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  1. TexazReece

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    Hello to all those in the GMTNation Family I know I haven't been on in awhile but still stop through every now and then. I must say that this is THE BEST forum of them all from the knowledge you can learn to even each member here that is willing to help one another. I will be having some parts...
  2. TexazReece

    Trailblazer No Startup

    Hello all well I tried to tackle my no start issue and found out it wasn't the starter. Mechanic checked it out but when he hooked up his tester it was showing that when trying to start the starter ignition relay was not switching from off to on. He hooked his tester his tb and he showed me his...
  3. TexazReece

    Heading East

    Well it looks like like I might be heading out east to Georgia for my vacation the 2nd week of June. I hope I run into some members while I'm out there.
  4. TexazReece

    Chevy OEM Exhaust Tip

    I have a Brand new/never installed 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado w/ bowtie exhaust tip for sale. It's been just sitting in my cargo area for about a year now smh. I was going to use it once I did my res delete but I'm going to go with one that's a bit shorter. It comes with the clamp but I'd rather...
  5. TexazReece

    What should I do?????

    Yesterday while traveling home from work and the street I normally take home was more busy than usual. Basically while sitting at a stop light I was rear ended at about maybe 10 mph:hissyfit::mad:. This idiot had no proof of insurance and I knew he was on his phone because I passed him a few...
  6. TexazReece

    WTB: OEM Ranier/9-7x Running Boards

    Looking to see if anyone had these up for sale. Will by with mounting brackets or not. Damnit Sorry the pic didn't come out the correct size
  7. TexazReece

    Show your sports team pride

    Thought this would be a cool thread putting what most of us here LOVE. Our favorite sports (team) and our GMT's. I'll start with my Favorite NFL the way yes I know we have a bad team but I won't give up on them lol. Sorry for the night time pics will have better ones up soon...
  8. TexazReece

    Son of a P1682

    Well after having a nice day at work walk to my truck turn the key and at start up. My DAMN engine light doesn't go off (code P1682) :hissyfit::mad::frown: The good thing is I have this GREAT forum with plenty of help :thumbsup: So I will try and do this myself:undecided: lol My question is...
  9. TexazReece

    Happy Birthday JrSS

    Just happened to see that it was your B-Day Bro :wootwoot::wootwoot::thumbsup::cool: Enjoy it my friend.
  10. TexazReece

    Oklahoma/Texas Meet

    Okay me and a few others have tried to get a meet going. It's close to summer so this could be a good time to make this happen if anyone is interested or have any idea's or suggestions please postup.
  11. TexazReece

    Well pulled the trigger on a new dd

    I finally got a little somethin' for my wife seeing as she needed more space working with dogs at work and needing to transport them if any injuries happen. Plus something that has a bit of style and fun for her to drive. I wanted to get her the CX-9 before we got the grand prix
  12. TexazReece

    Ordering from Rockauto Question

    I recently had some front end damage to my Trailblazer and was wondering if Rockauto carried oem front bumper cover? I know they have great pricing but I checked out their site and saw the bumper cover I needed at a nice price. I just didn't want an aftermarket would like to keep it oem if...
  13. TexazReece

    Export Trailblazer grill for Envoy

    Saw this on ebay, I knew about the export Trailblazers just wanted to post this for those Envoyers that might want to change to the bowtie lol or just have some people guessing or confused...
  14. TexazReece

    D-Pillar Led Tails

    I remember some led D-Pillar taillights that came out for the 07+ Tahoe/Yukon. Besides the price for I think they are :cool: and would be nice if they made them for our Trailblazers or Envoys. Tried to get a pic of them installed on a truck but wouldn't upload :frown:.
  15. TexazReece

    Cold weather bringing in problems

    Well Friday night I got off work and decided to surprise my nephews and let them spend the weekend. Behold they weren't even there :no: returned to my truck and wouldn't turn over. OnStar sent someone out but he was an complete asshole who complained before he even did anything so no way I was...
  16. TexazReece

    Houston Area Meet

    There is a meet going on this weekend with the SS folks. Here's the link with the info TBSS & SSS meet dec 15th - Forums - The #1 TrailblazerSS Dedicated Owners Forum
  17. TexazReece

    Best tire for tbss stock wheels

    As stated I wanted to know what is the better tire to run on SS stockers? I will not be lowering my TB either. Also I was looking @ some tpms for them as well and wanted to ask about getting them off ebay ( if anybody has done what is the preferred to purchase ) or going oe route ?
  18. TexazReece

    GMTNation Annual Meet or GMTNation Day meet????

