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  1. Mooseman

    Gas prices

    Prices around here are hovering between 61¢ and 68¢/litre with Costco at 61.9¢. One nice thing here is that a few stations (Ultramar, Pioneer, Chevron) are giving all first responders and other front line workers $10 off a tankful of fuel. That's nice!
  2. Mooseman

    05 envoy 4.2 puking oil.

    You only need that Spent-Moore tool if it has that funky balancer with the round plate in front, just like in the pics in my write up. Yours is an 05 so it should be a normal balancer that you should be able to pull with a 3 jaw gear puller. And if it's a bit tougher to get off, then the...
  3. Mooseman

    SUPPORT Attaching a sound clip

    You can't post it directly here. You could upload it as a video on Youtube or if it's just a sound clip, save it to Google drive and share it.
  4. Mooseman

    Hesitation on Rapid Acceleration

    Is overall power low? Like it won't accelerate? That would be a sign of a plugged cat(s). Removing the upstream O2 sensors would confirm this.
  5. Mooseman

    Best exhaust system, muffler resonator tailpipe

    The JBA system is a 3" high flow non-restricted system but double the price. Loud muffler too. It doesn't keep the polished look at all with surface corrosion. I still have the one I had on the '02 but has been stored outside. If I do reuse it, I'll be looking for a better muffler other than...
  6. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    Yesterday, picked up some emergency supplies... coffee! Since there are 3 of us here, we're downing coffee like mad. Today, I'll have to go to the liquor store for the other emergency supply... whisky! Thank goodness liquor stores are considered an essential service!
  7. Mooseman

    05 envoy 4.2 puking oil.

    What about a power steering line broken? Tranny cooling line? I would imagine you checked those. Getting the balancer off may be easy or a total b!tch. I've had it both ways. The balancer would not come out in my '02 when I was doing the timing chain however I had one come right off on a...
  8. Mooseman

    Hesitation on Rapid Acceleration

    Is this on a 5.3? If so, you may need to get a relearn done. Contrary to the 4.2, the 5.3 and other LS engines need a relearn when the throttle is cleaned. Video
  9. Mooseman

    Best exhaust system, muffler resonator tailpipe

    No experience however, looking at the muffler, it seems to be necked down going into it so there may be some increased back pressure and reduced flow. The OEM was 2.75", however some aftermarket systems are 2.5" or 3" with a necked down muffler, like in the Walker. You could contact them and...
  10. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    @xavierny25 , complain to your local city/burough rep or counsellor or whatever they're called. Never mind the mayor, he's swamped. Saw on our news that physical distancing isn't happening on those trains in NYC. The few that do have to work have to be able to get there safely. That isn't...
  11. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  12. Mooseman

    NEED HELP P0300

    Hi and welcome! Did you check to see if you have spark at those cylinders? Pull the affected coils and, using an old spark plug or a spark checker in the coil, start the engine and see if it's sparking good and steady. Repeat for the other one. If both are not sparking, I would suspect a...
  13. Mooseman

    Dead Alternator with no dash warning?

    It happens. Might depend on the type of failure that the system might not detect. I've had it happen both ways. No rhyme or reason.
  14. Mooseman

    WANTED XUV Rear Window Wiper Motor and Door Actuators

    FYI, went to the yard today and the XUV was gone. Hope you have better luck.
  15. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    It was a bust on both counts. Both trucks were gone. And I found a spare DDM in my garage.
  16. Mooseman

    Dead miss #1 after all dod lifter replacement

    Maybe an oil valve in the VLOM failed. If keeping DOD, the VLOM should be replaced. It could be allowing oil pressure through when it's not supposed to and actuating the lifter. The was a defect in the original VLOM that is supposed to be replaced when it's being repaired. Another reason why...
  17. Mooseman

    "Know Your Enemy..." COVID-19 and The Science Behind KILLING IT...

    And if you really want to get into the stats, this live YT feed gives global and per country counts. In the description, it gives its sources of the info which may give even more in depth numbers. And remember, the total cases (currently nearing 1M), is for those that have been tested and...
  18. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  19. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    Wife called me to pick her up as she went too far on her walk with the dog. The driver door on the TB didn't unlock with the fob. Checking on return and swapping with PDM, the DDM is TU. So off I go to Kenny-U-Pull. Also gonna look for other stuff. There was a TB with a nice set of wheels...
  20. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

  21. Mooseman

    WANTED XUV Rear Window Wiper Motor and Door Actuators

    I saw an XUV in the yard a couple of weeks ago but not sure if it's still there. Because of the shipping from here, I'll wait for what @aaserv says about the one near him.
  22. Mooseman

    Bought junkyard front differential..was I robbed?

    I'd say 1/8 turn above 150lbs. When at that torque, it doesn't take much to get to those higher numbers. To give you an idea, do it at 130 and then again at 150 to give you an idea how much it takes for that 20lbs. You don't want to overtorque neither as you don't want to break those weld...
  23. Mooseman

    Removing engine and transmission together

    It makes sense to use a more rearward spot for the front lift chain since you also have the tranny and transfer case attached to counterbalance. Do you find you need to remove the intake manifold for extra room with the top of the cowl?
  24. Mooseman

    Bought junkyard front differential..was I robbed?

    Yes, those two bolts are the rear LCA bracket bolts @177ft/lbs.
  25. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Can’t program keyfobs something to do with replaced rear hatch

    Hi and welcome! Sounds like there may be an issue with the liftgate module. Does the rear wiper work? What about the rear defog? If the rear door lock actuator has been replaced (sloppily as you say), check the wiring as it is directly connected to the liftgate module. Try disconnecting it...
  26. Mooseman

    Here's how I am spending my time in quarantine.

    But not tools right? Because, you never know!
  27. Mooseman

    Bought junkyard front differential..was I robbed?

    You talking about the large bolts that hold the lower A arm? Yeah, those take a ton of torque.
  28. Mooseman

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Or even cheaper, just order a BT ELM327 adapter on Amazon and use Car Gauge Pro on an Android device.
  29. Mooseman

    Billet wheel

    I don't know what you're looking for but if you find one that fit the full size trucks, they will interchange. My son has the steering wheel from my old '02 TB in his '04 Silverado.
  30. Mooseman

    The COVID escape room

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