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  1. Mark20

    What are you doing today?

    In my travels around the area yesterday I passed about 8 Envoys. Surprised by the number I saw.
  2. Mark20

    How to replace blower motor resistor pack and connector pigtail

    Got a Duralast replacement at Auto Zone for $30. Went back in faster than it came out and all the fan settings are working again. I wish all the fixes were as easy as this one.
  3. Mark20

    How to replace blower motor resistor pack and connector pigtail

    Pulled it this AM and though I didn't grab a pic, it looks just like the rusted one above. Green ceramic (or whatever) is cracked but wires are fine. I'll run to the store sometime this weekend and grab a new one.
  4. Mark20

    How to replace blower motor resistor pack and connector pigtail

    My blower fan just gave up the ghost in settings 1-4. Of course the first thing to do is check here. Now I'll need to wait until my daughter brings the Voy back home this evening to take a look at the resister pack.
  5. Mark20

    "New" (to me) 02' Envoy and I have a cylinder 2 misfire?!?

    After just doing the plugs if you don't have to immediately touch cylinders 1 and 6 avoid them to save yourself time and grief. For #1 you have to get a cable tray out of the way and #6 is a PITA. Cylinders 2 through 5 are easy to get to for coil swapping.
  6. Mark20

    Question about changing power steering fluid and brake fluid

    My wife's old grand am got very hard to steer after being run on the highway for an hour. Looking at it I opened the PS cap and was severely hissed at. I suspect water got in the system and turned to steam and it over pressurized the reservoir causing the problem. About a weak later it did the...
  7. Mark20


    I've had a rough idle for a little while and an occasional flash of the CEL but until recently no codes to read. Changed the spark plugs for 100K service and the engine is running worse but I finally got a #6 misfire code. Thought it was the coil but after swapping it appears not. The #6 plug...
  8. Mark20

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Replaced the CPAS. Drove it to warm up the front O2 sensor but didn't tackle that.
  9. Mark20

    Pics from the Eyes of the Driver

    Saw something similar today at lunch. Boat was on the Talley at am angle so it would fit going down the road.
  10. Mark20

    I never thought the day would come...

    For some reason Tapatalk wouldn't let me quote a post... Yes a soft cover can be cut through in a second which is why I almost never lock the tail gate. Most of the time the only things back there are a wood board in the liner pockets to keep things from sliding all the way forward and a large...
  11. Mark20

    Horrid smell from HVAC

    I wonder if you've got some crud now sitting in the bottom of the cooling box and that's giving you the odor. I have now idea how to get in there to take a look though.
  12. Mark20

    HOLY SH**!! Anyone ever seen this? WOW GM screwed the pooch not building this!

    I like the bit more rounded features as compared to a Voy.
  13. Mark20

    Horrid smell from HVAC

    Have you checked the condensate drain line? Hade the one way valve at the firewall in the engine bay on a Dodge get plugged up with stuff from a tree I parked under. Backed up the condensate and that started smelling. I've never looked for the drain in the Voy but its probably lower right of...
  14. Mark20

    Radio Interference using HIDs or LEDs - Possible Solution?

    Late to this party but that extra circuitry is probably a DC-DC converter and is boosting the voltage. In the process its going to generate RF that will easily take out the AM radio. Possibly putting more than one ferrite core on each set of wires may help. But these noise generators are so...
  15. Mark20

    Silverado/Sierra common issues?

    Yes! Another Silverado in the house to help keep mine company. There is a lot of AFM/DoD basing on another GM truck forum I used to visit but have pretty much stoped since they were taken over by a company up in Canada. However the site has no where near the technical expertise that can be...
  16. Mark20

    new Envoy XL to this site...Hello all

    Welcome to the Nation. The Enoys and Trailblazers are surprisingly well designed vehicles. Yes there are outliers but with regular maintenance they will give many years and miles of service.
  17. Mark20

    20/20 Fake Products

    When companies outsource not only the product but the quality control everyone is in trouble!
  18. Mark20

    New from Alabama

    Welcome aboard!
  19. Mark20

    Mid-Atlantic Meet??

    I can work at making it work but as a family we're way behind on camping trips. However, we might be able to combine the two.
  20. Mark20

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Went to replace the upstream O2 sensor this evening and got nowhere! Searched here for hints and didn't find anything so I checked YouTube and guess who I find, MAY03LT! I didn't think that getting the manifold heated would help. It was too late by then to try any more and the sensor socket he...
  21. Mark20

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Finally replaced the stepper motors in the cluster. Reading 0 MPH going down the highway is not a good thing.
  22. Mark20

    Mid-Atlantic Meet??

    Though I've been MIA as of late, I'm interested.
  23. Mark20

    question about replacement stepper motors

    A paper towel folded over a couple of times under the fulcrum of what ever you plan to pry with should protect the gauge face. But all the videos I've watched show the person just using the fork directly on the face.
  24. Mark20

    The never ending SAIS diagnostic or...

    Is my alternator dying or do I have a bad ground or... On my trip up to NYC/LI the other night I noticed the headlights dim. At first I thought it was the SAIS diagnostic that fools so many. But the headlights kept dimming, dash volt meter dropped and the Scan Gauge showed varying voltages...
  25. Mark20

    Source for speakers?

    I've got Kicker 6.5 inch speakers all around. Really good and only ran about $100 for all four.
  26. Mark20

    question about replacement stepper motors

    That is the set I just bought and will probably install this weekend. On my trip to NYC/LI I was starting to wonder why everyone was doing 35 on the Belt Parkway. No they were doing 50 and the speedo was reading 15, later 20 and finally 25 low. The speedo currently resets itself when I fire...
  27. Mark20

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Drove the Voy to NYC/LI.
  28. Mark20

    changing radio faceplate question

    If you're literally just talking about the plastic faceplate itself then yes you can swap that and leave the original electronics. As I understand it, the chip that gives the radio the VIN to match is on the main board not the one with the buttons.
  29. Mark20

    Took ABS fuse out now Trailblazer won't start

    This is actually a common problem as our TrailBlazers and Envoys age. You can often fix this by pulling the sensors that sense wheel speed and cleaning them. As you reach slow speeds they pick up erratic signals which make the ABS computer think the wheel locked and thus ABS braking is needed...
  30. Mark20

    What's your weather like ?

    Raining today but well above freezing. still some snow on the ground but it will be gone soon.

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