    I've been thinking about everyone organizing an annual GMT Nation National meet. Like it says everyone that's apart of The Great Nation getting together just celebrating, meeting members etc. I was thinking maybe the day the site was created but any ideas would be awesome. I think this would be...
  19. TexazReece

    TOTM voting/pic

    Don't kno if anyone had asked this but could we goet a truck of the month voting/pic placed in the area next to the logo? Kinda naked up there lol
  20. TexazReece

    Photoshop Help

    Could anyone with PhotoShop skills help me out? I want to purchase the 20" SS wheels but want to plasti them white and basically just would like to see how they'd look on my truck, appreciative your help.
  21. TexazReece

    Headlight low/high + fog xenon

    I'm thinking about purchasing this xenon light kit Hoen high performance halogen I know the lows are 9006 highs 9005 but can I put these in without any damage from housings? Also can I use the 893 fog bulbs provided with my TB that they have listed for the SS or will I need a dif style/type?
  22. TexazReece

    caliper painting + purpose of res

    I wanted to paint my calipers buy I'm a noob when it comes to doing this and I don't have the correct tools to fully remove them. I was searching on YouTube and saw that they had some people painting them by removing wheels then covering rotors, cleaning calipers and sanding a bit. Is this a...
  23. TexazReece

    Unlocking factory bose radio

    Hello I just swapped out my factory bose headunit to another factory bose headunit with 6 disc changer. I installed it it first said locked then not locked and now its locked again. My question is can I unlock it myself rather than paying stealership $75? I thought there was a thread for...
  24. TexazReece

    Slight whining noise when pressing gas?

    When I press the gas while driving there is a slight whine. Anyone know what could cause this and is it an easy fix( diy )? I was told it is the idler pulley but is there anything else I should look into?
  25. TexazReece

    Water getting into fog light?

    Water is getting into my front left fog light. I looked at the fog light housing and seems fine. Has anyone had this prob?
  26. TexazReece

    Nav Install Question

    I was wondering if someone could help me in Trailblazer nav install. I was thinking of adding the oem nav to my 08 TB, I have bose onstar & xm radio antenna. What all will I need for this install to work besides the nav radio?
  27. TexazReece

    Colorado Exhaust Tip on TB?

    I currently have the SS muffler/exhaust waiting to be put on my TB. My question(s) is I would like to add this exhaust tip to my ss exhaust or my current stock setup which is better double wall or single and which is the quieter of the 2 ? Or could this be applied period without any probs coming...
  28. TexazReece

    Houston Meet Revamped

    :wootwoot::2thumbsup::Okay all here it is for those who would like a meet up down in Houston for some good old GMT's, Fellow GMT Nationers, put faces with names, Truck talk, Food, swapping mod ideas +parts etc. you get what I'm trying to say. Here's your chance to signup. We originally planned...
  29. TexazReece

    Tb ss grill color choices help

    Well i just got my ss grill and will be putting on soon with other mods waiting in the wing. My problem is im painting the grill summit white to match the body color but as for a color for the bowtie i want to paint it a color but not the norm that will look good instead of black or white. Any...
  30. TexazReece

    Thought about putting these on my TB

    I have been thinking what would a TB look like with these wheels on it and also does anyone know if there are grill inserts like the one on this traverse for our TB'S. I looked on ebay but for SS $700.00 :eek: that's insane. The reason why I'm looking at the SS is because I'm swapping to the SS...

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