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    2nd encoder motor

    When I bought my Saab 4.2i it was stuck in 4wd 89k miles. I replaced the encoder motor, dorman, from sixtyauto. Changed the transfer case fluid with auto trak 2. This was in early April, I'm pretty sure it was never driven in snow/ice, that i can recall, since I've owned it. Tonight, I replaced...
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    Preventive maintenance

    As my Saab approaches 100k i'm trying to plan ahead for what should be done. I'm really looking for "over looked items," or things that had they been done, would have prevented future problems Here is what has already been done around 88-90k miles 1) transfer case fluid 2) front and rear diff...
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    Transmission fluid exchange

    Last weekend i attempted the the fluid exchange in my '07 saab, as in May03lt's video. I didn't get past removing the cooler line. mine seems stuck, and i was afraid of causing more problems. i remove the black plastic retainer, and the spring clip, but the line did not seem to want to pop out...
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    DEAL Get 25 % off at advance auto parts

    Here's what i learned. Go to advance auto parts web page. Add some items to your shopping cart, then wait. Check back in the following day, chances are they will offer you 20% with a code, apply code, maybe add an item, and wait. check back in the following day and chances are they will give you...
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    Rim size question

    I can't seem to find this answer anywhere. Can i use 17 inch rims with 12.79" rotors? For my Saab, i would like to go with smaller rims because i feel i get better tire options (A/T) at lower prices. Maybe the people who upsized their brakes would know. Thank you

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