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  1. Playsinsnow

    "Till the wheels fall off"

    I probably would call too and follow giving my direction so that they can intercept. How cracked out must you be to do that?!? Or maybe there was someone in labor in back we couldn't see?
  2. Playsinsnow

    "Till the wheels fall off"

    Instead of calling the guy decides to record. Looks like the sparks took the rear wheel after sometime. It's very apparent the driver's priorities are different than most of us here. Maybe the person borrowed and will return it saying it drives oddly. Get it checked out. Or they just got high...
  3. Playsinsnow

    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    Just about to roll 188k, 10 years now I've put 170k on it, miles and a Made in China Timken bearing is now howling. Maybe 25k miles on the bearings, tops. My OEM never made a noise. Cheers to preventative maintenance! Another oem part that should be replaced with oem.
  4. Playsinsnow

    What are you doing today?

    Just rolled 180k west of Delta, UT. The new Michelin Defender m/s were great in the deep wet Sierra snow (over the running boards at times, Mammoth Lakes CA has a record snowfall year. Snow in yard was twice the height of my TB- can't upload pics atm) and ice. Used 4lo a few tines because I...
  5. Playsinsnow

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Starting prep for the 2 week, 4000 miles snowboarding trip coming up. Need tires as I really don't want to test out the Michelin LTX'S 4/32 (these are still above the wear bars too) tread in a snowstorm between here and California. Good tires, rated for 60k, have 65k on them. I'm sure I could...
  6. Playsinsnow

    What are you doing today?

    Flying out to PHX. Rented a mustang. Groupon had 25% off a Budget car rental. Overall mustang was $40 cheaper over 4 days than the next cheapest option which was the "surprise me" option that Enterprise offered. Already read up on killing the traction control and stability nanny. Phoenix to...
  7. Playsinsnow

    yoshi's build 05 TB

    So how is the carpet on the floor holding up? What do you think of the quality?
  8. Playsinsnow

    StockinteriorsDOTcom interior carpet quality?

    Your link sent me there, thanks! :2thumbsup: The padding is not a concern. There is a local auto upholestry shop I will get the carpet padding from. I cut it all out under the area because I got a small whiff of the gear lube that spilled. The rear driver side floor has a contoured carpet and a...
  9. Playsinsnow

    StockinteriorsDOTcom interior carpet quality?

    Came across stock interiors dot com and saw a couple of shades that could match the patch I cut out. Problem is the samples they sent seem to fray and loses carpet hair like a dog. Anyone ever use their carpet before? I see they have many shades to choose from which is nice, I would rather...
  10. Playsinsnow

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    Cut a 24"x30" odd shape square out of the carpet and pad from the rear passenger floorboard. A week ago I brought it to a local dealer, Merit Chevrolet in Maplewood MN to have the front driver side axle seal replaced. I could use my own fluid and parts, plus I just noticed the leak the day...
  11. Playsinsnow

    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    170,004. Not a single issue with the K&N for 150k miles either. Still get OEM mileage at minimum.
  12. Playsinsnow

    Which air filter?

    I have had a K&N filter now for over 9 years and 150k. Get 1-2mpg higher than OEM still and I keep the filter dry. :twocents:
  13. Playsinsnow

    NEED HELP Left front pop.

    I just found this searching. I have a "pop" when turning hard right at slow speed. Lbj's are tight, checked when I put new hubs on this last weekend. Steering fluid leaks on hard left, my driveway has the proof, so I was wondering if the "pop" sound was related to the rack/pinion or possibly...
  14. Playsinsnow

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    My Detroit Axle wheel bearings are clearly marked " MADE IN CHINA". Should have bought Timkens! (Pic is too big to upload from phone, maybe later after new hubs are on)
  15. Playsinsnow

    Hello From Minnesota

    You betcha. But only if mom cooks it. Welcome!
  16. Playsinsnow

    Stolen Picture

    Find a fresh lawyer to look at it. If it is worth a dime, they'll pursue it or at the least let you know what may happen. Edit: if they are overseas then you are probably out of luck besides bragging rights.
  17. Playsinsnow

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Misfire on cylinder 7 I only have 6 of them.
  18. Playsinsnow

    How to verify 4 wheel drive is working?

    I checked my 4x4 function by jacking the front end up while in 4HI. E-brake on and put the shifter to Neutral. Spin one wheel forward and the other side should spin the opposite direction if 4x4 is working properly. Saves you from any potential dry pavement wear.
  19. Playsinsnow

    Narrowed it down to three. Two TB and a 97x.

    No :pictures: ? Buy whichever one has more service records and fewer owners. If you can drive all 3 the same day, I bet you wake up knowing which one you REALLY want. :twocents:
  20. Playsinsnow

    What are you doing today?

    :pictures: ? Told her she can pick the movie we go see today, hope she doesn't take me up on it.
  21. Playsinsnow

    EPA wants to kill motorsports

    Curious to see how quick this movement progresses.
  22. Playsinsnow

    What are you doing today?

    Ready for some football!
  23. Playsinsnow

    Rear wiper

    Mine was and is the motor. When it got really cold two years ago it did the same thing with a few other erratic behaviors. Now it works fine... :confused: I had a latch issue to solve in the spring and the motor went back to doing it's job. Have someone push the button and see if you can hear...
  24. Playsinsnow

    What's your weather like ?

    Snowing out and I didn't even have to ask to leave work early to go play! They sent me home! :dance:
  25. Playsinsnow

    Gas prices

    $1.32 with a grocery fuel card. $25 fillup. In '08 that was a 1/4 tank in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
  26. Playsinsnow

    Random GMT Picture Thread

    Sorry. If that was full in the back of my ride I would want the cover strapped down or, better yet, sealed!
  27. Playsinsnow

    Random GMT Picture Thread

    Might want to put another strap on the cover?
  28. Playsinsnow

    NEED HELP Suggestions for sound system!

    I second the idea of mounting that sh!t stealthy in your ride. Easier to snatch out otherwise. Alarms won't do any good if the equipment is loose. :twocents:

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