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    NEED HELP Upper control arm bolts coming loose ?

    2005 ext , did the whole front end over with Detroit axle , all good except the right side upper control arm rear bolt. Few days after I did the job I went to check and had an “I’m an idiot moment” because the bolt was half way out thinking I didn’t thread it all the way in. I tightened it...
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    front axle came apart ?

    okay , well this bright one decided to install a detroit axle 16pc suspension kit in NYC's first heatwave this weekend. while i had teh passenger side knuckle dropped away from the upper ball joint the axle shaft slid out of the boot ! it was the boot closer to the differential , not the...
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    obd not working

    Hey all , well i have a misfire , again. my fault i think , i was stuck with no gas station around and was forced to drive about 20 miles with the light on. i used the wifi veepeak v01 and dash command app and it wouldnt connect... i tried my regular scanner and got code p0300 right away ...
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    Fuel door spring fix

    Don’t know where else to post this , not a major item but just a pain in the ass. My fuel door spring broke while opening months back and I found the piece on the floor as I filled up at the pump. I searched and searched and no one seems to have a fix other than a used door from eBay...
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    app for iOS that runs GM enhanced ?

    I have the fusion app , but its generic obd2 , it wont even read my vin. I want something to monitor individual cylinders for misfires
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    @?$#& !!!! P0300

    Well after putting in new plugs everything seemed okay , I felt a miss here and there’re but nothing constant We hadn’t one day at 4* when I left for work and all was good , cold all week. Then Friday it was around 40* and I started feeling more misfires , no light again. Didn’t use the truck...
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    4.2 misfires , no codes...

    engine started stumbling about 3 weeks ago and has gotten worse, I has a whining pulley so I thought it was the belt slipping. I changed the idler pully , and it was better for a few days then started again , my compressor bearing is going also now that I can hear it with the idler replaced ...
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    aftermarket alarm / remote start help

    ok , I got the truck with this alarm , its a Valet 561 or 562 I believe from DEI. it worked fine , then stopped working out of nowhere , hit the unlock button , lights flash twice but it doesn't unlock the door and no remote start , the relays in the car click and the dash lights up , just no...
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    TEST II am trying to view the thread to see what people have for sale , on the main page I can see the last post is somewhat recent , but when I click the link to enter the sub forum there are no posts.
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    A4WD ... bang when it catches ??

    first snow here in nyc yesterday , my tires are worn , but still have a little life left. while driving in A4WD every now and then there would a slight " bang " , im guessing it was the 4wd kicking in. is it normal for that bang ? almost like a traction control feeling , but instead of a...
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    power steering line woes / question

    add another issue to the list with my truck..... last week I started seeing wet spots when parked and seen the power steering cooler was rusted and leaking... amazon and prime got me the dorman brand next day , install was simple enough , the bumper comes off stupidly easy thank god. that...
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    where did you mount aftermarket light switches ?

    I am looking to add a light bar and train horn and have used rocker type switched in the past , but I cant seem to find the "right place" to put the switches. I have an EXT with the dvd player , so with no sunroof the molded headliner over the rearview mirror seems like a good place...
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    anyone try to get the fuel pump through the floor pan ?

    my pump on my 05 ext is starting to whine with the warmer temps , im not thrilled about dropping the tank at all, honestly 2nd guessing this purchase no that I see how gm designed so many things like no acc wire , the bcm , grounds , etc.. anyway , its hard to see exactly where the pump sits...
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    low pressure occasionallty after new sensor installed

    like the post says , I was getting the low oil warning , I put a quart of lucas oil stabilizer and it cured it until I did research and seen the sensor was the issue. I installed a new ac delco sensor and new high milage oil. all was good for about 500 miles until I had to come to a short...
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    Grumbling on acceleration ?

    When accelerating there is a grumble / rumble noise I can hear ( sounds like a mild exhaust leak ) and feel in the gas pedal. Almost like riding rumble grooves on the shoulder on expressways just not as rough. Any ideas ?
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    Any tech 2 guys in the NYC area ??

    just got a 2005 TB and the frt pass. window doesn't work , I swapped driver / pass switches and the motor works fine , and pass switch works , so it has to be the driver master switch ive bought 2 used ones off ebay and were both no good. I bought an ac delco off amazon and tried to plug...
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    rear defrost not working

    2005 trailblazer , mirrors heat up when I hit the defrost button , but nothing to the back window. I pulled the trim and power going to the liftgate module is okay , the lines on the glass all show continuity when tested , now when I went to test the fuse there was no power , then I realized...
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    trailblazer pulls in A4WD and 4HI

    hi all , new owner of an 05 tailblazer lt ext. 109k miles , clean and drives good. the truck did have a slight whine when A4WD was engaged on the test drive so I knocked off a few buck for that. I was hoping it was only going to be a fluid change but the transfer case fluid was almost...

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