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    2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

    From what I read at Gmauthority the rumors of an SS trim level are completely bogus. Although a twin turbo 6cyl would be pretty nice.
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    2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer

    Anyone read about these yet? Front End looks a lot like the new Blazer. The back end looks different in that photo on
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    Play in the driver side of the rack

    I believe they are re manufactured, however they have a lifetime warranty (as long as you ship your core back). They include a prepaid return label for the core. Really nice outfit others on here have used them as well.
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    Play in the driver side of the rack

    I just replaced my rack with a unit from Detroit Axle. Shipping was Fast (I live in Ohio) and the rack is a perfect fit. They also offer a full warranty.
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    GMC ENVOY 2006 Strut Replacement Help

    I was able to open the file in Adobe Reader. It is an attachment.
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    Trailblazer SS Shifter TC Button Question

    You don't have to use the bypass. Besides ease of install the main reason is to simulate the key for the theft system (and other convenience features that don't apply here). You will have your key in the ignition. What you won't be doing is turning the key and that is what you need to "bypass"...
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    Remote start system + extra feautures

    I used the DBALL 2. It connects to the OBD2 port and controlls the door locks, heated seats, defrost etc. For window up and down you may need an additional module. The Directed 535T can control the windows up and down. I had one on a Kia Optima SE with a Viper 5901.
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    Repair or Replace?

    I always wondered what happened on my Trailblazer in its previous life. I have the exact same type of damage on the lift gate and could never figure out how they hit that spot and not the bumper. I used a piece of wood, some socket extensions etc to make it a little more presentable.
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    Ignition switch connector/plug

    As you may have found already there are no aftermarket (that I found previously) T-Harness available for our platform. I had to splice into my harness for my system. I can tell you the 2014 Malibu does have a T-harness 😁
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    Trailblazer SS Shifter TC Button Question

    I completely understand he is not trying to install a remote start. The instructions and information I linked to were referenced above. Also the aftermarket industry has already accomplished the task he is trying to do. It doesn't matter if you are using a wireless remote control or a button on...
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    Trailblazer SS Shifter TC Button Question

    I have a remote start on my 2007 Trailblazer. The bypass module does all the work for the starter, door locks etc. I used the Direct Tech DBALL2 and it interfaces with the OBD2 Port. See these instructions on
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    Abandoned, 2007 Envoy 4.2 Turbo Build

    Good Deal, how's the progress going?
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    Insurance company wants to total out my Trailblazer

    Never ever take the insurance companies first quote. I rolled my Chevrolet Blazer LT because someone went left of center and hit me. The insurance company adjuster generally only looks at Year, Make, Model, Trim, Mileage when searching for comparable vehicles and some don't even look they just...
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    Trip to the Salvage Yard

    Thanks Instrumental, and MRRSM. I will take a look at these. There are a few items on my want list for this spring and the more tools and goodies I can carry the better (My Dewalt Impact gun weighs allot!) Edit: Thanks on the tip gpking, we have an LKQ about an hour away that I was thinking of...
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    Trip to the Salvage Yard

    What's the name of the cart or where can I get one?
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    Explain your username to us

    I was in High school when I started on IRC. I remember having a second phone line for the computers before Cable broadband came out.
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    Explain your username to us

    I got my nickname a long time ago on IRC channels. I have used it on allot of other forums as well. I am a network engineer by trade, and my real name is Chad. :ok:
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    Your Other or Former Rides

    This is my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer I had for 11 Months until someone went left of center and I had to avoid a head on collision. Aaaand After. I had to crawl out the drivers window. I got 4 stitches in my right knee from getting cut on the glass crawling out. Nothing else was hurt. Hence why I...
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    How many miles have you got on your GMT

    142,217 on a 2007 TB LS. The second owner put the most miles on it (I am the third owner).
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    What kind of MPG do y'all get?

    With remote starting in the winter (idling for 20 min) and a 2 minute drive to work. My mileage is horrible in the city. According to fuelio it's around 9-10mpg. My highway is pretty good 19-20. I have only had my Trailblazer for 4 months, I am the 3rd owner and the mileage is pretty good for...
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    Remote starter question.

    As mentioned the 2007 doesn't support factory fob integration. I am using a DEI DBALL2 with an Avital remote start. The DBALL2 bypass controls everything with 1 obd2 connection (plus ground and Data link [4 wires] to the remote start. It controls the locks, alarm, heated seats, heated mirrors...

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