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  1. dfc739

    Water pump shaft bearing play: how much is too much?

    My a/c decided to stop working this weekend so I got under the hood to do some routine and not-so-routine maintenance. I fixed the a/c: add me to the list that had to reduce the shim on the compressor clutch. My airgap was 0.036" and I sanded down the shim until it was 0.025" (completely...
  2. dfc739

    The notorious P0495 SES

    I was driving up to South Dakota when I had P0495 "Cooling Fan High Speed" pop up. I've read some other threads that all point to the fan clutch but my symptoms don't match those of others. I do not have the loud roar typical of the failing fan clutch and I can spin the fan pretty easily by...
  3. dfc739

    Universal Joints: the Tale of my 2013 Thanksgiving

    I replaced my u-joints about two weeks ago to solve a vibration at ~70 mph. The new u-joints did fix it and I had made several trips to the store and had it on the highway a few times since I replaced them. Yesterday morning I hopped in my Trailblazer to make the 200 mile trip back to spend...
  4. dfc739

    Unknown Driver

    This will be long, so please bear with me. I was doing some grocery shopping earlier tonight and decided to make one last stop. I jumped back in my car, started it up, and left the parking lot. I was cruising about 30 when first my ABS and Brake lights lit up. About a second later my DIC...
  5. dfc739

    Thoughts on extra engine parts

    Long story short, over Labor day weekend I had to swap out my engine. I had lost all compression on one cylinder and when my uncle checked his GM book on procedures, R&R of the head was going to take longer than swapping the motor. It's a good thing we did so too: I broke two head bolts later...
  6. dfc739

    Trailblazer 17" aluminum wheels Option N75

    I checked my spare a few weeks ago and found out it was almost completely rusted through. So I got on craigslist to get an aluminum wheel to match my others. I could only find a set of four though, so I'm trying to get the other three out of the way. I played with the idea of putting some...
  7. dfc739

    How to remove 4L60E valve body and replace plastic accumulator pistons

    Tools needed: 8, 10, 13 mm sockets and ratchet Good set of picks ¼” torque wrench (needs to have a range between 40 and 96 inch-lbs Any transmission parts you plan on replacing (accumulator pistons, separator plate, separator plate gaskets, shift kit, etc.) I listed the parts that I used over...

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