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  1. MRRSM

    How to Replace Valve Cover & Gasket - Colorado/Canyon - FAST-N-EASY!

    Loaded with Tips, Short Cuts and Cautions for anyone saddled with THIS difficult R&R that was THE Easiest thing to do on a Car EVER... back in the 1950s-1980s: The VOP is uncustomarily... Up Beat...and Enthusiastic...and that is ALWAYS Half the Battle on Hard Repairs. He supports a Good Cause...
  2. MRRSM

    How To Install TIS2000 on an RCA Cambio Tablet with Windows 10

    How To Install TIS2000 on an RCA Cambio Tablet 10.1” with The Windows 10 (32) Bit Operating System: (1) This Technique will NOT work on ANY of the 64 Bit Flavor Windows 10 Computers. (2) Visit the Link Below and Follow the Instructions, On Screen Prompts and Screen Prints to Wake Up the Native...
  3. MRRSM

    How to Permanently Turn OFF The Windows 10 'AI' Watchdog: Cortana

    If you find the constant intrusion of the Windows 10 'AI' Watch Dog (Cortana) on your Tablet or PC annoying and you want to Permanently Shut Her Up... You'll first have to Download and Install this Group Policy Editor Program (Windows 10 deliberately Neglected to Include it with the other System...
  4. MRRSM

    Are You Color Blind?

    Take THE Color Blindness Test HERE: As an Oil On Canvas Artist… I can Pass This Test with “Flying Colors”. But as an American Citizen, while not being Color Blind in either the Artistic or the Aesthetic Sense… I strive to be Completely...
  5. MRRSM

    02' Silverado "E" Brakes will NOT Release

    I discovered that my Park-Emergency Brake would not release… even when repeatedly working the Handle Pull Release-To-Foot Lever Mechanism to return it to about the half-way position. The brakes dragged enough to quickly overheat the Rotors and get too sketchy to drive. Since I never take chances...
  6. MRRSM

    Two Videos Covering Good Info on O2 Sensor Diagnostics

    Some Good Information on Diagnostics and O2 Sensors: Some More Good Info on O2 Sensors: How They Work (With Fuel Trim) & How to Diagnose Them:
  7. MRRSM

    Mind Numbing Repetition: Humans Midst The Machines

    Back in the 1970s... When GM Executives took their first trip to Japan and saw what their Programmable (5) Axis Robotic Machines could do, it probably took them only a few seconds to realize their endless utility. One leap in thought later, the Corporation decided that doing away with all of...
  8. MRRSM

    "The Circle Of Magnetism..."

    “The Circle of Magnetism” (1968) Even as far back in time as the 1960s ...the Principles that enable the operation of the Modern Electromagnetic Rail Gun can be seen as being very well understood. This is a State-Of-The-Art Kinetic Energy Weapon capable of hurling a Sabot-Shrouded Titanium...
  9. MRRSM

    How To Use a HANTEK 1008 Oscilloscope

    You don't need a Huge Bag of Coins in order to obtain and use an Oscilloscope for performing In-Depth Wave Form Analysis in Automotive Applications on everything from Problematic Electronic Fuel Injection to obtaining accurate Compression Tests to Diagnose Internal Engine Conditions. HANTEK...
  10. MRRSM

    The Basics of Engine Building: How to Rebuild an In-Line 4 Cylinder Motor

    If you have NO Interest Whatsoever in Learning How to Re-Build ANY Engine… or to observe a series of Videos that UNIVERSALLY apply to How This Job Gets Done RIGHT... then Shine This Thread ON. Otherwise… You can improve your understanding in SO many ways about what the Practical, General...
  11. MRRSM

    1998-2005 Chevy Silverado BCM A-M Alarm Wiring Diagrams

    While investigating trying to identify each of the three under-dash BCM Connector Pin-Outs and (3) Harness Wire Color Layouts to create a working Bench Top Tech 2 Harness specifically for re-programming and testing the 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 BCM… I ran across this Diagrammatic-Image Heavy...
  12. MRRSM

    How to Transfer Odometer Mileage Between IPCs on 99-02 GMT800 Trucks.

    It may not come down to actually having to Replace The Instrument Panel Cluster in my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Truck… But I want to be prepared early, should this contingency become necessary. I've observed several Black Vertical Lines obscuring the Square Orange LCD Screen of the 'Message...
  13. MRRSM

    Official On-Line ACDelco Training Videos

    Since the majority of the correct components necessary for R&R Swaps on our GM Vehicles involve the use of ACDelco OEM Parts… These OFFICIAL ACDelco Training Videos found on THIS site could become helpful for Spot On Information about their Components and Testing Procedures...
  14. MRRSM

    “How to Build a Dedicated TIS2000 Laptop Computer using the Windows 2000 Pro Operating System"

    Part I of Two Parts... Okay… It has been a while since I’ve been able to continue working on my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3l Engine Performance Build and subsequent use of HP Tuners on a Duplicate PCM because my Dedicated TIS2000 Laptop locked up at the point where the physical “HWK” (Hard...
  15. MRRSM

    THIS is Why Airline Pilots Deserve the BIG Bucks!

