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  1. ItsOnVoy

    Been sometime...How's everyone?

    Hi everyone! Been a while since I have been on. How's the GMT family doing? What's new? I see the site changed...I like it looks nice!
  2. ItsOnVoy

    Micro scratches on the paint

    Do any of you guys know how to get rid of the Micro Scratches on the cars paint. When the sun hits the paint at a certain angle you can see like spider webs almost assuming that is from a towel or something. A buddy of mine said wax will fix that, true? Or should I clay bar also?
  3. ItsOnVoy

    Better brand for window tint

    Hey guys, I got a question. I need to get window tints on my new car and I was wondering what is a better brand of tint film? One shop uses 3m window tint and quoted me for $219 for just the back windows and another shop quoted me for $169 but they use viper tint film. Anyone know of the two...
  4. ItsOnVoy

    Cadillac cts or lincoln mks?

    Hey guys, I am looking to get a new car and I am looking between a cts or a mks. Now I test drove the mks yesterday and it's very nice and smooth. Has tons of features and picks up really well. Roomy on the inside. I am going to look at a cts today and test drive that but I still want to know...
  5. ItsOnVoy

    Need help with some issues

    Hey guys got a couple of things if you can help me with. 1. My windshield whippers are very choppy when on. Sometimes kind of gets stuck and stops and then continues or its very choppy while they are on. But the rear whipper works just fine. I have good year whippers on the front and rainx on...
  6. ItsOnVoy

    Thinking about this audio system

    Hey guys, okay so I am thinking of throwing these into my truck. The place will sell these with the warranty and install and wires etc for $400. I see there good quality items but what do you guys think? Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers: Car Electronics or Alpine...
  7. ItsOnVoy

    Got a Note 2

    Yes I actually got rid of my iPhone for a Note 2, never thought I ever would but got bored with the phone and wanted something different. I do have to say the iPhone is better then this is its own ways but other then that the note 2 is really cool and HUGE! But fits my hand well since i have big...
  8. ItsOnVoy

    What's with the ads?

    I haven't been on very long lately but I am on a little more now and just started to notice these? This new or something? I am on a GM forum, I'm sure the last thing I want is a dodge Ram lol :raspberry:
  9. ItsOnVoy

    need stronger fog and high beam lights

    Hey everyone, my fog lights and high beams aren't cutting it for me with the stock bulbs. Now I do not want HID's in the fogs or high beams. Was wonder is anyone using a pretty bright halogen that is a good amount brighter then the stock ones? For fogs and high beams. What can the fog lights...
  10. ItsOnVoy

    Computer help

    Hey guys kinda random but its a off topic discussion so hope it's fine to ask this. I know there are some smart comp people on here so I want to ask a question on some hdd drives. I want a new MacBook Pro (don't want to hear how windows is better from some ppl i don't care) and I have an option...
  11. ItsOnVoy

    iPhone 5

    Yes I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 in black today! comes in two weeks I cant wait to get it!! Just need to order a case and screen protector before it comes to be all set LET THE HATING BEGIN :biggrin:
  12. ItsOnVoy

    Motor Trend talk

    Hey everyone, now not sure how many on here read the motor trend or car and driver magazines but I am currently looking through the September motor trend and I have to say some very impressive things coming out. Thought I would make this for those car lovers and like to keep updated with the...
  13. ItsOnVoy

    Roof racks with cross rails and screws

    Hey guys I have my roof racks I want to sell. They come with the Cross rails and screws. They came off my envoy SLE and they are OEM. They will not fit the XL or the XUV. No I will not sell just the cross rails or just the side rails sorry! They all come together as a package. For right now its...
  14. ItsOnVoy

    Our name under the Avatar

    Is there anyway we can get our name where our truck info is under our avatar? I happen to notice that ssowners site has that and I kind of liked that! It gets people on here to learn some names and refer to each other that way too. After all we are a big family in a way right :thumbsup: what is...
  15. ItsOnVoy

    Batman massacre

    Absolutly crazy!!!! Not sure if any of you heard of this or read about it but it's so sad and crazy to see this type of act to happen. It's not for a reason, just random to kill :no: prayers go out to all those poor families and people that had to go through all this! A scary world we live in...
  16. ItsOnVoy

    Which radar Detector do you have?

