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  1. Playsinsnow

    StockinteriorsDOTcom interior carpet quality?

    Came across stock interiors dot com and saw a couple of shades that could match the patch I cut out. Problem is the samples they sent seem to fray and loses carpet hair like a dog. Anyone ever use their carpet before? I see they have many shades to choose from which is nice, I would rather...
  2. Playsinsnow

    Aftermarket cat with 2.75" intake

    Trying to piece together my exhaust and after reading the threads, I don't know if anyone ever found 2.75" intake on an aftermarket catalytic converter? Everywhere I seem to look is 2.5" for oem replacement. Goal is close to stock as possible, minus the resonator. Would rather buy oem than...
  3. Playsinsnow

    Rear wiper is not moving

    Quick search didn't lead anywhere... my rear wiper doesn't want to run. :confused: Will some WD40 do the trick? It moves as far as it wants(inch or two maybe more) and just stops. Eventually will go back down when off but not right away.
  4. Playsinsnow

    Hayden fan clutch #3200?

    Hello all, I need a fan clutch yesterday. My local store has the old Hayden part# available on hold for me at the moment, however after reading a few threads about obtaining the new design I am wondering if I should wait. I can only find the #3201 design online and I need my TB running before...
  5. Playsinsnow

    Door "open" when closed issue

    I just noticed that my DIC says "driver door open" and dome lights stay on when I closed the door. Shut it off and tried again, opening then closing door. When the doors locked with speed, auto DIC setting, the dome lights turned off. Now, my DIC does not tell me whether any of the the doors...
  6. Playsinsnow

    Front wheels crow hop in 2wd during sharp turns

    Title says it all. Leaving a parking lot I turned the wheel all the way until it stopped/locked and while in motion I could feel a hop on the rotation as if I were in 4wd. I'm not. I immediately begin a figure 8 test forward and backwards and it is noticeable on passenger wheel when steering...
  7. Playsinsnow

    What do you have displayed on Torque Pro?

    So I finally received an ELM327 Bluetooth OBDII adapter and finally got things connected. I read numerous posts that setup/orientation of the app once connected could be time consuming, finding extra PIDs etc. Point of this thread is to show and/or tell what you have displayed on your Torque...
  8. Playsinsnow

    Offroad Capable Wheelchair

    Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 The Ultimate Tracked Chair For Sale - Track Chair Ripchair 3.0 Extreme Off Road Chair Expanding accessibility. Wonder if Wounded Warriors has obtained any?
  9. Playsinsnow

    Using an automatic carwash in COLD temps

    So after noticing a carwash open as I got gas today, -8*F, I gave the TB and the salted out rims a bath. I have read posts and comments about others afraid of washing due to locks and doors freezing. So I am posting my way of NEVER having my doors lock or freeze on me. This is my way that has...
  10. Playsinsnow

    Using a meter to check heated mirror unit

    My driver side mirror does not heat up like the passenger side. The passenger side was noticeably warmer. The two black wires are connected to the back side of the mirror and the mirror controls/memory work, although a little slow sometimes but always functioning. The connection in the door jamb...
  11. Playsinsnow

    The Shed

    Tools? Lawn/Garden? Storage? Looking to buy/build Porkins? Selling? Have a shed? Not allowed to? Do you have more than one?
  12. Playsinsnow

    tranny line fittings in radiator

    So I am about to put a new radiator in and I noticed the tranny line fittings are too big. Unscrewed the old fittings from old radiator and the new fitting insert that you thread the fitting onto radiator is MUCH bigger than the old fittings. Am I screwed?
  13. Playsinsnow

    Fan clutch nut

    So I have the fan clutch removal tool, 36mm wrench, from Autozone and for too long now I have been struggling to get the nut loose from the water pump. BFH and a couple of whacks hasn't helped. Am I missing something? This was off less than 18mo.s ago for a water pump. And wedging a...
  14. Playsinsnow

    Consequences for not maintaining 5psi in Airlift bags?

    That time of year and I am thinking of putting Airlift1000 bags on my list. I have just read many posts related to these and have one question to those who have them on stock springs... Will I have to worry about maintaining the 5 psi, especially when the temperatures will fluctuate so much in...
  15. Playsinsnow

    Smart Phone Tech Rant From A Not-So-Techy DUDE

    Ok, so if you caught last night's post whore thread you know I just bought a new Nokia Lumia 920. Why? Because I wanted windows ( I like it like I like my trailblazer :raspberry: and one more "like" for all those who like, like Six) and it was 4GLTE. The new 1020 has a great camera and I wasn't...
  16. Playsinsnow

    Rotor touches caliper on top inside of my wife's car

    Alright all you VS adversaries, the forum for my wife's mazda3 is VS owned so I'm asking here :biggrin: The inside of the pass side rotor is touching :eek: the caliper. Pad is 3/8-1/4 inch thick in view slot in center of rotor. I can post a pic later if necessary. So why in bloody smells is...
  17. Playsinsnow

    Rear Spring Rates/RPO's?