    This is Why Airline Pilots Deserve the BIG BUCKS! The attached video is NOT an excerpt from any Flight Simulator. The actual terrain involved for the Pilot(s) to negotiate this Gulfstream V Jet Plane around are the pristine Colorado Rockies at Aspen where the only practical way to get into and...
  16. MRRSM

    "How To" Remove, Repair & Replace Broken Fuel Tank Filler Neck, R&R Delphi Fuel Pump & Quick Disconnects

    This Video covers the following repairs that will apply to a wide range of GM & GMC SUVs and Trucks to deal with the following problems: (1) Fuel Tanks with Snapped-Off Filler Necks at the Tank Interface. (2) Inoperative Fuel Pumps (Replaced with OEM Delphi with Very Good Tips and Info on this...
  17. MRRSM

    From Dual Trashed Turbos...Into A Functional Jet Aircraft... via a Garage Engineer

    This is a truly remarkable story of a Young Russian Engineer who gets his hands on A Couple of Broken Down Turbos and by his Own Designs... Not only Builds a Fully Functional Jet Engine... But with a Pad, Pencil, Slide Rule and Drafting Skills blended with Pile of Balsa Wood, Styro-Foam Planks...
  18. MRRSM

    BEST Comparison of RPO Codes vs. Build Sheet vs. Owner's Manual

    Everyone assumes that there is nothing more worth saying about What and Where the RPO Stickers in our Vehicles are...except perhaps in the case of THIS Video. Many of us can never afford to sit down at a Dealership and discuss what the "Build Sheet" will be on a Custom Ordered New Vehicle will...
  19. MRRSM

    Best EVER "How To Flush & R&R 4L60E Trans Fluid" WITH Filter Autopsy

    "Jimmy" from 1ROAD performs a SUPERB How-To Step By Step of his interesting Transmission Fluid Flushing and Filter R&R Technique that I've ever seen created for the GM and GMC Full Size Truck Line Series. He also performs a Post R&R Transmission Fluid Filter Autopsy that will prove edifying as...
  20. MRRSM

    Woman Steals 100 Million SSN and CC Info affecting the US & Canada

    Some Crazy Woman Hacked the Personal Files from Capitol One affecting 100 Million USA Resident Members along with 6 Million Canadians. The FBI easily Tracked her Down and the case is CWA (Closed With Arrest). This is just an FYI in case the word from Captol One has not filtered down to ALL of...
  21. MRRSM

    eBay Listing For Dedicated TIS2000-SPS Use: Dell D600 Model PP015 with Windows 2000 OS & Rev. 2 Drivers

    For anyone looking for a Dedicated Laptop to serve as "The Base" for Tech 2 vs. TIS2000-SPS Software and Vehicle PCM PASSTHRU Operations... This Box has both the Physical DB-9 Serial and DB 25 Parallel Ports. The Hard Drive has Windows 2000 Professional installed for its Operating System and...
  22. MRRSM

    Does a JET Throttle Body Spacer for the GM 4.2L Engine Help/Hinder Performance?

    These kinds of "After-Market Whiz-Bang" Products always draw Equal Measures of Love and Hate Reactions from "The Great Unwashed"... The VOX POPULI... You know... "The Voice of The People".. But hopefully... the BEST reactions come mostly from the People who actually HAVE tried out these types...
  23. MRRSM

    An Introduction on "How to Use HP Tuners" on a Bone-Stock Chevrolet Trailblazer SS

    This is more than just an Article on the Background of the Author and his attempt to obtain "Professional Schooling" with HP Tuners... it actually contains most of the Steps to Follow using the HP Tuners System to Gain More Performance out of a Stock-As-A-Clock Chevrolet Trailblazer SS Power...
  24. MRRSM

    How to Repair Stripped Out 'Coil On Plug' Fasteners:

    How to Repair Stripped Out COP Fasteners: If you make the mistake of “Honking Down” Too Hard on the Coil On Plugs Hold-Down Fasteners with anything more than 87 INCH Pounds of Torque… One of Two Bad things will very likely happen: (A) The Hold Down Bolt will Snap Off close to the Top of the...
  25. MRRSM

    How to R&R Rear Axles and Roller Bearings for TBs & Envoys

    The Rear Axles are held in with simple, robust Stamped Metal "C" Clips that can be accessed after removing the Rear Cover and Draining and Flushing out EVERYTHING inside of the Differential Case. Be prepared to have the Permatex RTV and Mobil1 75W-90 Weight Gear Oil AND the Anti-Slip additive if...
  26. MRRSM

    How to Use HP Tuners vs. Y2K Silverado LM7 & TSP Peformance Cam

    To begin this HP Tuners Thread… The FIRST Place I went directly to was THIS Site: … and Signed Up as a New Member on Friday, June 28th, 2019, Filled in My Basic Profile as “MRRSM” and after Navigating to the Main Page...Sought out and Downloaded ALL of the Introductory...
  27. MRRSM

    Tesla Chases a Hybrid Design Using Better Batteries With Ultra-Capacitors

    Even though the Basic Ideas behind “What Makes The Tesla Model S Run?” are so straightforward that anyone can grasp the wonderful idea behind “Driving a Silently Powered Electric Car”… things begin to get much more complicated as soon a the “On Button” gets pushed and without the slightest...
  28. MRRSM

    A "Dynamite" Performance on Guitar...

    As someone mentioned in the YouTube Comments, ‘Unless someone Nails Your Feet to the Floor…’ You won’t be able to listen to this signature piece of music called “Music for a Found Harmonium” played during the latter part of the Movie, “Napoleon Dynamite” ‘... and NOT Tap your Toes'. The Artist...
  29. MRRSM

    How to Diagnose a Failed PCM in a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

    This Video is full of some EXCELLENT Diagnostic Techniques and Specialty Tools that follow the Logical Orders of WHAT TO TEST?….1,st, 2nd, 3rd...Etc., when Investigating a No Communication Problem with the ECU-PCM. I’ve isolated and documented all of the critical information shown in this Video...
  30. MRRSM

    Adding in Two Additional Mileage Data Fields to Vehicle Profiles

    Is there any chance that (2) Additional Fields addressing the below listed Mileage Measurement could be Added to the Membership Vehicle Profiles Data Section? The recording of this information into The Data Set simply involves Adding in these Two Mileage Categories: (A) Vehicle Mileage on...

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