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  1. Daniel644

    So I was woken from a sound sleep today (Thursday the 5th)

    What woke me you ask? The ever so rare (like legit I've been in this house 3 and a half years and I can count on one hand the number of people that done this) someone knocked on my door (this is unusual because i'm in the basement, most knocks are on the upstairs door, so only certain people...
  2. Daniel644

    Trailblazer A/C FAN Issue

    OK so i've got this issue, happened once a while back then again last week one day and now it's been like this for several days this week. the Interior Fan (that blows the air through the vents) only works when cranked all the way up to 5 (Max) 1, 2, 3 and 4 do nothing.
  3. Daniel644

    A RARE sighting of my **Spoilers**

    So after the fireworks tonight I was headed across town from where the Fireworks are done to the side of town the highway (and Walmart) are on, heading down the highway toward Walmart I look over and see a Blue Tahoe, I look closer and sure enough I recognize this Tahoe, it has some defining...
  4. Daniel644

    Trailblazer SS Shifter TC Button Question

    on the Trailblazer SS shifter it has a 2 wire traction control button, is that button a momentary switch or a toggle switch? I've swapped in an SS shifter into a vehicle that doesn't have traction control and after recent youtube videos from Chris Fix and Jays2cents i'm thinking of possibly...
  5. Daniel644

    Thinking About a new Daily Driver

    So i've had my Trailblazer for a little over 4 years now and my Firebird (99 v6) for like 7 years, the Firebird is past its prime and time to sell it off as a parts car as I can never recoup the repair costs, so i've been thinking about getting my "mid-life crisis car" a few years early, LOL...
  6. Daniel644

    Headlight Adjuster HELP

    I bought some new headlights for my 03 Trailblazer and the vertical adjuster on the Driver headlight doesn't do anything and to get it replaced I have to send both headlights back (which means taking the other one back off the truck, swapping my HIR bulbs back into the stock lights and...
  7. Daniel644

    eBay Listing HEADS UP 20% off at Ebay

    Ebay is doing a 20% off up to a maximum $100 savings, minimum order amount of $50 till like 7 PM Pacific time tonight (for some reason Ebay uses Pacific time instead of Eastern Standard Time for all there dates), coupon code can be found on the Ebay homepage, it's PICKDADSGIFT hopefully this...
  8. Daniel644

    Well That Escalated Quickly

    As some of you may remember I have been SLOWLY working on a MASSIVE, complete renovation of the lower level of the house Friday night I plumbed in the drain for the new Kitchens sink, well the under the sink portion, still gotta run it over to the sump pump and connect to the Vent stack, so to...
  9. Daniel644

    After more then a Decade this sub needed some love

    So I gave away my box for the Eclipse Titanium 15 (it was never meant for the Firebird I just had it rigged up in there and have enough MDF laying around I can build another one and after pulling the sub out of the box I got to see some HEAVY Oxidation on the back side of the magnet so I began...
  10. Daniel644

    Freaking SCAMMED!!!!!!!!!

    So 5 ish years ago (late september early october 2012) I ordered this order for my firebird as I was having a misfire on my 3.8 v6 Due to the pain in the ASS it is to do plugs and wires on the pre 2000 3.8's (as some of you know i'm sure) I opted to pay (the ONLY time i've paid a mechanic...
  11. Daniel644

    Saw my FIRST car today

    Been 15 and a half years since I sold it (August 2001), same guy still owns it. it's a 1996 Midnight Blue with Blue interior 4x4 Tahoe LT, here is a picture from way back in the day when I still owned it.
  12. Daniel644

    4WD issue/not working

    So we got hit by several inches of snow Friday night that proceeded to melt all day Saturday only to refreeze to black ice saturday night, so naturally I stayed the F home, today I decided to pull the truck out of the driveway so the rest of the driveway could melt (truck was blocking the sun...
  13. Daniel644

    Pitted Rotor

    So this weekend I was replacing the driverside front Wheel Bearing/Hub, to go with the passenger side one I did the weekend before (since I personally believe all suspension parts should be replaced in pairs) and when I pulled off the rotor on the drivers side the inside face was all pop marked...
  14. Daniel644

    Transmission just went out

    Well I'm pretty sure it the transmission anyway, was on my way to work earlier and driving uphill all of a sudden it was like the truck was in neutral, rolled back down the hill and parked, when I first parked I heard a rattling sound from the area of the transmission, but that has quieted way...
  15. Daniel644

    My Coffee table, need stain color help

    so last year I started a project, then winter hit and I stalled out and got busy with the Trailblazer, now I'm finally getting back to finishing my custom designed (by me) custom built (by me and my dad) coffee table, what I'm having trouble deciding on is the stain color, I keep flip flopping...
  16. Daniel644

    Headlight Housings????????

    My stock headlights are done, no amount of sanding will level them so I was looking on ebay and saw these I know to avoid those overpriced ebay halogen...
  17. Daniel644

    Pic Request: LED light bar in bumper

    Has anyone ever done an LED light bar down in the center section of the front bumper between the tow hooks or hidden behind the grille? would love to see pics and specs on the equipment used, I'd like to add some extra lighting but I'm going for more of a street truck look so I don't want it to...
  18. Daniel644

    SWB to EXT brake question

    From what I've read being an 03 I can take the caliper mounting brackets and rotors for an EXT/V8 trailblazer and use them on my regular 4.2 trailblazer, but what I couldn't find mentioned and is my question: Will the EXT/V8 brakes clear the stock 16" wheels or is it required to go to 17" or...
  19. Daniel644

    Getting Ready to install the Belltech kit

    Any tips or tricks from someone that has done this before? I assume the rear is pretty straight forward, lift by frame and support with jackstands remove shock remove spring install new spring install new rear shock Has anyone tried to do this without removing the tires, like I know you can...
  20. Daniel644

    4 high headlight question

    My sister just bought on 04 Suburban Z71, is the 4-high headlight mod done the same on it as the 03-06 Silverado/Sierra (diode between high and low beam relays) or is there another method required, if another method is required is it possible to maintain the automatic headlights when doing it? I...
  21. Daniel644

    My Audio Build

    So, I have picked up my MDF and am making arrangements to gain access to a table saw (since my dads is busted) this is the box design I developed, thought I would share it here. it will be housing 2 Planet Audio BB212D subs that came out of my firebird (that broke 140 DB in that car) when...

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