    After killing some time reading threads on suspensions, I was wondering if rear and front spring rates are identical for a model? I have the 84s up front with the pink tag, but the rear tag is purple/lavender and reads "15207741" and "YNT". The rear squats more than I like when loading the...
  18. Playsinsnow

    How much would you pay for this option?

    Amazing new technology from BMW Question now, is it available on the M series? Hope the link...
  19. Playsinsnow

    Need a new radiator... Preference?

    Noticed coolant level dropping, so after running through the tests I narrowed it down to the radiator being cracked. Only leaks under pressure at cold engine temps and I can not see the leak directly but it is running down onto the bottom of radiator very slowly from the back half underneath. No...
  20. Playsinsnow

    No ac in mother in law's ext. Has pressure...

    Father in law has an '05 ext. Ac went warm last fall. Dealer filled. Now it's been warm all spring/summer. Says he refilled himself and gauge reads that it is holding pressure. Sorry the ride isn't here. Told him I shoot a question off here. Haven't searched yet, her grandma isn't doing well. So...
  21. Playsinsnow

    Help me find a stage rally with bikes in USA?

    So after a recent family gathering my uncle who is also my godfather got started about wanting to enter a stage rally over a few days in the future on a bike. I am the encourager of fun in the family and after hearing his older, disabled sister learned to ski in her 50s, he expressed a real...
  22. Playsinsnow

    Shift release button click?

    Not that this is a real concern right now, but quite irritating, when I push the shift release button with brake depressed I feel a real strong click in steering wheel/column that comes simultaneously when shift release button is in and ready to shift. Only happens in Park, ready to shift out...
  23. Playsinsnow

    Gmc Envoy 4.2l I6 vs Dodge Ram 4.7l V8 Tug of War

    Go to you tube and search the title phrase, video by amdrewi. I watched it twice. Sorry I don't know if or how I can load the video straight to here, but it should be worth a minute of your time if you've gotten this far. If you caught my recent pull question, this is not the best carnage or...
  24. Playsinsnow

    Adding aux input to Bose 6 disc, suggestions?

    Wondering what others have used and if there is a preferred unit/make to use when adding an auxiliary input to my 6 disc Bose? I want the headphone style (3.5mm?) plugin. I do not want to lose my xm as some chose to do. Big box retailer will install one for $199.99. That's not a problem but is...
  25. Playsinsnow

    TB vs 4runner

    Real immature thought I know, but if safely locked back ends together with a 4runner you think I stand a chance pulling him? '05 TB I6, 3.42, G80, stock with K&N, ltx m/s tires on 17s. 117k miles. Very well maintained. '11 4runner 4.0v6, 3.73(?) lifted a few inches with 265/70/17 bfg rugged...
  26. Playsinsnow

    Rear glass will not open

    So yesterday the gremlins were out in my garage, first time something's up with both rides Now I just need to get the rear glass to open. When I push the cylinder in to open the rear glass, it feels as if it is locked. If I lock the doors and unlock them it will open, only the first time. Once...
  27. Playsinsnow

    Rear Diff Gasket?!?

    Can someone explain the $30 difference with these gaskets? It has been a few years since I had it open and rather have it BEFORE I take it off. Thanks! List: Differential Cover Gasket - 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer | O'Reilly Auto Parts couldn't copy the page directly to here, thanks for clicking!
  28. Playsinsnow

    Driveline clunk, checklist or what to look for?

    So today when starting up the trusty TB, it clunked/shook forward REAL hard right at startup. This clunk has happened in the past every third blue moon but today it was a "wtf, that can't be normal". I also get a clunk every now and then going uphill at 90degree turns (almost always a right hand...
  29. Playsinsnow

    no more OS for me finally

    Occurred to me that I never really introduced myself- names Shawn and I bought my '05 six yrs and 98k miles ago w 17k on it. I traded in my slammed vw after getting married, been a good choice- the tb! Anyways I found the old site after my front disconnect failed to engage. Thanks to anyone and...
  30. Playsinsnow

    LTX m/s vs Grabber HTS 245/65/17

    So after 63k+ miles on my Fuzions XTi's (50k tire, all 4 were $500 out the door) I am finally buying some new tires. Looking at General Grabber HTS for $570 and Michelin LTX m/s for $910 out the door for all four. Besides saving enough for HD's shocks up front- is there any reason I should...

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