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  1. MRRSM

    spark plug corrosion.

    The phenomena you are describing has two possible origins: (1) If the Spark Plugs are located in the 5th or 6th Cylinders... and the Weather Strip around the top of the Coil On Plug (COP) Seal has been compromised ...AND... the Weather Strip running the length of the Plastic Fascia between the...
  2. MRRSM

    Replacing the cat question? (Hoping this clears up my problems on my post “all new injectors installed but yet more questions)

    These Oxygen Sensor Tools are available on Amazon: Ordinarily... There is a Bell Shaped CAT back Pipe that fits over the "Ball" Shaped end of the CAT that are held tightly together by a Special Stainless Steel Clamp. This thing has a Half-Moon hollow interior shape, fully 360 Degrees around...
  3. MRRSM

    P0455 and gas tank gurgle

    The same VOP (Video Original Poster) created these two Videos on Cleaning out the Charcoal Canister(s) from Excessive Atmospheric Dust and Dirt Ingestion that is causing the Back Pressure resisting the In-Flow of Fuel. IIANM, You truck is an Earlier Model (assuming the White Truck is the one...
  4. MRRSM

    NEED HELP How to properly pin point a code C0306
  5. MRRSM

    No crank, sometimes clicks and other times doesn't

    I cannot swear that the Dorman Flavor of the Shims will be a Perfect Fit... However... Given that the far end of the Tang is OPEN... it should allow a certain amount of Fudge Factor in aligning the Inner Distance to the Outer Bolt as it passes through the completed Shim Hole and into the Outer...
  6. MRRSM

    No crank, sometimes clicks and other times doesn't

    @TJBaker... "Instructions... Without Judgement = FTW!" :thumbsup: Regarding the Use of Shims for the Starter Installation... Realizing of course that if this becomes necessary... the Shims ordinarily only require LOOSENING the Inner-most Bolt and then removing the Outer Bolt in order to slip...
  7. MRRSM

    Slow to spin up AC blower

    Cool... This Video shows How that gets done:
  8. MRRSM

    Slow to spin up AC blower

    Unlike the Later Model Trailblazers and Envoys... Your SUV probably has an In-Dwelling Pair of Cabin Air Filters that have gotten thoroughly clogged up and have become very restrictive to the expected Smooth Flowing, High Volume Air Stream. @MAY03LT shows where these hidden items are... and how...
  9. MRRSM

    Door lock tumbler

    Try using something like THIS... BUT... After the Key Slides inside of the Lock-Work...Only make VERY SLIGHT TURNING efforts. If the Lock will NOT Yield... Try entering from the Passenger Door side next and once you get inside the Driver's Side Door using the Door Handle and then...
  10. MRRSM

    No crank, sometimes clicks and other times doesn't

    One Last and Very Important Thing Worth Mentioning here is THIS: If a SHIM is called for during the Installation of either the GM OEM ACDelco Starter OR from any After-Market Starter and you discover that it was MISSING... the displacement of the Starter inside the Flex-Plate "Well" where they...
  11. MRRSM

    “How to Build a Dedicated TIS2000 Laptop Computer using the Windows 2000 Pro Operating System"

    Part II of Two Parts... After conducting all of this “Hardware House-Keeping” ... I next turned my attention to copying the Official Complex Alpha-Numeric COA Validation Number onto a CD Case Plain Paper Insert against the advent of either losing or damaging the New COA Sticker if future...
  12. MRRSM

    “How to Build a Dedicated TIS2000 Laptop Computer using the Windows 2000 Pro Operating System"

    Part I of Two Parts... Okay… It has been a while since I’ve been able to continue working on my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 5.3l Engine Performance Build and subsequent use of HP Tuners on a Duplicate PCM because my Dedicated TIS2000 Laptop locked up at the point where the physical “HWK” (Hard...
  13. MRRSM

    No crank, sometimes clicks and other times doesn't

    Given the Denali's "Salvage Yard Hiatus" of Eight Years...and in consideration that long periods of dormancy can invite Rust and Corrosion under such conditions... This Link would be a good place to "Start": Check all of...
  14. MRRSM

    '03 Silverado 4X4 5.3 Automatic code P0740,P0785,P1860

    For information the 4L60E 20 Pin Plug Connector .... Here is a Color Wiring Diagram showing the PCM Pin-Outs: The Red Circle Location is where the 20 Pin Plug is situated on the Passenger Side of the 4L60E Transmission. It only requires...
  15. MRRSM

    NEED HELP DTC P0420 on '99 Suburban

    A possible Choice for the Y-Pipe with CATS for not TOO Much $$$ (...suggesting also using S/S Band Clamps vs. those "Horse Shoe" U-Bolt Style ...for much better Exhaust Leak Prevention):
  16. MRRSM

