I had a broken screw cover lying on the floor. I have been looking around for a week trying to find a part number for this or a way to buy it online and have not been successful. I went to 4 junkyards last Saturday only to find that...
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    The stock airbox...Why replace it?

    Some of the aftermarket intake setups come with a new box while some of the most revered intakes still use the stock box. So I ask the question, what's the point of spending more money to replace the stock airbox? Is there actually more power, more flow, better filtration, less restriction, or...
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    Looking for a place to tint my front windows here in C-bus. Did some internet research and most of the places I'm seeing with websites are well over 100 dollars for a pair of windows. I've been hearing feedback from others that is a high price to pay, just wondered if someone could point me in...
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    Post Your Personal History of GMTs

    ITT post pictures of your past and current GMTs. I have been a GM guy for most of my driving life, and I just realized I've had a few of them now. 94 GMC C1500 SL 305ci V8. 99 GMC Jimmy SLT 4wd Work truck, an 07 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton. 4.3 V6 2wd WT w/LS package. And the GMT360...
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    New 9-7x owner seeking out fellow GMT360 owners

    Hi, I'm Mike. I just picked up an 07 Saab 9-7x this week and I'm in the process of getting to know it. I've been a GM guy ever since my second vehicle (a 94 S-10) first was a Ford Bronco II that I rolled at the tender age of 16 because I was driving like, well, a 16 year old boy. I had a...

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