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    Which RTV Silicone?

    Howdy! So which one? Soon I'll be dismantling and cleaning up a few PTUs for the Taurus', possibly attempting a trans rebuild on the one, timing chain cover, etc. all of which have no gaskets, also on the TB I will be dismantling and cleaning up the front diff and disconnect, and possibly...
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    Engine replacement issues and fixes

    Howdy folks! I have a 06 TB EXT with 4.2 and 4wd. Engine is blown and I'm probably getting a JY engine soon. What my question is from you who have experience what is the better, easier method of pulling my motor out. From the top or raise the body? Here are my issues: It's in my driveway...
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    WANTED WTB: 06-07 EXT XL 4.2 eng complete

    Howdy, I blew up the eng in my 06 EXT 4.2 and need a good engine for it. So looks like only 06-07 will work. Also, I'd prefer a complete engine assembly with everything on it, so EXT or XL would be best if possible. I'd prefer as low miles as possible and a known good running one of course ...
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    NEED HELP Help needed quickly, no start, electrical issues

    Hello, to begin I have searched and found some good info... 02 TB 170k miles, seen better days, factory radio in back seat replaced by prior owner with amhu that doesn't work/power up. Good battery and alt. Got it a year ago and has mostly been parked but started and moved in the driveway every...
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    NEED HELP Ignition key, turns but no start & won't remove

    First off, I searched, good info but not exactly my symptoms. Wife driving TB 06 EXT LT and said it acted like it was losing power so she coasted into a parking spot. The key is stuck in the ignition. It rotates (very freely) in the run position to what I think is the start position, but will...
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    FOR SALE FS: GM Trans oil cooler

    I have a GM transmission oil cooler for sale. This came from a Suburban and seems to be about the perfect size for our platform. It is a plate and fin type cooler and has factory GM type inlet/outlet hard line connectors (the lines in the pics are not included). I picked it up thinking I'd...
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    Front differential seal part numbers needed, please

    As the title says, I need the GM part numbers of the seals for the front diff. And, before I get reamed to search, I've searched the 3 boards and although there is a lot of help between them for all the work I need to do, the part numbers are absent. Well, except for: DS axle shaft seal (this...
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    02 Bravada parting out, asap.

    Howdy, a buddy of mine is parting out a 02 Bravada but he wants to scrap it asap, like by Thursday 8/6/14. So if you have any wants off of it please contact me asap. Here's how it'll work. You tell me the part you want and I'll let you know how much and if he has it. I will be going over on...
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    front grinding/rumbling noise

    Ok, first I'll apologize if this is a premature post but I'm trying to get input in all phases of trying to figure this out, here goes... First off, I knew front brakes were going/squealing, the rears were toast and those were replaced a month or so ago and just didn't find time to do fronts. I...
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    Parking brake parts replacement question and dust shield parts question

    Howdy, Anyone with experience replacing these parking brake shoes please chime in. What brand did you use? Did it include both shoes or just one for one side? Did it include any of the associated hardware? Looking on RockAuto they don't really specify across the board how they come, some of...
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    Rear links, anyone with pics of their Raybestos replacements, and question about SMAX

    Howdy, Ok, I ordered rsb links from Rockauto, Raybestos pro grade parts LR #545-1255 (K6668) and RR #545-1254 (K6667). More Information for RAYBESTOS 5451255 More Information for RAYBESTOS 5451254 I open them up and in the LR the bag is torn open but part appears new. Problem I see is that...
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    shocks/struts time to replace, need specific input

    Howdy, It's time to replace at least the rear shocks as they have lost at least some pressure and bottom at times. It looks like the overwhelming recommendation on GMTN is to get Bilstein for the front but the rears don't seem to carry any preference here. The Billsteins are not available from...
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    Lombard, IL area JY info needed

    Howdy, I'm going to be in Lombard, IL for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a TB (I have 03 EXT LS) in a JY in that area I can go check out for misc stuff I need. The JY in my home area are either closed, don't let people in, or don't have TV in stock. Please let me know...
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    List of WTB

    Well, I've had a small list of piddle parts I need but not a JY TV within 75 mi of me and the few on CL in the last few months are picked clean or long gone, but now my DS rear outer door handle broke and need it fixed asap to get kids in/out (baby seat on PS) and I'm wondering if anyone knows...

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