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  1. Reprise

    Reprise's 2003 Sierra Build Project <name TBD>

    So, as we all get used to 'life under coronavirus', I've reconsidered having the rear axle noise diagnosed / fixed before beginning my long-planned (and long-promised!) build. Partially, it's because I'm now suspecting that the noise I'm hearing may be U-joint / driveshaft / pinion related, and...
  2. Reprise

    "The truck has 421000 miles, it does run and drive"

    Saw this in a local CL ad today for a 2001 Suburban partout (5.3L). Warms the heart to see that kind of mileage and still running (maintenance history unknown). That's diesel longevity, frankly. If I ever got that kind of mileage out of a vehicle, I think I'd put it on a raised platform in...
  3. Reprise

    FOR SALE FYI Only - Reman 4L60e trans - $1000 (Hammond, IN)

    Passing on for anyone who might need a trans (seems like every week, someone has a tranny issue...) As is my custom... I am not the owner and do not know the owner. I am potentially willing to pick it up, if you buy it (you'll need to contact me beforehand to work out logistics & gas money...
  4. Reprise

    Mobile phone OS poll

    Recently found that the battery in my Galaxy 8 seemed to be degrading. 'No big deal', I thought... I'll just get a replacement. Then I found the procedure to replace it. I can do it, but it's very involved -- to the point where I'm saying to myself... maybe I should just get another phone...
  5. Reprise

    Considering 2WD -> 4WD conversion (full-size GMT800)

    Entertaining the idea of doing this (as next year's project) for the Sierra; found a 4.10 front diff on CL for not a ton of $. Need to call the guy tomorrow & ask questions (among them being whether it's the 9.25" ring gear (what came in the HD trucks). He has no pic, but he did respond to my...
  6. Reprise

    Replacement rear outer pinion seal (8.6" rear)

    Just wondering if anyone had replaced their leaky pinion seal with the revised 'triple lip' seal? (GM #: 26064028 ) If it'll seal better, I'm interested - but from what I see, this seal is a two-piece design, and requires either yoke replacement or a special sleeve adapter to accommodate...
  7. Reprise

    FOR SALE Set of 18" rims / tires - $400 (local CL find)

    Not mine; just seemed like a good deal for anyone looking. They're located a little over an hour away from me, and I'll be glad to pick them up. However, I won't ship :nono: You make your own deal w/ the seller on price, etc. Tires are Toyo Proxes 255/55-18 Wheels and Tires
  8. Reprise

    Insurance write-offs / salvage buy-backs, etc. (liability vs. 'full coverage')

    As I noted a few minutes ago, 'book value' of my '03 Envoy is down to $2000, :frown: so any sort of accident (no matter who's at fault) would likely result in a write-off by my insurer (a major company who's been good with claims / settlements). At that value, I've been thinking that maybe...
  9. Reprise

    Duramax cited for pulling 53' trailer Surprisingly, this guy *wasn't* in the US. Moose - your peeps know anything on this one? LOL I'll give the guy credit for hooking up air brakes!
  10. Reprise

    SOLVED! Freeing rusted-on wheels

    I need to get my rear wheels off of the Voy in order to replace a bleeder screw and bleed the brakes as a result of replacing a brake line. Have gone as far as taking an 8lb sledge with 4" wood blocks to the sidewalls, but they still won't budge (admittedly, I can't get a ton of leverage...
  11. Reprise

    GM leaving (many) overseas markets

    Another Google feed; they know I like reading about industry news. Their presence in China isn't mentioned here, but it looks like GM is pulling out of just about every other non-NA market...
  12. Reprise

    Killing a Duramax

    I'll withhold judgment on whether it was smart or not to do this; for now, I'll just file it under 'mildly entertaining' At the end of the vid, the guy describes what they did to finally bring it down for the count (took them 5hrs; thankfully, the video isn't nearly that long; about 10min or so)
  13. Reprise

    YT video: RC 33ft scale model of Concorde - with four turbines

    I sometimes run across things from my google feed on my phone (which is pushed to me, I didn't ask for it. Scary...) Not a big RC airplane fan, but I shook my head in amazement watching this. It's almost 11min long. After watching it, of course, I had to do a little research... jet-powered...
  14. Reprise

    DEAL Costco now selling branded full synth motor oil (2 x 5qt, $29.99)

    That price above includes shipping to your door (but probably not sales tax). $3/qt, for the arithmetic challenged (which includes me). Not a bad price, considering. Don't know who they're sourcing it from, but it has Dexos2, API SN and SN Plus certs. New enough that BITOG has nothing on it...
  15. Reprise

    Gas station pump continually shutting off? Try blowing out your vapor canister

    I'll start by saying there are members here that discounted the effectiveness of doing this, but I'm here to report that it worked for me, and it's worth a try, IMO. Before I did this, I had to fill the tank very, very slowly. Like '30 minutes' slowly, for a 26gal tank. And backing off the...
  16. Reprise

