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  1. Reprise

    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project <name TBD>

    @Beacon - No 220VAC. And even if I did, no room to put in a range. Can barely fit the truck in! Here in the Land of Lincoln, a majority of us have basements, but the energy source of choice for cooking & heating water is natural gas, not electricity. As a side note, we have the most (?)...
  2. Reprise

    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project <name TBD>

    Sometimes I recognize parts I'll need ahead of time, or at a certain point, and buy them beforehand. Or I find a good deal, or they'll save me time, etc. Sometimes all of these things. Such is the case with today's update. With the amount of room I have to work in, any painting I'd have to...
  3. Reprise

    SOLVED! Trans oil cooler line connector issue

    Dorman 800619 or 800721 should be the part you need (they are for my 2003 Envoy, which is what I used to look these up on Rock.) The second one is listed for an 'SLE', but GM didn't make different size cooler lines / fittings, based on trim level. That being said, I listed both for you. The...
  4. Reprise

    When No One will give you what your car is worth

    Is there a reason you didn't pull the front windshield? (I'm assuming they can be pulled fairly easily (?) from the F-body, even being a flush mount)
  5. Reprise

    Amazon Product Ass cleaner (!)

    :tiphat: and :thumbsup: on the RV adaptation. I'll look into that for my own trailer, now. And, yes... bidets can be very useful (I can't believe we're having an extended discussion on them, but what the hey... we're captive observers right now) :laugh: As it turns out, there are reports...
  6. Reprise

    Exhaust does not fit

    Reducer and a clamp or two should do it, I would think. Something like this, in the appropriate size: Given that it's at / near the end of the line (post-muffler), I'd think (?) it wouldn't cause any problems with backpressure, etc.
  7. Reprise

    Amazon Product Ass cleaner (!)

    You expect us to know all them fancy-like French words? We talk American here, boy! ⚾🌭🥧 Seriously, though... I know someone on another forum that got a couple of these (different brand) a couple of weeks ago. Says it's the sh!t... Word to the wise... this particular one looks like it...
  8. Reprise

    Gas prices

    Well, if people in Asian countries would leave pangolins alone (basically, an armored anteater), this one wouldn't have manifested itself (this virus shares 99% RNA with one that affects them). They're threatened, basically due to humans. "Revenge of the Pangolins" ? :yikes: As for gas...
  9. Reprise

    GM''s new Hummer ?...

    Now, put that in an 'Uparmored' trim, and they won't be able to make 'em fast enough.
  10. Reprise

    Rear windshield wiper gear. 3D print it?

    At first, I agreed 100% with you on the material. But - depending on how hard it was to source another OEM one, and how long the printed one lasted... maybe it would be worth doing. The nice thing is that once the part is created, printing off a few spares is easy / cheap to do (depending on...
  11. Reprise

    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project <name TBD>

    TY, @MRRSM ! Appreciate the kind words, re: the truck. Still lots of work to do. At this point, I doubt I'm doing headers... here's why... - While I'm exempt from emissions testing with this truck, due to the 8600lb GVWR (amazing, in IL), and could delete cats / O2 sensors... I'd rather not...
  12. Reprise

    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project <name TBD>

    So, as we all get used to 'life under coronavirus', I've reconsidered having the rear axle noise diagnosed / fixed before beginning my long-planned (and long-promised!) build. Partially, it's because I'm now suspecting that the noise I'm hearing may be U-joint / driveshaft / pinion related, and...
  13. Reprise

    Any differences with alternators?

    IIRC, the one for my Envoy was 145A, while the one for my Sierra CCSB is 105A. And the Sierra has just about the same 'goodies' that my Envoy has - Bose, full power, heated seats, rear climate, etc. So there is a difference between those two, at least. Another reason could be the...
  14. Reprise

    What are you doing today?

