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  1. Mathoran

    SOLVED! Knocking in suspension. Help greatly appreciated

    Looks like that kit replaces the upper mounts. Install Instructions seems like those black bushing in photo 3 and 4 should center the strut unless its supposed to change the geometry, but that's just a guess since I don't know what the inside of the spacers looks like.
  2. Mathoran

    SOLVED! Knocking in suspension. Help greatly appreciated

    Don't think loosening the bottom will do anything. Probably have to take the strut/spring assembly apart again and re-assemble with the strut centered. I don't remember there being that much play in the upper mount though. Just looked at mine. Stock mounts are different. They stick up through...
  3. Mathoran

    SOLVED! Knocking in suspension. Help greatly appreciated

    Yeah i was shopping for Ball joints recently and they re-designed them to have that small boot. The gap looks weird but its normal with that new design. The boots on mine have a tiny hole to bleed out excess grease. The only thing that looks odd to me is the upper ball joint. The boot seems...
  4. Mathoran

    Loose upper ball joint

    Looks like the Mevotech TTX line. I put those in my Envoy a few months ago as well but haven't had this issue. The Green boots turn brown pretty fast.
  5. Mathoran

    Need help !! 2005 trailblazer no start!!

    Could it be the ignition switch acting up?
  6. Mathoran

    NEED HELP Serpetine belt issues

    Ive had to replace 2 working alternators already due to this problem. Usually it would make noise after it had rained and spraying some wd-40 on the front of the alternator pulley would make it go away for a few days. Kinda have to spin the alternator pretty fast by hand with the belt off to...
  7. Mathoran

    I have a vibration....

    When i replaced my fan the first one I installed was out of balance and caused a similar vibration to what you're describing. It was an off-brand. Returned it for an AC delco and problem solved. Maybe try it with the belt off to see if the vibration goes away. Motor mounts wouldn't be a bad...
  8. Mathoran

    Quick muffler question.

    My 2005 Envoy is all ball/sockets the only donut that I know of is the one between the exhaust manifold and catalytic.
  9. Mathoran

    AC Actuators, yet again

    There are 2 screws( might have been nuts I dont remember) holding that metal cover thing. The second one is kind of on the other side of a rise. I was able to swap that one out but it was tough getting that metal piece out. I remember stuff getting a little bent up and the plastic dash split a...
  10. Mathoran

    HVAC problems

    For the manual unit you don't need to program anything. I replaced mine many years ago due to the lights going out. Several posts here mentioned your actuators. That would be my first suspect. I recently had to change 2 of mine out and while I was getting them installed/adjusted at one...
  11. Mathoran

    What is this under rear seat?

    Vehicle Communications Interface Module under the back seat. Used for OnStar etc.
  12. Mathoran

    Another Accuator problems

    When i replaced mine it took me about 6 tries at least before i got the white plastic gear aligned properly. Mine would keep clicking when it wasn't aligned properly. I don't know if that's the popping sound you mean but i just kept pulling it out and rotating the plastic gear a little till...
  13. Mathoran

    A/C Compressor Lines

    I put in a new compressor about an month ago and I couldn't get the stud out either. I just went to the auto parts and using the short bolt that held in the little cover plate I bought a new longer bolt. Don't remember the length but it was something like 1.5 inches. As for the line block try...
  14. Mathoran

    NEED HELP advise for poor radio reception

    I had perfect reception with my factory radio, but when I put in an aftermarket radio my reception was terrible. Fix for me was adding an HD radio module. Reception is perfect now and sounds so much clearer than regular FM. CD quality. I never realized how bad FM sounded till the change. I...
  15. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    Wanted to update this. What I thought was a vibration turns out was just the exhaust drone/resonance at idle. My original muffler was just replaced because something was loose inside making the rattling noise at idle. Put in a Walker quiet flow ss muffler and the rattle is gone, but now I...
  16. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    Just a minor update. I did some driving and once the car drives for a while and is warmed up it goes away completely. I replaced the tranny mount today and it seemed to be gone, but the truck wasn't stone cold either. Need to do some more testing to be sure. When I put the truck in gear with...
  17. Mathoran

    Water pumps whine like this? Video...

    Did it just start on its own one day or after changing something? From the video it almost sounds to me like the belt is rubbing itself or something.
  18. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    I mentioned in the original post that I ran it without the belt and no change so its not that. I actually had to replace my power steering cooler last week cause it sprang a leak. Fluid is topped off.
  19. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    I'll take another close look at everything again this weekend and I'm also gonna go ahead and change the transmission mount just in case. I sat in it again today and its hard to describe. Vibration might not have been the best word for it. The car isnt shaking or anything. It's mostly like a...
  20. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    yes I used the correct ac/delco spark plugs. I've considered the CPAS. might pick one up this weekend but Its never thrown a code and most threads ive read it didnt solve their problem unless it was actually full of oil or throwing a code. I'm pretty sure the mounts were installed correctly. I...
  21. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    Throttle Body cleaned the day after I put the mounts on. Spark plugs changed 20k miles ago CPAS untouched but doesnt have oil in the plug if that matters. The Vibration is there at stock idle 600 rpm. It does not go away when in neutral or park, but it less noticeable. I have not tried power...
  22. Mathoran

    Vibration at Idle after Motor Mount swap

    So I was getting a vibration at idle when in gear sometimes, usually when the engine was cold. After reading a bunch of threads I decided to change the motor mounts. I bought them from Gmpartsdirect so unless they are counterfeit I assume they are GM ones. The old mounts have 95k miles on...
  23. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan

    Yeah this is the second replacement fan and they both wobbled the same amount pretty much but the A/C delco one is actually balanced enough to where there aren't any vibrations. I wish I would have payed attention to the original fan. After the trouble with the first replacement I inspected...
  24. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan Made a vid with my cell today. kinda seems to me the outer ring of the fan is just all over the place. even spinning it slowly by hand i can easily see that its off. Seems to be running fine though.
  25. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan

    It could be an optical illusion. when everything was off I pulled the water pump pulley to check the pump for play. It had no play in any direction, the only way it would move at all was a tiny bit in and out. I read an old Roadie post about fan run-out so I'm hoping its normal. It does...
  26. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan

    Just to follow up I replaced the fan with an A/C Delco fan and the vibration is completely gone. My only concern now is that the fan still wobbles a little. I tracked it down to a tiny bit of play in the fan clutch. Is that play normal/acceptable? The clutch is brand new. Thanks.
  27. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan

    the replacement clutch is the HAYDEN 3200 no codes ever. I was under the impression I already had the PCM update being that its a 2005 model year. My truck was built in 2004 before they changed the fan clutches. I ordered the new Four Seasons fan from Rock Auto so I'd rather just order...
  28. Mathoran

    Vibration at idle after installing new Fan

    So my 2005 Envoy was running fine but I decided to install the updated fan clutch to remedy the poor a/c at idle deal. Put it in and everything was working fine. A few days later my fan cracks and takes out the shroud. I initially thought I had damaged the original fan with the hammer...
  29. Mathoran


    No Fenders looks better. Doing the fenders makes the truck look smaller too.

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