    Replace engine Question

    Whether removing the Crankcase-Oil Pan from the Bottom... or Pulling the Engine up and out through the Engine Bay... the Cross-Member acts as a barrier to movement in both cases and must be removed. Supporting and lowering the back of the Engine-Transmission can give you a bit more access to the...
  17. MRRSM

    SOLVED! Gm mdi driver install help please

    When time permits and you get the chance to watch that Video... you'll know how much of what is covered applies in your situation. This suggestion in Post #2 was meant to whet your appetite for using Youtube to discover the complicated steps necessary to follow during the installation and use of...
  18. MRRSM

    SOLVED! Gm mdi driver install help please

    Welcome to GMT Nation.... (1) Download and Save the Linked Video. (2) Download and Install VideoLan (VLC) or a similar Good Media Player. (3) Play Back the Video at 1/2 Speed as a means to study this Visual Walk-Through Instructional. (4) PM @southsidesmoka for additional help with VMWare...
  19. MRRSM

    Aftermarket headers

    Without making any recommendation for or against CAT Deletes via Long Tube Headers... These two videos show the difficulties involved ...First from Professional Mechanics using a Shop Lift Involved R&R, while the Second Video shows that TWO People working on a Jack Stand Supported Trailblazer at...
  20. MRRSM

    Tool Talk

    If you're yard or property has been affected by the path of Hurricane Dorian with Tree Debris and other similar foliage like the Florida Sable Palms that resist cutting and trimming back with the usual Yard Shears... THIS Tool is well worth the $73.00 Fee as a very fast and Effective means of...
  21. MRRSM

    Transmission line uncoupled

    Not to *Jinx* your present successful repair efforts ... Looking over ALL of your Brake Lines for signs of similar excessive Rust and Corrosion with "..a Very Jaundiced Eye..." would not hurt a bit. Having Hard Brake Lines Rust through on Vehicles dealing with Mountainous or Hilly Terrain is the...
  22. MRRSM

    So I was woken from a sound sleep today (Thursday the 5th)

    If you can afford to stare at that check for a little while and not touch a Penny of that amazing Boon... Consider looking at THIS Link as an alternative. Look also very closely at your Dear Father...keeping in mind that some will BE him and need Money enough to live well on during the...
  23. MRRSM

    THIS is Why Airline Pilots Deserve the BIG Bucks!

    This is Why Airline Pilots Deserve the BIG BUCKS! The attached video is NOT an excerpt from any Flight Simulator. The actual terrain involved for the Pilot(s) to negotiate this Gulfstream V Jet Plane around are the pristine Colorado Rockies at Aspen where the only practical way to get into and...
  24. MRRSM

    Opinions Wanted: Bypass OEM Transmission Cooler?

    FWIW ...You could try preparing a temporary Pair of Short, 3/8" Fuel-Proof Hoses between the line juncture of the Transmission Line-Out and the In-Flow Adapter to the Transmission Cooler with a Brass 3/8" "T" in between. Likewise... with the use of another long length of the similar tubing to...
  25. MRRSM

    Transmission line uncoupled

    Using your own can see within the Red Circle Highlighted area... the Original Seal around the Aluminum Port entry into the Transmission Fluid Heat Exchanger is completely compromised... split and bulging out ...essentially irreparable and now... wanting for a New Radiator. Repairing...
  26. MRRSM

    More PIDs for Torque App

    @TJBaker57 ... You've probably already realized and considered the potential value of your "Extended PIDs for The Torque APP" over a wide range of GM Platforms and Vehicles... but JIK it has not yet occurred to you...Please think about THIS possibility: Amazon provides a "Book Selling" Feature...
  27. MRRSM

    Opinions Wanted: Bypass OEM Transmission Cooler?

    Regarding the R&R of the 4L60E Transmission Filter Metal Cup-Rubber Seal... Please review this Excellent "How-To" Video covering ALL aspects of this Transmission Fluid-Filter R&R. At around 6:50 Minutes in... The Instructor shows an alternative technique that may NOT be as easy as the suggestion...
  28. MRRSM

    Cleanning back of wheel.

    There is... The Chemistry offered by "Purple Power". An example of of its Dirt, Grease and Carbon Busting Power is the use of it inside of a thoroughly coated, nasty Electric Oven and Stove Top Burners where simply spraying this Non-Toxic "Purple Jesus" on everything therein ....and walk away...
  29. MRRSM

    NEED HELP Transfer case encoder co327 problems

    While occurring on a different Truck Platform Forum...conceptually... and almost to the point of exhaustion... The C0327 Diagnosis and Solution are discussed from all possible angles that may prove helpful in this instance as well:
  30. MRRSM

    NEED HELP Engine Replaced - Won't Start

    Wow... Unless you provided THEM with the Replacement Crankshaft ...I would have to say that the error during assembly would be THEIRS. However... Let's NOT 'Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water' just yet... There may be the option of replacing your PCM...and possibly your Engine Harness with...

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