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  1. Mooseman

    Documentary on the revived Moraine plant

    And the ones that went to the US there for 2 years? Their working rules are bordering on slavery. Seems like that town just can't catch a break. The Last Truck documentary is really sad
  2. Mooseman

    O2 Sensor Lean/Rich Question

    I can't remember a rich code due to a misfire. Quite possible the PCM is programmed to not report a rich condition due to a misfire, which would be a logical reason for being rich. Actually more than rich, it's raw unburnt fuel. The cat might not be bad. Depends on how long it was running...
  3. Mooseman

    2nd encoder motor

    I know of at least one other who had issues with their AWD using a combo of new and worn tires. The system activates the front wheels on detection of rear wheel slip. He basically had a constantly activating AWD due to the difference in wheel speeds front to back. Maybe you didn't feel it but...
  4. Mooseman

    Oil Filter Cross Reference

    Using PF61E as reference, says it fits from 02-09 4.2 so we're good there.
  5. Mooseman

    Documentary on the closing of the Moraine OH plant

    Just an update on the link to the video:
  6. Mooseman

    Documentary on the revived Moraine plant

    Netflix just released a documentary called American Factory. The old plant where the GMT360's were once built was bought, refit and reopened by Fuyao Glass of China, hiring 2000 locals in the process. It looks all rainbows and unicorns at first but things start going downhill pretty fast...
  7. Mooseman

    What are you doing today?

    Finishing a night shift, sleep a bit then go to Costco. Tomorrow, going to the NY State Fair. Should be interesting since I've never been to one outside my area. Or it'll be the same crap of old unsafe rides run by underqualified teenagers, greasy overpriced food, long line ups at go huts and...
  8. Mooseman

    More PIDs for Torque App

  9. Mooseman

    Trailblazer Lower Control Arms Support Brackets Replacement

    I went through this with the Saab. I'm lazy and try to find shortcuts. I was able to replace the bracket by leaving the ball joint, strut and sway bar link attached. Took a while to figure it out but just pivoting the lower A arm does the trick.
  10. Mooseman

    V8 owners - anyone use a 'deslugger' on their A/C compressor?

    Idk. Sounds like a solution to a non existent problem. Afaik, refrigerant is in a gaseous state at rest in the system and I think you'd need all the oil in the system to hydrolock the compressor. And reading around a bit, seems to affect older ones with pistons. If we really had a problem of...
  11. Mooseman

    "How To" Remove, Repair & Replace Broken Fuel Tank Filler Neck, R&R Delphi Fuel Pump & Quick Disconnects

    I just learned something today. You can use the SWB pump in a LWB. Just the gauge will not quite go up to full mark. That kit had been mentioned here before: It's a bit pricey IMHO. This guy used a common threaded barb...
  12. Mooseman

    4WD Question

    Could be a brake binding, either the caliper or the parking brake.
  13. Mooseman

    More PIDs for Torque App

    @TJBaker57 , excellent work! :2thumbsup: If possible, one that could be very useful to I6 engine owners is the desired and actual exhaust cam angles. It would help diagnosing issues with the VVT system.
  14. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Chasing Gremlins?

    So the switch was replaced 'years' ago. If it's anything but an ACDelco,it may have already failed again. From.your description, I doubt it is an ACDelco. If after checking everything else you're still having issue, you should consider replacing it again with an ACDelco. Aftermarket ones don't...
  15. Mooseman

    Banned or Invisible TrailVoy Members- Check in and tell us why

    I should get myself banned, just for the fun of it.
  16. Mooseman

    Oil Filter Cross Reference

    More info: We've had discussions here before too:
  17. Mooseman

    Oil Filter Cross Reference

    And the same filters that fit the 4.2 also fit the LS V8 engines so cross reference those as well.
  18. Mooseman

    Another fuel injector install aftermath question Yippee!!

    Do you have a link to where you got the injectors? Seems to me that your troubles started when you changed them. Other than the ticking, was there any other engine issues? 1000 RPM at idle is NOT normal. Should be around 650. You need some diagnostic tools to read live data from the PCM. A...
  19. Mooseman

    NEED HELP Chasing Gremlins?

    The flickering and dimming lights might be related to your alternator problems. With the crappy ones you're getting from O'Reilly's, it wouldn't surprise me. Might be time to get a good one instead. Also check all your grounds. Download the manuals (link in my signature) for the locations of...
  20. Mooseman

    Say something about the user above

    Started shaving at the age of 3.
  21. Mooseman

    NEED HELP 1999 Suburban Leaking Coolant from Rear...

    The question is, do you really need heat back there? Unless you regularly have passengers back there, you could just bypass it as previously mentioned. This is an old how-to I did to replace the EXT's rear heater core. Since it's a similar system, it might give you ideas. How...
  22. Mooseman

    Say something about the user above

    Steals Holy Water from churches to fill his radiator.
  23. Mooseman

    NEED HELP 1999 Suburban Leaking Coolant from Rear...

    Is the A/C still working? Rear Block off kits that I know of are for A/C system, not coolant. If your Sub is anything like TB EXT, it could be a coolant line that was damaged. You could just bypass the coolant lines at the front, basically just loop from one to the other. But that particular...
  24. Mooseman

    cruise control install

    May require more than just adding the control box and other hardware to control the cable operated throttle. May also need to have the BCM and possibly the PCM reprogrammed.
  25. Mooseman

    Transmission Shift Linkage

    Here's an updated link to the ATF Speed pin in case anyone looking wants one.
  26. Mooseman

    TRailblazer start issues

    $51 for a complete fuel pump assembly likely means it's an eBay CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) or a really good deal on a name brand. ACDelco or Bosch (ACDelco supplier) are our go to. Delphi is a close second. Heck, I would recommend ANY name brand before any CCC junk.
  27. Mooseman

    2006 TB - engine cranks for a long time before starting

    You should do a fuel pressure check and see if it's within spec, that it holds that pressure for a while after priming and that the pressure is also within spec while running. *** Please be careful when attaching the pressure gauge's hose to the valve on the fuel rail. It's in an awkward...
  28. Mooseman

    Guess who's back, back again

    Well hiya. Might not have left but you sure were dormant. Hope to see you more on here.
  29. Mooseman

    4wd issue

    I think there's something with your encoder motor. You shouldn't be able to turn that wheel or the driveshaft if the TC is supposedly in 4hi. It's especially wonky if you put the switch on 2hi and it still shows as 4hi. Now if you're putting it in A4WD, that is normal as the TC is only...

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