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    04 TB temperature needle drifts to the right when going up a hill

    So I replaced the electric fan last year together with the thermostat and temp sensor right next to it. I did this after coming back from Laughlin pulling a boat and it caused it to worm up with the air on going uphill. Had to turn it on heater to go up those hills. Well now I want to go back...
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    SOLVED! 04 Trailblazer battery light issue

    So I did some work on the cooling system, had to remove the alternator and because I didn't disconnect the battery negative I touched the wire that goes from the alt to the battery against some ground it sparked and when I put everything back the alt wasn't charging the battery and I had a...
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    04 Trailblazer low power feels like it's plugged up, scary trip back from tahoe-HELP

    2004 Trailblazer V6 2wd LT 57k miles rarely driven, first showed the same problem when pulling a small boat uphill and it only went 30 miles per hour but drove OK straight line. I was driving up to Lake Tahoe the other week and the car was loaded with family and luggage. Went up OK not great...

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