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    Fan clutch

    Hello all. Getting ready to replace my water pump and fan clutch. I've heard there are a couple options. Just wanted to make sure I got a good one. The clutch I got is a four seasons 46024. The description online says it's a severe duty thermal electronic type. It does have the harness coming...
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    Roof rack delete

    Not sure if this is posted in the right spot but, I recently did a roof rack delete and sealed the screws back in. My question is is there any chance of leakage between the threaded insert and the body as this was covered up before or are they water tight?
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    Defective vvt?

    Hello everyone. I purchased a new vvt sensor for my 2003 TB from rock auto. Delphi brand. I'm over the oil change interval and it NEEDS to be done and want to replace this because the oil has wicked up through the sensor into the connection. The tab on the new unit where the attaching bolt goes...
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    Weird issue

    Hi everyone. Have had a weird issue for about 3 weeks now with my 2003 ltz. The first time it stalled out on me and the new cluster needles went crazy and the DIC said engine oil low stop engine. Oil is full. Second time stalled while diving about 35 mph and the abs light came on. No others...
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    Radio replacement

    Hey. I'm running into issues with my hu install. Have run all new wires to the hu opening all i have to do now is remove the factory hu and pull my new wires through. My question is since this is more than a 1 day process, can i drive the truck with the original bose radio out? Kind of a project...
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    Which one

    Hey everyone. Not sure if it goes here but, besides removing or replacing the fuel injectors I decided to go with a can of seafoam before I fill my tank but, my wife accidentally got the spray seafoam with the intake hose straw. Would this work well cleaning some junk out of there? I know it...
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    Weak shocks

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a bunch of suspension parts for my 03 tb including rear shocks. I went to put them in and noticed upon removal of the the old rusty ones realized they were still good! The old ones were much harder to compress by hand than the new ones and they still extended...
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    Speaker help please.

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a new set of 6.5 speakers for front and rear with a new hu. Just want to eliminate the bose junk in there. Anyway, the speakers I bought will not fit in the pods correctly especially in the front with the 8" subwoofers were. All 4 were removed today hoping to...
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    Cluster issue?

    Hey, back with another issue. After 4 attempts getting my gas tank leak fixed, they finally put in a brand new tank in along with the new pump/sending unit they removed and replaced 3 times already the fuel gauge is busted so i went by the miles to go display. When full it used to read around...
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    Hopefully not the end

    Hey everyone. Well, I checked my oil level yesterday, took the fill cap off to add just a little and my heart sank. I noticed there was a yellowish brownish slime on the inside of the cap which I think is an indication of coolant in the oil! It was just a little and there was nothing on the...
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    Piston slap or lifter

    Hello everyone. I know this was probably already answered but I'm losing sleep over this. I bought a 2003 trailblazer ltz and it was neglected a bit. About 4 months ago after sitting overnight upon start-up there is a strong ticking almost knocking sound. I'm running full synthetic with an stp...
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    PITA thermostat issue

    Hi. New here from trailvoy trying to get some answers. So, I finally replaced the thermostat in my 03 trailblazer and lower hose. Filled it up then ran it. After 10-15 minutes or so upper hose got hot and coolant started rising up as it should. Put a new cap on it but after about 20 min. I had...
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    Sway Issues

    Hello everyone. Already could use some advice here in my first post. I have a 2003 Trailblazer LTZ and did some work yesterday. Front and rear brakes and rear sway bar to frame bushings. Upon removal of the nut on the rear pass. side the thick washer broke in half and didn't have another one to...

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