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  1. Traz

    Bumper Cover

    I have an 07 envoy, my bumper is damaged, my friend has an 04 bumper, will that fit or are there differences? both are SLE if it matters
  2. Traz

    Power Steering

    It seems my pump pulley may have gone bad and squeals constantly, as well as the fluid seems to have come out of the lid no idea how that happened? its coating the reservoir. would it be easier to just replace it completely? Also, has anyone replaced the PS lines themselves?
  3. Traz

    Transmission Upgrades

    For the build I'm looking to strengthen some key points. my first priority being the transmission. ive read a few threads, but still. What can be done to bulk up the 4l60 to handle somewhere around 450-500hp? or would it be easier/cheaper to install a different transmission?
  4. Traz

    Vehicle whine

    Hey guys so weird thing. When I throw it in reverse and let it go [no brake or anything] I get this weird whine coming from underneath behind the drivers door, I thought it could be my trans but there's no other symptoms and it only recently started.. There's also a noise that sounds like a...
  5. Traz

    NEED HELP Speaker feedback

    07 Envoy, rear speakers squealing and popping, tone changes with rpm. Thought alternator? Although speakers are probably crap too
  6. Traz

    Exhaust Manifold Dimensions

    Hey everyone. Trying to find info on the exhaust manifold dimensions. especially the interior dimensions of the tubing
  7. Traz

    Removing Exterior Molding

    So I have an 07 Envoy. And I hate the chrome molding on the doors, and the ENVOY lettering. Is there a way for me to remove it, so I can dip it, then put it back on? Or would it be easier to remove all together?
  8. Traz

    Low Power Mode

    Hey guys, so I was tuning my truck, (mostly toying with the trans) and before I did anything me and my friend wanted to get a baseline of its performance. 0-60 run from a dead stop. I slam the gas and it takes off, as it shifts from first, Low Power Mode hits at the top of the rev. Now, when...
  9. Traz

    Swaying at highway speeds

    So my envoy has started swaying a little on the highway, and only at highway speeds. I just swapped struts, shocks, wheel hub bearings, I have the rod ends and sway bar links but what else could be causing this?
  10. Traz

    Fuel pump

    Quick Question. Is the fuel pump for the i6 the same as the pump for the 5.3?
  11. Traz

    Low Power Mode

    Hey guys, 2007 Gmc Envoy 4.2 (84k miles) The other day I got on the pedal as I was on the on ramp, it started to rev a little and then I heard chimes, engine light, Low Power light, and i think it was the abs maintenance light(?) came on. Couldnt go more than 35 and it was rough when I let off...
  12. Traz

    Cam Shafts

    Hey guys, I was told by some of the people I work with that cam shafts could be a good mod and would be able to yield a decent result in power, especially when attached with a tune. Any truth to that? Also I've been unsuccessful in finding aftermarket cams with more lift and duration. Any ideas...
  13. Traz

    Increase power

    Hey guys just wondering if there's any bolt on power for the 4200. I'm already working on a turbo kit but wondering if there is anything else out there. From what I've gathered online the aftermarket support for it is minimal but some people have found some things. Anything helps. Thanks
  14. Traz

    Exhaust tubing

    Got a Super 44 Delta muffler. Basically going to chop out the old one and put it in with some adapters and clamps until I buy the whole system. Anyone know the size for the exhaust tubing? All I know is the muffler I got is 2.5 in and out. Thanks
  15. Traz

    Envoy yoke to control arm bolts

    Hey guys I got a problem. I was putting in some new suspension in the front. My father in law was helping and he smacked out some bolts. The tips flattened the thread and now I can't put everything back together. The real problem is that I can't find new bolts and nuts for the yoke to control...
  16. Traz

    Wheel Spacers

    Hey everyone, just had a quick question. I'm looking to widen my Envoys stance a little. Not a lot, just make them go past the fender (I've always thought the front wheels looked especially sunken in) Anyway, has anyone used wheel spacers and had any problems? Any specific brand? Thanks
  17. Traz

    Abandoned, 2007 Envoy 4.2 Turbo Build

    So after much thought and conversation with my fellow Roush employees, I have decided to enhance my envoy with a turbo charger. One of the guys here is something of a wizard with turbos, he's done one for the V8 now the next challenge is mine. So far we have the turbo we will be using, a...
  18. Traz

    Cam shaft

    Rebuilding envoy and slapping a turbo on it. First things first is new parts. Trying to find a performance camshaft that will work with my 4.2l. Any ideas? Not sure where to start looking. Thanks

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