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  1. Pittdawg

    Just Traded in my Envoy

    After nearly five years of ownership and 100k miles, I traded in my Envoy yesterday. Really enjoyed the vehicle and interacting with the forum members over the years so this is a bit of a bittersweet goodbye. Thanks for all your tips and comments on my rig. Since I won't be visiting here much...
  2. Pittdawg

    Oversized Pistons

    Apparently there is an ebay seller that sells oversized pistons for the LL8: I've always heard the LL8 could not be bored and/or stroked so what's the point...
  3. Pittdawg

    Have Fun But Be Safe

    Earlier this evening I heard a very loud crash right outside my home. When I went outside on my balcony I saw what appeared to be a new model Mustang compressed in an accordian type fashion. I watched as others pulled a lifeless body out of the vehicle. A short time later firemen used the...
  4. Pittdawg

    Flat Billet Wheel Spacers

    Please see the link below: Has anyone used these or anything similar? Any concerns anyone would have with using...
  5. Pittdawg

    Anyone ever used wheels manufacture by "Specials"?

    I like these wheels, especially the offset and the price: However, I am aware you "get what you pay for" and the extremely low price has me...
  6. Pittdawg

    Too Bad they Killed the LL8

    The 2014 4.3 liter EcoTec V6 in the new Silvy/Sierra makes 285 hp @ 5300 rpms and 305 lbs torque @ 3900 rpms. While not bad, the eight years older 2006 4.2 liter LL8 I6 makes 291 hp @ 6000 rpms and 277 lbs torque @ 4800 rpms. Just imagine what an updated 2014 4.2 liter LL8 I6 with direct...
  7. Pittdawg

    Blacking Out

    So after installing my headlights with black housing my old, dull and (formerly) clear fogs were not looking too good so this morning I installed smoked fogs. Look real nice in person, better than the picture. Can someone with photo shop skills make me a clean looking pic with this grille on...
  8. Pittdawg

    Sprint Booster

    Do you all think this model Sprint Booster for the GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado would work on our platforms?
  9. Pittdawg

    Performance Torque Converter

    Has anyone ever installed an aftermarket performance torque converter on a 4.2? I can't find any threads on this, only for 5.3's and 6.0's. :confused: This-Mega Raptor 4L60E Quadrolock Quadruple Disc Torque Converter-ordered with a 3 to 1 STR sounds badass! Torque Converter Diesel Torque...
  10. Pittdawg

    Denali Front and Rear Bumpers

    All ready to go! More pics to come.
  11. Pittdawg

    [SOLD] Envoy Headlights an Taillights for Sale

    I have custom clear Envoy Headlights and Euro Style Altezza Taillights with a painted textured black housing. I will let go the entire set for cheap or just the headlights and taillights separately. All items are used. The Taillights come with the circuit board and bulbs attached the...
  12. Pittdawg

    New Black Housing Envoy Headlights

    Didn't realize this bad boy came without a ballast? Anyone have pics or a write up on how to replace ballasts on Envoy headlights? Basically I just need to remove the ballasts and bulbs from my stock lights and replace in these.
  13. Pittdawg

    Powder Coated Stock Envoy 17s

    The good news is the powder coater found matching paint to paint the center caps for me. The not so great news is the color came out a bit lighter than what I was expecting. Here is the initial pick of the powder coated wheel. Later pics to follow with painted center caps and mounted on the...
  14. Pittdawg

    Near Stock Perfect Condition 17 Inch Wheels

    Near Stock Perfect Condition 17 Inch Wheels I have 4 Perfect Condition 17 Inch Wheels for a GMT 360. They are the silver alloy six spoke style. The only modification I did was to paint the center caps flat black and apply a GMC decal, as shown in the attached picture. If anyone is...
  15. Pittdawg

    Piston Slap, Rod Bearing Knock or something else horrible

    Just today my engine developed a horrible knokcing/slapping type sound. My mechanic fears the worst. Swapping out my tuned pcm as soon as pcm4less can get me a stock loaner and crossing fingers whatever it is is covered by powertrain warranty. Ugh.
  16. Pittdawg

