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    2014 Meet n Greets - Suggestions?

    I may be in for a meet this year. Tried a couple of times, but never could get the time away :-(
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    Would a certified GM shop do this???

    That is how I remeber it working here too ..... When I cant fix it myself, we have a frind of the familly that can do the work for us. The Canadian Tire guys love when I go in for Tires and they tell me something is wrong and needs to be fixed right away (and they just happen to have the part...
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    Please welcome the new mod team of 2014!

    The Moderators that are stepping down have done a wonderful job, and to them I give many thanks. Too the new Moderators ... Congratulations, you have some big shoes to fill.
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    Boeing 777 scale model made from manila file folders

    That has some amazong attention to detail. I would have gotten bored after a couple of the seats.
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    New Clueless Member.

    Welcome to the Nation
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    Ottawa Junker Alert: 2002 Envoy

    Thanks for posting
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    2013 Charity Air Miles

    Voted...It would be nice if Air Canada or Westjet did something similar on this side of the border
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    4x4. Different tire sizes

    And I have some nice waterfront property I can sell you real cheap.......:biggrin:
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    Hey stef....where u at!?

    Its a great looking ride, Im kinda sad i didnt get to see the SS before she was gone. I dont think dealers are usually keen for engine mods, they would most likely pick any small thing to avoid having to pay out for warranty work :no:
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    New member

    Welcome to the Nation :thumbsup:
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    Hey stef....where u at!?

    Any upcoming mods to that nice looking machine
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    You cannot leave!

    HAHA I wouldn't be surprised to see that on Ogilvie Rd, that's hilarious.
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    Regular or synthetic oil what do you guys think

    I have always used synthetic in my TB, and our current second car (Olds Alero). Longer intervals, and everything just seems to run better.
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    Why you should aways have chalk with you....

    My sister in law parks in a garage and is the second spot from the end of her row. For months she has had this idiot beside her (the end spot) park tight to the line, and leave like 4 fet on the other side beside the wall, and has asked him several times to move over because it is near...
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    Welcome to the Nation. We drive through Cornwall every now and then to cross over to the Massena side.
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    hitting a sunfire going 80 Km

    Glad everyone is OK! What intersection did this happen at .... just a sick curiousity.
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    Girlfriends Ford escape dealership

    Were you with her when she brought it in ... my stealership experience is that my wife will get a long list, with high $$$$, and then when I call back and start asking questions the list shortens up and costs a lot less. :hissyfit: I hate people that try to rip other off just because they can.
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    Brews - Beers - Whatcha been drinking?

    I love Big Rig, local micro brewery in Ottawa Ontario Canada and the beer tastes great. They have a bunch of really good seasonal beers.
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    Major Toronto flood

    I am up near Ottawa, and I cant beleive the crappy conditions you guys have had to go through in T.O. Hope it is all over soon and your lives can get back to normal.
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    Shop in Ottawa?

    Welcome to the nation. Generally most of the stuff I need done is either done by myself, or my father in law. When I need work done it is usually at Steve's Auto hes out on the way to Metcalfe just past Manderly Golf.
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    umm yuck :sick:
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    Which hub?

    I would guess the right, when you turn left the weight would shift to the right side of the truck, more pressure on the bad bearing would make it louder IMO. Any car Ive ever had needed the other one changed within a few weeks of the first, so I would suggest doing both at the same time if you can.
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    New here from Ohio

    Welcome to the Nation :Lager Louts:
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    Official post whore thread!!!

    You cant fix stupid :no:
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    Reason why I haven't been on

    Shes beautiful, and will soon have daddy wrapped around her finger. Congrats!
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    My mom passed away last night :(

    Chris, I am sorry for your loss, it is never an easy thing to go through. I am sure you have many happy memories with her, and this will keep her alive within you. Hugh
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    Practical joke on co-workers - Custom Plates

    How are you mounting these to the cars?
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    Another new guy

    Welcome to the nation :2thumbsup:
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    I've lurked long enough

    Welcome to the nation :2thumbsup:

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