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    CPAS and O2 Sensor help

    Thanks for the input guys. I will probably replace it in the near future. :offtopic: Also, I can't help but to notice Roadie, your display picture looks an awfully lot like Jim Parsons.
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    CPAS and O2 Sensor help

    Thanks much! I will look a bit closer for that tab next time I do the throttle body, which may be soon, because that thing seems to dirty up pretty quickly. I figured out the CPAS and got the connecter to disconnect. Now the only question I have is, is it bad if there is oil in the electrical...
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    CPAS and O2 Sensor help

    Ok, so I looked up on trailvoy how to remove and clean the CPAS, and had a quit question about it. Do I have to remove the power steering pump, or can I just remove the CPAS sensor? Also is there going to be oil displaced that I will need to refill like power steering fluid? Last and most...
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    Loss of oil pressure at idle

    I'm a noob, what is CPAS? :confused: Also where can I buy some good O2 sensors, and how hard are they to DIY?
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    Why you may need to clean a 4.2L I6 Throttle Body

    Haha or you can have symptoms like me where you engine will be idling perfectly fine at 600 rpms, then just shut off with no stutter in the idle and will tell you low oil pressure. Apparently this means, "clean throttle body".
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    Handbrake Issue

    Thanks I will definitely take a look this week. One last question, how did you remove the faux-leather covered on the mechanism?
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    4.2 Straight Piped Video

    Just and FYI on how to do what he did in the video with the rev limiter. When you filled out the form for your PCMforless tune, you got to specify the rev limited, you probably left it at tuner's choice, but if you would have had it removed you would be able to rev in park. However, I would...
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    How to Clean an 4.2 Inline 6 Throttle Body

    Can someone explain how to "properly" remove the connection to the throttle body from the computer? I can never get it off, I've use more force than I feel like I should to try remove it. Last time I tried with a flathead screwdriver and it heard some plastic crack so I stopped there and just...
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    Handbrake Issue

    Thanks for the write up! I guess to better describe the issue, after extended intervals of not using the handbrake, the first time I use it again, it will pull with no resistance as if not even connected to the brake. After I "release" the hand brake and pull it again it will have tension and...
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    My Hannukah Gift to Myself that Arrived on Christmas Eve :)

    Haha I tried with a flathead screwdriver when I tried to remove it for its semi-annual cleaning. I heard some plastic snap, so I stopped there to not produce any more damage. Just a heads up, be careful with the screw driver placement.
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    My Hannukah Gift to Myself that Arrived on Christmas Eve :)

    How much benefit would this have on a vehicle like ours? Also, I am never able to remove the main plug in on the throttle body when I remove it. Any wisdom on how to remove it? I feel like I am putting to much force on it. Thanks!
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    Handbrake Issue

    Hey, So I have been having this issue with my handbrake. I already did a forum search and such, but haven't quite found anything about this issue. So on multiple occasions I use the parking brake on steep grades. What happens is I pull it and it will just fly back with no resistance and not...

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