    Different Tails

    Bought some used euro tails that were all scuffed up. Did a quick and dirty black gloss spray paint job and screwed them in. Whatcha all think? It has been raining here so please excuse how dirty my baby is.
  17. Pittdawg

    08 LL8 Cylinder Head and Cams for sale

    For sale is my original stock 08 cylinder head with camshafts off of my 4.2 liter inline 6. It is in perfect working order, I simply replaced it with another 08 head that I had ported. The 08 head and camshafts are improved designs over the 02-05 head and camshafts increasing power and torque...
  18. Pittdawg

    MPGS and Skyrocketing Gas Prices

    For all of you not located in CA. you may not be aware that due to refinery fires, "summer blend' gas and other factors gas prices have skyrocketed. Were talking $4.80 a gallon averages. In any event, due to the high prices I decided to perform and experiment. Basically, how good of mpgs could...
  19. Pittdawg

    Swapping in Ported Heads

    Are there any sensors or other connections or components that I need to transfer from my original stock heads to the "new" stock ported heads? I.e. the cpas/crank sensor or any component so as to avoid a CASE re-learn? Or is it just a simple one for one swap? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate...
  20. Pittdawg

    Gear Vendors

    Has anyone installed this aux. tranny on these platforms or any other platform? Is there a way to set them up in fully automatic mode to use all 8 gears without having to press a button everytime?
  21. Pittdawg

    Belltech Rear Sway Bar

    The belltech bar I purchased doesn't fit quite right due to the 07 and up re-designed endlinks. Anyone with an 02-06 interested? I'll let it go cheap.
  22. Pittdawg

    FS: Vibrant Performance 2.5 Inch Resonator

    I'm replacing my 12 inch long Vibrant Performance Resonator with a longer resonator. I may also have my Vibrant stainless steel tip for sale too as I don't think it will fit with the new longer resonator. Let me know if you are interested and we will work out a fair price. Here is what I have...
  23. Pittdawg

    Monroe Reflex Struts and Shocks

    I was only able to drive about 20 minutes worth of slow traffic congested streets. Initial impressions are the Monotubes in the back are awesome. Totally tightened up the rear end I can't wait to test it out at higher speeds and faster turns. I need more time with the front Sensatrac/Reflex...
  24. Pittdawg

    Stock Exhaust

    So the other OS has tons of posts about how aftermarket exhaust adds no horsepower only sound b/c the stock muffler is "straight through design". Here are to sets of pics of the stock muffler. Cut Open! - Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum and What do you think? - Page 3 -...
  25. Pittdawg

    Engine Oil Residue Under Rear Engine Seal???

    Had my Voy up on a lift getting the rear pumpkin drained and lubed back up (been about 600 miles since installing my new rear gears) and my mechanic noticed this underneath the engine. Does anyone no what that residue is and should I be worried?
  26. Pittdawg

    Stock 17 inch polished aluminum Envoy wheels

    Pics here: $400 plus shipping for just the wheels $650 with tires. Minor curb rash on two of the wheels otherwise in very good condition.
  27. Pittdawg

    Full Size Lowering Springs

    The OS is all over the map on whether it is 02-06 Tahoe springs or 07+ Tahoe springs that fit our platform. Is it both? If not, which years are correct? Is there a difference as between front and rear, i.e. to the front springs come from one set of years and the rear springs from a different...
  28. Pittdawg

    Easy method for de-polishing wheels?

    I'm not a fan of chrome or hi-polish for that matter. While I am a bit partial to black wheels, they sometimes appear cheap looking to me, especially when they blend in with the same color as the tires. In any event, is there a relatively simple method to "de-polish" my stock hi-polished...
  29. Pittdawg

    Gauging Interest in Stock 17 inch Polished Envoy Six Spoke Wheels

    I will likely need new tires in the next few months or so and have really been wanting to plus size my stock 17 inch wheels too. Unfortunately, I have fallen on some difficult financial times here and can't really afford to go all out. So, I wanted to gauge interest in someone purchasing my...
  30. Pittdawg

    Tire Squeal

    For sometime now, I have had excessive tire squel when taking turns, even at relatively low speeds. What is the common culprit? Ball joints or a more simple alignment issue? The squel has gotten worse with reduced tread but the tread is not so low as to expect such excessive squel, as far as I...

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