    Ignition lock cylinder / recoding to retain old key

    I've noted that my Sierra's key (double-cut, non-passlock / no chip) has started hanging up on the upper side in the lock cylinder -- I'll try and turn the key forward, find it doesn't, then give a small jiggle to the key, whereupon I can feel resistance give, a little click, and the key then...
  17. Reprise

    SOLVED! Lost my left side signals

    Out & about; my left side signals gave up the ghost. The 4-ways only work on the right side, too. So I'm thinking a relay instead of the turn signal switch. Will put a meter on it when I get home; for now, I guess I make 3 rights instead of a left... LOL. j/k PS: when I activate the left...
  18. Reprise

    Lazy upstream O2 sensor - concerns? (w/ screencap)

    Happy to report that I've finally got my short- and long-term fuel trim issues resolved. But my upstream bank 1 sensor is still 'lazy' - here's a Torque screencap (oh, and the upward spike on the left is from me raising the RPM a bit to observe voltage changes): Metrics (after 75-100mi and a...
  19. Reprise

    Shielding of battery terminals

    Ok. I've searched for this online, and didn't find anything definitive, so I'll ask our little corner of the world. And I'll apologize in advance, as I don't have pictures to illustrate. I have 2 x 6V golf cart batteries that supply power to my travel trailer (for the uninitiated, I gain more...
  20. Reprise

    SUPPORT No audio on videos viewed via mobile

    This is not an urgent matter; I'm bringing it up b/c the recent thread on BB code reminded me of it... I've noted (for awhile now, so not recent) that if someone posts a video link, and I click on it via my phone, that there's no audio (disabling / re-enabling, reloading, etc., has no effect)...
  21. Reprise

    Amazon Product ACDelco branded 'full synthetic' Dexron VI - $6.05/qt shipped

    Was at my local O'Reilly's picking up a Wix trans filter for the Sierra, and decided to pick up a few extra quarts of the Valvoline synthetic Dex that I use (which is now $10 / qt), with the idea of doing a full fluid exchange. But I was worried that I didn't have enough for the job (the 4L80...
  22. Reprise

    FYI - Saab 9-7x 'Rebuild' ep. - 2 Guys Garage (Motor Trend / Velocity)

    Season 18, Ep 12, if you're looking for it. (on edit) The hosts do a DOD delete (including cam swap) on a '05 Saab 9-7x. Not sure how 'good' the ep will be, but it's not often one of our trucks gets featured on TV. I've recorded it, and can potentially transfer it to DVD, for those who...
  23. Reprise

    Question on fitting sizes - brake lines

    Found out today that the brake line that sprung a leak is one of the hard lines in the rear. After looking for a direct replacement, it turns out GMs part # listed is a 16ft roll of 1/4" tubing. Looks like I'm going to get to learn how to bend / flare a new line. :woohoo:(yeah, right... lol)...
  24. Reprise

    P/S pump talk

    Thought I was going to have to replace my p/s pump (after replacing hoses / gearbox and experiencing no assist at idle speeds even after bleeding; shop stated hydroboost was 'ok' and pump was to blame, when they were doing a wheel alignment today) However, as I was later driving the old gearbox...
  25. Reprise

    May have ruined my steering gearbox (recirc ball)

    In the middle of replacing most of my front suspension / steering components; currently in the process of removing the pitman arm. (note: if you're also replacing inner / outer tie rods, just remove the center / drag link, to give yourself more room). For the uninitated, the frame crossmember...
  26. Reprise

    FYI only - Blackstone oil report - 2003 Sierra 1500HD / 243K total mi.

    I had Blackstone Labs run an analysis on the Sierra, as I wanted to make sure the engine wasn't on its last legs from a wear standpoint before sinking a bunch of time and money on my planned 'freshening' of the top end of the motor. Figured some of you who haven't seen one of these might find...
  27. Reprise

    V8 owners - anyone use a 'deslugger' on their A/C compressor?

    (<on edit:> There's a YT vid by the vendor explaining what this thing does, but it doesn't give much more than what I posted below (it's only 3-4min long). But if anyone requests it, I'll post that link, too.) For those wondering what in the nine hells a 'deslugger' is... here's a link that...
  28. Reprise

    Resolved - Air compressor blues (blew-s?)

    Ok - first off, this is not about air suspension for the Envoy - I have coil springs in the rear. Rather, this is about my continued trials / tribulations with using garage air compressors / tools. And I'm hoping there's someone on the board that's proficient with home electrical loads. Now...
  29. Reprise

    Hub replacement - criticality ?

    Figured out today that I'm likely going to have to replace at least one hub on the Envoy. Started growling yesterday; got a little louder today (both days were about 50mi each day, and that's a lot of miles for me in a day with this truck, these days.) Question - assuming the Envoy is...
  30. Reprise

    Rattle Gun Recommendations?

    (uh, mods...I couldn't find the 'tool time' section (actually, it's a thread, now that I recall)...but if we had the section as we'd been discussing, I'd have put this post in there...LOL) So today, I went and picked up a used air compressor (s/b better than what I had, anyway)... Old: 2(?)...

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