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  1. TexazReece

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    Althought the Trailblazer might be gone I will still stop through and see how everyone is doing. Would like to keep them together but I don't mind selling you the fronts & 2nd row.
  2. TexazReece

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    The LED Tails probably $100 and $300 for the headlights but I will have to check on how much I paid for them and subtract a bit for the scratch on one of them. I will post definite prices tomorrow.
  3. TexazReece

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    Sad to say I will be possibly be trading it in. I really love this truck but I gotta move on. It's been definitely a GREAT truck and most of all without it I wouldn't have met such wonderful people.
  4. TexazReece

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    Hello to all those in the GMTNation Family I know I haven't been on in awhile but still stop through every now and then. I must say that this is THE BEST forum of them all from the knowledge you can learn to even each member here that is willing to help one another. I will be having some parts...
  5. TexazReece

    What are you doing today?

    Pays in the long run bro. :biggrin:
  6. TexazReece

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Possible washing and oil change today. It really needs a washing since my jobs location is next to the airport and every time I get off I find liquid spots all over the truck. Blaming the airliners that pass over throughout the day.
  7. TexazReece

    Hello from Texas

    Glad you found the Nation.
  8. TexazReece

    Photo Contest #38: Voting

    This was a very tough voting all the pictures were great.Good luck to the winner :thumbsup:.
  9. TexazReece

    What are you doing today?

    Ready for this tropical storm ( Bill ) to pass.
  10. TexazReece

    HOLY SH**!! Anyone ever seen this? WOW GM screwed the pooch not building this!

    I like it but the wheels gotta go. I also wonder what they would have priced it at.
  11. TexazReece

    Post A Pic Of Your GMT RIGHT NOW!!!

    Did a bit of moving a week ago and towed great.
  12. TexazReece

    2015 Midwest Meet

    Hell of a turnout guys. :thumbsup:
  13. TexazReece

    What are you doing today?

    Well I've had to put my TB on the back burner. Finally it's completed and close on it next Friday. Hopefully I can place my order in for a GMC Canyon by August........ :yes: :salivate:
  14. TexazReece

    Happy Birthday Dmanns67

    Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday bro. :woot:
  15. TexazReece

    Happy Birthday TexazReece!

    :biggrin: Wow I;m sooooo sorry, I just saw this thread smdh. Thank You all for the well wishes :thumbsup: :woot: :biggrin:
  16. TexazReece

    DFWWIZ Cree/Philips LED headlights

    Got any pics of the lighting on road? Water intrusion would be one of my main concerns also since the rubber caps can not be installed with the back end of cree's poking out.
  17. TexazReece

    Items for Sale

    Put me in line for the gas door and may I get the asking price?
  18. TexazReece

    DFWWIZ Cree/Philips LED headlights

    I want to see these installed and the lighting on road :undecided:
  19. TexazReece

    powder coating calipers

    I'll co-sign on the G2, did mine white and they did look good until I tried using some plastidip cleaner which cleaned the white plasti I had on my rims but stripped the G2 off the calipers a bit. So I had to redo them. This is a better to start out with and cheaper than powdercoating.
  20. TexazReece

    Post A Pic Of Your GMT RIGHT NOW!!!

    A pleasant sight after work :biggrin:
  21. TexazReece

    Happy birthday Stewzer55!!!

    Well you can add me to the late Congrats on your 55th B-Day lol. Also popped up in recent window smh
  22. TexazReece

    New wheels and tires for lifted Envoy

    Welcome to The Fam. You will find everything associated with our trucks and GREAT people who Love their GMT's.
  23. TexazReece

    Help please to install android Car Stereo on my Trailblazer 2002 LTZ

    You will know if it is a bose system when you turn the factory radio on. It will display the word bose but if the picture with the factory radio having bose stamped on it is exactly what you have then yes you have the bose.
  24. TexazReece

    Sideview Saturday

    A glance from the side on a Saturday.
  25. TexazReece

    My Summit White SS Clone Progress

    Glad your recovering bro, make sure you keep us posted on your well being and that new SS.
  26. TexazReece

    Shined Up N Shown Off Sunday

  27. TexazReece

    Happy Birthday Aarkon!!

    Wishing you very Happy B-Day bud :thumbsup: :woot:
  28. TexazReece

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Finished up completing that pesky P0449 code. Now I'm rolling with a smile again with no engine light on.
  29. TexazReece

    3 Items Freak Out

    Woman bra, pack of balloons and gallon of milk. :rotfl:
  30. TexazReece

    3 Items Freak Out

    Plunger, cucumber and KY jelly.

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