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    Cam Position Sensor p0340

    Getting a P0340 I figured replacing the old original CPS was a good idea. However the same code continued with the new sensor. So I tested the old sensor and found that the output latched when activated. Is that the way it's supposed to work? I have battery voltage at the connector, so that...
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    SOLVED! 4WD Glitch

    While driving yesterday at 30mph the 4LO suddenly engaged. I thought the tccm was supposed to prevent this unless you were stopped in neutral. The light changed from 2hi to 4lo, but the knob was not touched. After a while as I slowed to a stop it switched back to 2hi. Aside from the...
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    Torque To Yield bolts on Intake Manifold

    Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, but the smartest heads in the house are here, so I could use some advice. I am replacing the intake manifold gasket on a GM 3.1 v6. I have all the needed parts, except new bolts. I'm reading in some places that it is recommended to replace the 8 bolts...
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    stub axle

    I'm in the process of overhauling the axle disconnect. I couldn't remove the cv axle so I separated the tripot and removed the disconnect with it in place. The stub axle came out with the assembly and gear oil is dripping out. I thought that the stub axle would stay in the differential. The...
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    Oil Filter Cross Reference

    While it's easy to find a cross reference for the stock oil filter, there is no reason to use it since you can get a longer filter for nearly the same price. Here's a start: M1-206 Mobil 1 - 4.25" long Can anyone add to the list?
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    Front End Growl

    The problem is a growl from that sounds like the left front that starts at around 40mph and increases with some fine vibration in the steering wheel at 50mph. Turning slight left reduces and almost eliminates the noise/vibration. I just installed a new hub - no change at all. Differential is...
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    Oil Pressure Gage

    Has anyone permanently installed a real oil pressure gage in the I6? I'm thinking of welding on a steel tee to to the old pressure switch with fittings for the switch and sensor. Is there an easier way?
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    Oil Pressure Switch

    The used oil pressure switch installed a year and a half ago started to leak. I decided to go with a new one. Local part stores had it for $47 - fleabay had a PS310 switch for less than five bucks:yes: The only catch is that I have to wait two weeks for a package from Hong Kong. Just an FYI...
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    Radio Stack Mod

    The original positioning of the radio and hvac controller have miserable ergonomics. The lower row of buttons are behind the shifter and the reach is awkward for a touchscreen. And I disliked having to remove multiple panels and a pile of screws just to access the radio. So I got to work and...
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    AC clutch sliping

    After a WOT run I noticed something strange happened. When accelerating from 3rd to 4th I would hear a hiss from the engine. The hiss would also randomly occur at idle. While watching the engine I could see the "hiss" was the sound of the AC clutch slipping. On a cold engine it was fine...
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    Jounce Bumpers

    While under the truck to change the rear end links I noticed that the jounce bumpers are disintegrating. They are made of some kind of orange foam rubber and I can flake it off when touched. I don't think it's an urgent problem since they only are used when the rear is heavily loaded. It...
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    Water Pumps

    I replaced the water pump 2 years ago with a carquest unit with a lifetime warranty. When I was recharging the AC I noticed that there was a quarter inch of oscillation at the fan. It spun smoothly on the clutch, but when the pump was turning it had the movement. So I removed the pump and...
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    Fuel Pump Replacement Alternative

    I just finished replacing the fuel pump with a low cost assembly from Ebay - yeah I know I should use AC Delco blah blah blah...... It has a lifetime warranty I hope I'll never use. When I disassembled the old assembly to extract the pump, I made an interesting discovery. It appears that...
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    Fuel Pump Replacement - from the top

    I hoped that someone had already tried this, but it seems no one has gone through it on a trailblazer. There are write ups for jeeps and explorers and pickups, but none that I can find for the SWB TB. So here it is: Remove the rear driver side seat bottom bracket nuts with a deep 18mm socket...
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    Front Wheel Hub

    I've been working on the front end lately and here's what I found about the design of the front wheel hubs: The hub is a complex part and it's not practical to replace the bearings. The preload of the ball bearings is set at the factory with a giant hammer that crushes part of the axle sleeve to...
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    Stuck CV Axle

    I'm trying to replace the oil seal but can't get the CV axle out of the differential. I've tried prying it from both one and two sides. I hooked a slide hammer and pounded away. Then I wound a cable around it and used my weight to pull it. I rocked the truck but the axle didn't budge...
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    Front Hub Greaser

    Has anyone tried the wheel bearing hub greaser attachment sold on ebay? It appears to fit in the abs sensor hole to inject grease using a grease gun. I'm not sure it's a good idea to fill up the reluctor wheel with grease, but maybe it's OK....
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    GMT 360/370 is dying

    Since I got my TB I periodically go to the local PYP and there are usually 5-6 in the yard. Today I went and found 21! A few had minor scrapes and bumps but most looked good. It looks like people are giving up on maintaining and repairing them.:bonk: I guess the idea of the shadetree mechanic...
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    Sway Bar Link Mod

    I've been restoring my 02 TB for the past year and now am installing new Chinese sway bar links. I hear a common complaint - they loosen up after a few days. It looks like the problem (at least in mine) is that the bolt fits loosely through the mounting hole. I cut a shim out of thin sheet...

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