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  1. JPutnam

    HVAC actuator sticking possible solution.

    So, I think I may have a solution to the temp actuator problem that seems to be common with these vehicles. Mine started to stick in March and would not go fully to hot or cold. It would not go pass the halfway point. I noticed that if I grabbed the actuator through the glove box and pulled...
  2. JPutnam

    Looking for LED headlights? I have a suggestion.

    I haven't seen a post on here where anyone talked about LED headlights. I bought some last year for my Tahoe to replace my HID's that were just a PITA. The ballasts were always dying and the beam pattern was awful because of how long the bulbs were. The light was not hitting the reflectors at...
  3. JPutnam

    Turn signal plug miswired from factory???

    So I installed LED taillights a while ago and that was when I learned about SRCK bulbs. Stupid things, so I ended up buying some different ones on ebay that actually turned out better and brighter. I tried the original regular wired led bulbs in the front turn signals and they would not work...
  4. JPutnam

    Tired of Windows, Don't want to pay the $$$$$$ for Apple, Join the Linux side!

    If anyone would like to learn about Linux, virtual machines, networking, or anything computer related post here. Computers was my first hobby, started when I was 10 on Windows 3.1, and have been using Linux for the past 12 years. That was how I got into Arduino which is one of the best ways to...
  5. JPutnam

    NEED HELP Trailblazer coolant bubbling, no coolant flow?

    I noticed last week that the overflow tank is bubbling a few minutes after the engine is shut off. It doesn't seem to do it while the truck is running and the gauge shows the temp is a tick past center. I hooked up my gauge and it shows between 210 and 220. It does get to 230 occasionally...
  6. JPutnam

    Clean 4-channel amp install in Trailblazer (in place of OnStar Module)

    I just installed a 4-channel Rockford Fosgate Prime R250X4 class A/B amp in my Trailblazer to power my Polk Audio DB6501 and DB652 speakers. I did have them running off my Pioneer head unit but the tweeters were way to harsh and the woofers were barely putting anything out, so I figured it...

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