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  1. Mark20

    The never ending SAIS diagnostic or...

    Is my alternator dying or do I have a bad ground or... On my trip up to NYC/LI the other night I noticed the headlights dim. At first I thought it was the SAIS diagnostic that fools so many. But the headlights kept dimming, dash volt meter dropped and the Scan Gauge showed varying voltages...
  2. Mark20

    Check those fuses for continuity!

    I was helping a buddy get a piece of amateur radio equipment going last night. I installed an upgrade board for him which was more mechanical dis-assembly and reassembly than actual electronics work. I sent him home with it and it refused to fire up. Went over to his house and we spent the...
  3. Mark20

    CPAS design change?

    Opened up my OE CPAS and thought I had the wrong part. Comparing it to pictures of others here, I think they made a small design change and added some springs around the screens to better retain them. The OE date on the box says 01/08/15 but I don't know if that means it was truly made around...
  4. Mark20

    Pioneer FH-X820BS Source Button Feel

    Does anyone else have the Pioneer FH-X820BS or one of its stable mates? If so does its Source/Power button have a distinct click type feel when you push it? Mine does not but the rest of the buttons do. I like to distinctly know I've pushed one of the radio's buttons especially when rolling...
  5. Mark20

    What to trim on AI GMK422 mounting kit

    I got a new Pioneer FH-X820BS double DIN for the Voy. The whole package came with a GMOS-01 (hopefully all wired up) and a American International GMK422 mounting kit. Talk about confusing instructions for the mounting kit! Does anyone know what tabs on the kit need to be cut off? Looked...
  6. Mark20

    OK my wife is losing it

    We had dinner at a friend's house last night. As we were leaving my wife asks if I took my contacts out when I went to the Envoy a little earlier. I just look at her. She goes, "Yeah your contacts." Me, "Um, i don't need them anymore, remember?" Her, "Oh, I forgot." I haven't needed...
  7. Mark20

    Going to get a new head unit

    Daughter noted the stock head unit CD player was clicking and not accepting CD's. I thought I might have bumped something when I did the LEDs in it. But after pulling it and taking it apart I remembered the front panel board is completely separate and it wasn't me. Looks like this is a common...
  8. Mark20

    Chrysler barely able to climb hills

    OK a guy in my ham radio club who is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer says his Chrysler mini van struggles to get to the top of a hill. He says he has the check engine light on but I did not have my Elm 327 with me. Nor has he had the code read. I suspect a plugged cat. Thoughts...
  9. Mark20

    Anybody at the Dayton Hamvention

    Is anyone attending the Dayton Hamvention this weekend?
  10. Mark20

    Argh! P0410

    Heading home from a friend's house and after a bit a little headlight dim and I think its time for a SAIS pump check. Then I notice something yellow shining at me. Check engine. Scan Gauge says its P0410. A quick search here and I'll check the solenoid tomorrow.
  11. Mark20

    Borrowing a Prodigy brake controller

    Does anyone near me (Bucks County, PA - Tyler State Park area) have a Tekonsa Prodigy they could loan me for a test? I need to plug it in and drive around a bit, don't need to tow anything. Here's the story: I moved the Prodigy from the Voy to the Silverado. Quite often in the Silverado...
  12. Mark20

    I can't believe

    I have over a 1000 posts in an automotive forum. While I have always enjoyed vehicles and amaze people that I can take care of and fix a number of common issues, I don't consider myself a motor head. This forum has definitely taught me more and increased my confidence under the hood. Thanks all!
  13. Mark20

    External charger charging rate

    Is there any consensus on the charge rate for a battery (group 24)? I had left the battery connected to the camper and finally remembered to pull it off and bring it in. Using my three-stage charger what would be the best rate: 2, 6 or 12 Amps? From the open circuit voltage it looks like its...
  14. Mark20

    Motor mounts blown?

