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  1. Bow_Tied

    06 Envoy Denali - Code U0101

    Wow, sounds like a tough one. I have no idea. Good luck, looking forward to hearing the fix.
  2. Bow_Tied

    Resolved - Air compressor blues (blew-s?)

    Are you using the compressor on an extension cord? I doubt it, but eliminate it if so to minimize line loss. I have had a similar problem to your description just a 5gallon 2HP roll around compressor, 120V. In my case, the compressor run fine from cold but would hum and not turn on to rebuild...
  3. Bow_Tied

    Is the 3.42 rear end good for long distance towing?

    Agreed, just making sure I wasn't the only one. I wish I could use OD 22+L/100km sux.
  4. Bow_Tied

    Is the 3.42 rear end good for long distance towing?

    Can you pull that with the Saab in O/D?
  5. Bow_Tied

    Is the 3.42 rear end good for long distance towing?

    Reprise did a great job covering things. I have the '06 5.3 w/3.42:1 axle gear ratio I have the G80 mechanical locker. (The RPO G80 in cars usually means a limited slip differential, in trucks/SUVs it usually means mechanical locker - it's confusing that way, plus GM has used G80 for decades...
  6. Bow_Tied

    What are you towing with yours ????

    Very nice. Are those the published weights or did you measure? It's my understanding that pre-2010 RV trailer weights were largely fictitious. At least, this is what I've read.
  7. Bow_Tied

    What are you towing with yours ????

    Nice. What model/year?
  8. Bow_Tied

    2019 Chevrolet Blazer

    It's so true - it's like they learned nothing from the new GTO.
  9. Bow_Tied

    GM 'to discontinue' 1 of most popular cars ever
  10. Bow_Tied

    GM 'to discontinue' 1 of most popular cars ever

    sounds like fake news
  11. Bow_Tied

    Brake question

    I have the same BFG tires (only 18") but I have only had them a few weeks. So far, so good.
  12. Bow_Tied

    Windshield Washer Nozzle Replacement

    Well, mine is. It’s a dual fan spray. There’s two spray points but both fan out. Here is the driver’s side that’s still original.
  13. Bow_Tied

    Windshield Washer Nozzle Replacement

    As a follow-up I finally got the correct, dual spray nozzle. I was set to pull the trigger on an Amazon purchase but when I read the descriptions they were single spray nozzles despite referencing the dual spray GM part number. I called the dealer and the part was not significantly more than...
  14. Bow_Tied

    P0442 where to look before bringing it in to be smoked?

    To fully eliminate the gas cap put some grease or Vaseline on the o-ring. But I really suspect either the filler pipe area or an evap line and/or connector near the gas tank (which always seem to be the case for my GM vehicles, every damn one). If so count on needing a new connector too. I...
  15. Bow_Tied

    5.3l Denali Purchase

    The 5.3 Envoy checks all the boxes. When all is well, I love this rig. All is rarely well. It is with certainty that is the low ebb in reliability for all GM vehicles I have owned from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. For reference, my previous 3 GMs were S-series Jimmys which are not known for high...
  16. Bow_Tied

    Windshield Washer Nozzle Replacement

    Just a quick note to say this thread has helped me. My PS nozzle was leaking out the top front and poorly hitting the window. It disintegrated when I wiggled it. I was able to remove it by: remove antenna remove 10mm nut beside antenna remove two plastic barrel rivets under hood pop up the...
  17. Bow_Tied

    Envoy Tires...

    I believe Duelers are Bridgestone, not BFG. The tire placard on your drivers door jamb will tell you factory size. The type or brand of tire depends on what you want to do with it and your budget and your climate. I would recommend these points are more important than the original...
  18. Bow_Tied

    New wheels BFG Advantage T/A

    Just got some new rubber for the rig. BFG Advantage T/A Sport LT 245/60/18 Even though it says “LT” in the name my shop says it’s not the heavy ply truck LT. Not cheap. But I want top notch while towing 5k w/family on board. These replace the Continental Crosscontacts which were a decent...
  19. Bow_Tied

    Envoy liftgate on Trailblazer ***SOLVED***

    Nicely done. The gaps at the side - likely less noticeable once everything is black. Perhaps a small pc of rubber trim could fill the gap; n one would be the wiser.
  20. Bow_Tied

    Rusty rear door handle

    If you catch it early, it’s likely to not cause any issue to the door itself. If left a while the rust will attack the edge of the opening where the paint might be thin or scratched. Hope you get it in time.
  21. Bow_Tied

    Rusty rear door handle

    Thanks, Carlton. I am not very good at making pretty welds but it gets the job done.
  22. Bow_Tied

    GMC protecting the Envoy name...

    Ya, I probably would get fired anyway - I'd look at something like the new Blazer and propose the name "Ennui".
  23. Bow_Tied

    Rusty rear door handle

    This past fall I noticed streaks of rust running down the driver's rear door on our Envoy. Being white it was quite noticeable. A body shop estimate approaching $500 to repaint the door and the fact the door handle assy is plastic prompted me to investigate things on my own. The short story...
  24. Bow_Tied

    GMC protecting the Envoy name...

    All of the names in that list start with the letters E, N.... is that what a 4 year marketing degree buys? smh, I picked the wrong career. I coulda been paid to duplicate bullsh!t.
  25. Bow_Tied

    Maine via Canada - Trip planning

    Thanks for the clarification on the 401, you are of course correct. Never driven to quebec, should do that someday.
  26. Bow_Tied

    Maine via Canada - Trip planning

    Happy to help. If you have more questions fire away. Heading to bed, I'll check back soo tho.
  27. Bow_Tied

    Maine via Canada - Trip planning

    I can help a bit with Ontario: Detroit/Windsor - unless you have a local guide, I think there isn't much to see there. Windsor isn't a tourist attraction for the most part. London (where I live) is nice city (forest city it's called) but doesn't have a huge amount of tourist attractions either...
  28. Bow_Tied

    4.10 vs 4.88 (towing)

    20% is a big jump. I'd avoid it for a regular driver. 4.33s, ya 4.56+, no. jmo
  29. Bow_Tied

    87 Octane not getting it done

    My '06 Denali is stock and seems to run fine on '87. I will echo reprise on the Delco plugs, change the wires while you're in there. I just had a two speed idle emissions test done and it was running super clean (garage was surprised/impressed) @ 180k km (111k miles)
  30. Bow_Tied

    Invented a new what?

    Patents are granted because an idea is useful, new, and non-obvious. ~3/4 of patents granted now are not brand new ideas but rather improvements on existing ideas/patents. Patents can be a double edged sword. This is partly due to cost vs. protecting your idea but also that the world is a...

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