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  1. TollKeeper

    C8 Vette

    I think that GM is screwing up, not really with this car, but overall. I get that they have sales dropping off, but dropping all the cars, including the camaro? Ford doing the same thing? Talk about turning your back on a big part of the US customer base. I like this corvette, But I do miss the...
  2. TollKeeper

    put a face to a name.

    Wife, baby, and me. If you're screen breaks, I'm sorry lol
  3. TollKeeper

    Buying my first house!!

    Revisiting an old thread here. Been in the house 7 years now. Havent missed one payment. I took out 2 bathroms, and combined them into one big one. Dropped 45k into that (marble, cabinets, therapy tub, large glass lined shower, etc). The roof repair I had planned never happened, a windstorm...
  4. TollKeeper

    What are you doing today?

    August? Thats a hell of a wait. I cant really say much thou. When I bought my current house, it took 6 months. Not mine or the sellers fault. I got a pre-approval letter, and financing was already arranged. Then when they sent the packet to the bank, they got a return notice that the bank was...
  5. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  6. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  7. TollKeeper

    Power saw noise

    Once the half shaft, and maybe the disconnect (cant remember), is out of the way, you put a bolt in the end of the shaft, and pull out. Most of the time, you can just thread the bolt, and pull. Rarely you need a puller tool to get it out.
  8. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  9. TollKeeper

    Looking for engine diagrams for 04 TB w/5.3

    My rough idle on my 04 V8 was down to the MAF sensor. I replaced it with a ACDelco model from Amazon, and problem and MIL went away.
  10. TollKeeper

    Best head unit options

    To the Rear Audio controls, I dont have an answer. The Nav swap is plug and play as long as you get the correct unit for your vehicle. The is Lux, Non-Lux, and I believe a non-amplified version. It would all come down to what year your truck was made, and if you have a certain option code in...
  11. TollKeeper

    What did you do to your GMT today?

    I Semi-Retired the XUV. I love that truck, its just so comfy to drive, but its gotten really long in the tooth, I still trust it, and it certainly rides better than the Mercury, and the AC is better than the Mercury. But the fuel mileage... Well the Mercury has the XUV beat in spades. Getting...
  12. TollKeeper

    Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Possible?

    I have a Pontiac Aztek (Buick Rendezvous clone in Pontiac clothing), and the IRS on it is actually quite substantial and weak, and I can guarantee you would never get it to mount in the GMT platform without sectioning the frame, and rerouting the frame.. Its mounting bolts are probably 30-36...
  13. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  14. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  15. TollKeeper

    NEED HELP 06 Envoy XL Denali Brakes

    Knowing what I know about my local dealer, that wouldnt surprise me.
  16. TollKeeper

    NEED HELP 06 Envoy XL Denali Brakes

    You are correct, that you need the ABS module activated for a proper bleed. As far as I know, this has to be performed with the TECH2 module. I have seen on other forums, where someone has bled the system they best they could, and went out to a country road, got up to speed, and locked up the...
  17. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  18. TollKeeper

    Factory Nav vs aftermarket

    Im going to go against the grain here. I love my stock nav unit. I upgrade my Nav disc yearly (for free, burn it myself), and I have installed a bluetooth adapter. I was also the first, and last person, to install the 2 disc 9-7x unit into my truck. So I still have a CD slot, while using the...
  19. TollKeeper

    What are you towing with yours ????

    On Wednesday last week, towed my Mercury to the State Troopers office to get it inspected. It did not like it at all. Time for some maintenance.. Wonder what its malfunction is..
  20. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  21. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  22. TollKeeper

    What are you doing today?

    Work. Called ARC for them to pick up some donations (I WANT MY GARAGE BACK). The soonest they have is July 31st. No thanks! I will have to load up the XUV and deliver them myself.
  23. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  24. TollKeeper

    What are you doing today?

    I think I am going to HT's house...
  25. TollKeeper

    grease outer tie rod?

    There should be a little vent hole in the side of the boots. I take a needle fitting adapter, and put it in the end of my grease gun, and put more grease in. They are prefilled, but in my opinion, they might as well as be dry for the little amount they put in.
  26. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  27. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  28. TollKeeper

    Word Association Game II

  29. TollKeeper

    Amazon Product ACDelco 41-103 plugs for $2 until 8/31/2019

    And for the V8 guys, same deal.. Link Removed, it wont let me copy and paste for some reason..
  30. TollKeeper

    2019 Chevrolet Blazer

    I wouldnt. The Kia/Hyundais arent bad at all.

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