    Riding around in my 2011 Silverado with my wife and daughter I notice a shaking while sitting at red lights. After two or three times I mention I can't believe that after 2.5 years the motor mounts are going. Feel that shaking? My daughter then says, "Oh that's me shaking my foot." Sigh...
  15. Mark20

    [SOLD] Envoy speakers

    Since I upgraded my Envoy's speakers with the aid of this site its only proper to return the favor. I have two front speakers (mains without the holder and tweeter and cut wires) and one rear speaker (complete). Any and all are available to anyone for the cost of shipping. I'm not sure if...
  16. Mark20

    Any opinions on Bridgestone & B.F. Goodrich tires

    The subject says it all.
  17. Mark20

    Going to the birds

    Left the Voy in front of the house with the windows open. Went to hop in and a bird (sparrow sized but with a greenish tint) was hopping around the dashboard trying to go through the windshield and leaving little "love" deposits behind :hissyfit:. I had to open the doors before it got the...
  18. Mark20

    What the heck is this stuff?

    A Hertz rental had the following installed. I suspect its part of a cell phone system but is definitely after market. It was not live and I didn't bother digger through to the power connections. Any ideas?
  19. Mark20

    Rust on new rotor

    I received my new pads and rotors from Rock Auto. One rotor has more than just a little surface rust. Opinions? I can feel it through the plastic. At first thought I think I can take my Dremal and the brass brush attachment to polish it off.
  20. Mark20

    Should I or shouldn't I

    My wife noticed a 1965 Ford Mustang for sale on the side of the road. I stopped by last night and it really does look good. A few issues but there could be more. Needed a jump but couln't get the engine to run. Since its parked slightly down hill and the gauge reads E I suspect the fuel...
  21. Mark20

    OK, what do want to see at the New Castle, DE meet

    Of my GMT fleet? Get your minds out of the gutter!!!!
  22. Mark20

    Why am I seeing so many burned out bulbs?

    All makes and models. Headlight, taillights, running lights, various exterior bulbs. Just seems in the past couple of weeks I see at least one every evening.
  23. Mark20

    ARGH! Need one quart of Amsoil

    A while back I bought a case of Amsoil OE 5W-30 since I needed to do the Voy and I knew the Silverado would need an oil change in a couple of months. Well the Silverado is down to 5% on the OLM so its time. Get the oil out last night and start checking all over the cabinet. The Voy takes 7...
  24. Mark20

    The Worst Appearance Mods

    What is the worst appearance mod you've seen on not only our own GM platforms but any vehicle out there? Let us know and post a picture if you can. I'm going to start it off and it doesn't even deserve a picture... TRUCKNUTZ
  25. Mark20

    Shift firmness - What causes it

    PCM 4 Less offers several shift firmness levels (I have level 2 in my tune). But what causes/defines shift firmness? I ask this becasue there was a mention of line pressure in the thread about Tow Mode without a button. (
  26. Mark20

    My stupid son

    But of course he has to rush off to do something else. We were loading a small refrigerator into the Voy and after I rested it on the bumper pad to get a better grip, he shoved it forward ripping up the black bumper pad on the top of the bumper. I found one on eBay 110876256372 But it says...
  27. Mark20

    Anti-drainback valves in oil filters

    At least for GM's typically vertical mounting of the oil filter with the threads at the top, is an anti-drainback valve really needed?
  28. Mark20

    Anybody else notice people don't think you can accelerate

    I have been cut off more times in less than one year of owning the Silverado than I have been in seven years of the Envoy. Has anyone else noticed this? Do people assume our big honking trucks can't accelerate? May the ones with the 4.8L engine, but I have no problem spinning my Silverado's...
  29. Mark20

    Speakers for a New New Body Style Silverado (late 2007 - 2012)

    Since I've ordered speakers for my Envoy I've been thinking about doing the same for my 2011 Silverado. From some research, swapping them (particularly the rear door ones in an extended cab) will be more work than a TB/Voy. For the New New Body Style (NNBS) introduced in the 2nd half of the...
  30. Mark20

    Timing indicator

    Do any of these modern engines with direct spark ignition still have the ability for you to observe the timing with a timing light? I'm going to assume you can only adjust it through a scan tools these days.

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