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    Chevy Trailblazer Coupe Could Be A Winner Yuck!
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    Exhaust noise

    Had a rusted out muffler starting to open up so went ahead and replaced the cat-back system with one from napa(walker exhaust)... Man it sounds funny... Liked the OEM unit better... Anyone have any experience with the walker exhaust?
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    I screwed up again...

    well I gone and done it this time... on the way home Tuesday night with the girlfriend's truck right after I had put on snow tires on and torqued once and low and behold I lost a tire...... Felt like such an ass. so now we have a claim in with her insurance over $1300 in damage. didn't ruin...
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    Snapping sound (similar to short)

    Ok. New problem that just cropped up this morning... started the truck and kept hearing constant snapping sounds from under the hood on passenger side. Could not find any noticeable cause or pinpoint the location. The sounds were completely random, but increased in frequency if you...
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    Rental equipment

    Funny story... I went to a rental equipment place to rent a portable boom lift to cut down a tree near my house... The rental place would not let me tow it home with the trailblazer even though the lift was only 4800lbs... He claimed I needed at least a half ton truck to tow it due to...
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    Front Differential seal

    Ok Guys, i have a bit of a dilema... replaced my pinion seal a few years ago and it never fixed the leak on the front differential. I now believe it is a bad case sealant in the 2 diff halves. Has anyone had to reseal their cases? Wondering how much trouble it will be to do. Anyone...
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    Battery recommendations

    Looks like my original acdelco battery is losing its umph and I get my clock resetting on start in the morning now... Any recommendations for a good cold weather battery?
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    Weight distribution dynamics

    Thought this would be a good explanation on why you need tongue weight on a trailer....
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    remote start h2

    Anyone done a remote start in a h2? wondering if there is anything I should look out for?
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    Getting Bjs and sway links..

    Gonna be tackling my lower bjs hopefully Friday if it isn't raining too much. Got them from rock auto... Great price, both bjs and sway links for $63 shipped. Rented a master bj press kit ($267 deposit). Anything special I should be aware of when doing these?
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    P0333 code? what gives?

    Anyone ever seen this P0333 Code before? Popped up today and have no idea why? I cleared it and will see if it pops up again. something with Knock sensor bank 2 voltage high?
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    Another AC Puzzle....

    ok, so got my manifold gauge set today and hooked it up to check ac pressures... none at all. nothing on either high or low side. ... So i hooked up the vacuum pump and pulled a -20 Vacuum... has been holding for over an hour... so where the hell did my refrigerant go? Any ideas on...
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    Date code of tpms sensors

    How does one determine date code of a tpms sensor?
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    cluster years?

    are all clusters interchangeable through all years or are there differences? on eBay they are broken up by 02-05 and 06-09... any ideas?
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    passenger seat comfort

    OK... now here is a weird question, does anybody else have a poor cushion on the passenger side? when you sit down in the seat you can feel the passenger sensor through the cushion, it feels like you are sitting on a piece of metal.
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    2008 TB minimum rim size

    Looking for some help here... I have a 2008 Trailblazer LS (Base model) and want to get a set of rims for winter tires... well looking on tirerack they only list 17+ wheels for this model... I know the 2002-2006 can fit 16" rims.. but can the 2007+ also fit 16"? (my spare is a 16")? why is...

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