    Went to my local grocery today. It had been holding up pretty well, but today, I saw even it had been pretty well cleaned out of the TP, cleaning products, certain canned goods, select meats, bread, bottled water, etc. I didn't really hoard anything; a couple of items I picked up 2x of...
  15. Reprise

    Gas prices

    If you have containers, get some StaBil and hoard to your heart's delite. There's one they make called '360 Performance' - 30ml treats 5 US gal. I use it for my Champion generator (most brands instruct you to either use fuel stabilizer or avoid ethanol altogether. But - it's going lower, if...
  16. Reprise

    Transmission works again after shutting engine off

    All GMT360s / 370s / 375s except the ones with 6.2L engines (TBSS, some Saabs (?)) have the 4L60E transmission - 4.2L and 5.3L alike. The hyperlink I put in my response has the GM part # in the item description (you don't have to get it from Amazon; they just 'conveniently' came up first on...
  17. Reprise

    Transmission works again after shutting engine off

    @Wawuce -- Here's a picture for reference: Orientation - 'Front' side of trans is to the right. You can see the round inspection cover / bottom of the bellhousing, on the far RH side. Just in back of it, and in the middle, you see a round hole - that's where the filter 'snout' inserts into...
  18. Reprise

    What came in your mail today?

    $1.20! To throw the bag of mail over the crossing gate at Cornwall or Prescott? :laugh: What kind of scam is Canada Post running? LOL
  19. Reprise

    RAFFLE (WINNER!) You NEED this ratchet!

    Generally, the certified accounting firm that you hire runs the drawing, so... :dielaugh: Seriously, I'm fine with either. Just give the can a good shake (with a lid securing the contents), have whomever pulls the winning ticket avert their eyes as they reach into the can, and we should (?)...
  20. Reprise

    Bad grounds and broken wires

    New one for me (by that name). Learned something today. :tiphat:
  21. Reprise

    "The truck has 421000 miles, it does run and drive"

    Ok... ground rules. Toyota / Honda don't count. Hell, those things would prolly go 200K on factory fill. lol.
  22. Reprise

    NEED HELP Just put $3k into my 2006 54k mile original TB, it will crank and run dies minute, die, repeat

    If it were summer / warmer, I'd bring up the subject of vapor lock, although that's not something we hear about too much, here. And that would be a crank / no start condition, not a 'start, white smoke and die' event. Do check the fuel pressure. And since you have a 2006, the fuel filter is...
  23. Reprise

    "The truck has 421000 miles, it does run and drive"

    Oh, it does have body cancer. I didn't want to write my usual tome for something like this :duh: You're right - it could be a replacement engine. But, then, I'd think he'd put "odo has 421K, engine has xxx " (because no one in their right mind would expect to put in a motor with that...
  24. Reprise

    "The truck has 421000 miles, it does run and drive"

    Saw this in a local CL ad today for a 2001 Suburban partout (5.3L). Warms the heart to see that kind of mileage and still running (maintenance history unknown). That's diesel longevity, frankly. If I ever got that kind of mileage out of a vehicle, I think I'd put it on a raised platform in...
  25. Reprise

    Intermittent brake grind

    When brakes heat up, things expand. A pad wear indicator that's just starting to come into contact with the rotor will do so and be more noticeable when the brakes are hot. Vehicle is parked and brakes cool down - the wear indicator is farther away from the rotor and you don't hear them until...
  26. Reprise

    Bad grounds and broken wires

    I chose 'once' b/c I know it's happened over 40yrs of vehicle ownership (but can't remember 'when' or 'what vehicle'). (on edit: a F**d. Had to be...) :laugh: Admittedly, it's rare (for me), and when I see it described by others, it's usually either: a) rodents, or b) something like a...
  27. Reprise

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    That's what it's there for. That's why you bought it. Use it, in good health. Not all of us can be flatlanders :biggrin:
  28. Reprise

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Those are 'filings', correct? Maybe it's the size / resolution of the picture, but that seems like a lot (?) for 35K miles. 'Glittery' fluid doesn't sound good, either. How often do you engage 4WD? (just curious; not suggesting it's the source of any 'problem') 'Glittery' reminds me of what...
  29. Reprise

    Gas prices

    LOL... supposedly, one poll had 38% of ppl saying they would not buy Corona beer b/c of the virus. Amazing. Then you have panic buying of... toilet paper. TP? Hard to believe this shite (pun intended)
  30. Reprise

    Gas prices

    They are going to drop further, although it might be like the usual 'feather', not like a rock. They'll be lower for awhile, I predict, based on the inputs multiplying off one another (OPEC+ price war, resultant supply glut, Covid-19, economic contraction)

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