    Hey guys, so I have been looking at some radar detectors and it seems like the top rated ones are the valentine V1 or the passport 9500ix and I am stuck between them. The valentine has arrows which tells you where it is coming from but it sucks because of the false alarms it gives. The 9500ix...
  17. ItsOnVoy

    You call this a SS Clone?!

    Ok so I am on craigs and put in trailblazer SS rims to see whats out there just for the hell of it and I ran across this....come on whos ride is this?? This is not even close to a SS clone :rotfl: trailblazer ss clone trade "I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer clone not a real ss but looks like...
  18. ItsOnVoy

    Headlight problems, HID's not turning on anymore

    I got the DRL module in the mail today. 9006 PLUG N' PLAY IN-LINE HID/DRL MODULE | 1 EACH I tried the lights before hooking anything up and they worked DRL and all. I hooked the module up between the relay harness and the factory harness and no lights turned on just the side markers. So I...
  19. ItsOnVoy

    The Voy's Journey

    So I had a build thread but that became a mess from missing pictures so had that closed and put together this video of my truck till today, not the best video but gives a nice idea of the mods I went through. Hope you guys like it :thumbsup: I will just keep adding...
  20. ItsOnVoy

    AC help

    Hey everyone! Got a question. My AC doesn't feel as cold as a AC should feel or like it used to be. Now this is when its like 80+ degrees outside. Even under it only feels a bit colder but that is because it is colder out. I usually hit the button next to the frost to get air from inside and...
  21. ItsOnVoy

    Tinted envoy tail lights for trade in MI?

    Hey guys I am looking to get rid off my tinted tail lights!! What I want to do is trade with anyone in MI that is willing to meet up in the area (Rochester hills, Auburn hills, Troy etc just let me know) and make a swap for them and I get your stock ones and you get my tinted ones. We can meet...
  22. ItsOnVoy

    Sightings - Is this a GMTNation member? **Midwest**

    Well I posted a sighting I had the other day in the wrong spot :redface: SO I am going to make this for anyone! To me this is easier then to have multiple ones for different parts of the country. So anyone that finds a GMT 360/370/305 out there take a picture and put it up and lets see how many...
  23. ItsOnVoy

    Envoy Tail light Ideas

    So I currently have tints on my tail lights. I kind of want to change it and unfortunate for us envoy owners we really cannot do much with the tail lights due to only one kind of aftermarket light! Now I saw this picture of the euro lights painted to match the body paint. What do you guys think...
  24. ItsOnVoy

    Pet Peeves

    I know many if not all of us have pet peeves! :yes: If it is from how people drive, what they modded, what there driving, who is driving, people at work, at school etc... What is your pet peeve(s)? Please keep it clean and use good judgement when posting
  25. ItsOnVoy

    GMT Nation Story

    Well guys lets have some fun, im going to start it off with three words, the next person same thing but it has to go with what the person before him wrote for example. if i wrote, Today I was the next person would write something like at the beach and so on, but you can only use three words...
  26. ItsOnVoy

    The Voy's Journey

    Well I guess I should go ahead and show the mod's I have done with my truck. Maybe I will give some ideas of how somethings look for those one the edge on doing a mod. This is how the truck looked on day one 1st pic silverstars then Put 6000K DDM tuning HID's Added a Jenson HU (kind...
  27. ItsOnVoy

    Christmas Pictures

    Well I am huge into Christmas!! My favorite time of the year by far!!! I love always seeing the lights and trees up and everything about it. Some may think it is a bit early but lets show everyone some pictures of our town and all the different decorations we see on a day to day!! If it is of...

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