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  1. Darkrider_LS

    '84 Chevy C10 aka the "Farm Truck" and '86 GMC Jimmy K5

    I picked the truck up in September '15 when i was searching for a second vehicle for Daily Driver duties. Initially when i made the deal on it i was told that it was originally powered by an Olds 350 Diesel and had it swapped out for the 350 Olds Rocket thats in it now. However i have since...
  2. Darkrider_LS

    Say something about the user above

    This is an amusing lil game that they have over on another forum I'm on. Rules are quite simple: Say something about the user who posted above you No insulting other members Most of all have fun with this. Let the games begin :raspberry:
  3. Darkrider_LS

    GMTNation Photography thread (Camera Whore thread!)

    Picked up a Samsung Galaxy Camera, Mostly got it for work since it can use wifi and Bluetooth due to being android based. Basically its a digital camera/tablet hybrid lol Ok i did mention the idea of this last...
  4. Darkrider_LS

    Quick wheel/tire question

    Ok just considering my options for after I'm done with the lift. I know I can clear 265/75R16s if I'm using stock gm full size wheels. But what if I want to run a steel off road wheel like a crager soft 8 that has a 4.5" backspace? I know it goes down to a 3" backspace with the adaptors.
  5. Darkrider_LS

    Weird 4wd issue goin on.

    Ok to start off with the system was working fine last night when i went on patrol. But this morning ever since i started running it for the day its been locked in 4wd for the entire day. I can select between A4wd and 4 Hi but i cannot switch it to 2wd or 4lo. I know i am 10K past the interval to...
  6. Darkrider_LS

    Winch recommendations mod i keep thinking about on my Trailblazer is adding a winch either via a bumper or a receiver mount. Now the problem i am not sure about is figuring out just what size of winch i need. I know i need something between 8500-10000 LB rating. This is one of the winches im looking at...
  7. Darkrider_LS

    Awd sleeve, lock rite and a4wd?

    Now that I know that a lock rite locker exists for our trucks and that the awd sleeve/collar is a popular mod on our trucks. I was wondering if it was still possible to use A4wd after adding the above parts? If I am not mistaken using A4wd causes increased wear on the front diff disconnect and...
  8. Darkrider_LS

    Rear Cargo management set them up!

    Ok this is another one of those whore posting events that got out of i figured i would post up a thread on it..... This is my planned set up... Using this tool box set up. It shows as unavalible on Amazon but i can buy it locally at Canadian tire, This tool box will be bolted down...
  9. Darkrider_LS

    Sierra vs Silverado vs Tundra vs Ram: Back to Back test drives.

    Hopefully this area is alright for posting this...but if any of the mods feel it needs to be moved somewhere else please do so...with that said...on to the review. Ok earlier today i went on some test drives mostly to get a good look and feel for the new K2 series GMC Sierra and Chevy...
  10. Darkrider_LS

    Dual battery setup with isolator

    Ok after a fairly informative discussion with Djthumper in the whore thread it is time to start this. The planned setup is this: Dual battery isolator: Upgrading from standard lead acid battery under hood to an optima style...
  11. Darkrider_LS

    Wheel offset question

    Ok figured i would ask this since im looking at wheels again. I am looking at wheels with a 25 mm offset. Would i require spacers to run a tire taller then 30.5 on these wheels?
  12. Darkrider_LS

    What rear differential do I have?

    Ok my trailblazer is an'08. From what I have found online so far indicates that they only used the 8.0" rear diff up to '06 and the 8.6" in everything from '06-'09. Is this correct?
  13. Darkrider_LS

    Synthetic oil question and oil change intervals?

    Ok i am fast approaching my next oil change and have a question. My trailblazer will have 52000 miles on it when i get home so i am wondering can i safely switch over to synthetic oil like amsoil at this point? The understanding i have about synthetics is that they should not be used on higher...
  14. Darkrider_LS

    Is It worth It?: Increasing trans oil capacity

    Since it looks like I will be working out of town more and traveling more as well as eventually towing a camping trailer, I am giving some serious thought towards running a mag hitec aluminum transmission pan to increase fluid capacity and to add a trans temp gauge. Will these mods be helpful...
  15. Darkrider_LS

    Does anyone make a pillar pod for the Trailblazer/Envoy?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a pillar pod out there for our trucks, Preferably a single gauge one but dual gauge is fine. Reason im asking is because im looking at getting a Bully Dog Watchdog for my TB this summer and one of the mounting options is an adapter that installs in a pillar...
  16. Darkrider_LS

    Hyper LEDs Leds and HID kits

    Hello all I know some of you have seen me around in other areas of the forum asking Trailblazer related questions to help get my truck set up. Around the same time i purchased my Trailblazer i was asked by a friend of mine to become the Canadian vendor for his company. The company name is Hyper...
  17. Darkrider_LS

    Suspension lift questions...

    Ok i have been on here for awhile now and been reading different threads on here but not posting much..mostly researching now im at the point im getting ready to start saving up to do a lift on my TB. So here are the following two set ups im considering: Rough Country 2" lift with Z71 rear...
  18. Darkrider_LS

    Is this normal?

    Ok when I bought my trailblazer I noticed that occasionally when it was cold and sometimes when hot I would just barely turn the key beyond the run position and the truck would start. Most of the time I would need to turn it the normal rotation and this quirk disappeared after the first month...
  19. Darkrider_LS

    1989 GMC Sierra SL K3500 "Project Rehab"

    Figured since i dont have much done with my Trailblazer just yet i would post up one of my other project trucks which i have been working on all summer and a good chunk of last fall. I bought this truck in august '12 to replace my worn out acura integra RS hatchback. Specs: 1989 GMC...
  20. Darkrider_LS

    TPMS sensors on aftermarket wheels

    Ok....I have a set of 245/70R17 Goodyears i want to put on my TB and since i know they are close to being too tall to clear the UBJ i plan on getting spacers/adapters. Now my question is has anyone ran their tire pressure monitor sensors on aftermarket steel wheels? From what i remember of...
  21. Darkrider_LS

    2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer "Project Relapse"

    I bought it on the 21st of november 2012 for 17K. At the time of purchase it had around 46500 Miles on it and its closer to 47200 miles now since i have been driving it on a regular basis. Info on the truck: 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS 4wd 4.2L Atlas Vortec I6 295 HP/ 277 Ft lbs 4 speed...
  22. Darkrider_LS

    Hello all

    Hey guys I was pointed in this direction by a member of offroad TB earlier so i figured i would join up. Between here and Offroadtb i will hopefully learn what i need to know to get what i want out of my truck. I bought my Trailblazer back in november and have not regretted the decision. Now im...

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