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  1. m.mcmillen

    What are you doing today?

    Started pulling a transmission out of a Chevy Express 15 passenger van so I can change the torque converter. Was really getting into it and my wife called to say she had to work late so I had to go get the kids and go home.
  2. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    If you're going to attempt this, you need to buy new rod bearing bolts as well. You cannot reuse them.
  3. m.mcmillen

    What are you doing today?

    I bought an alignment machine from a tire shop earlier this week. I played with it for a while today.
  4. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    I personally wouldn't tear apart a donor engine unless it was high miles. I'd say if it was under 150,000 miles to run it. At the most I would change the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, the front and rear main seals and examine the flex plate. Maybe do the valve cover gasket too.
  5. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    The sounds in your video sound pretty similar to the sound that I had. If you do have a bad rod bearing, changing the bearing at this point will not likely do you much good. The crankshaft journal will probably be beat up a bit from banging around in there (that would be the noise if it is a bad...
  6. m.mcmillen

    Using your Tech 2 with TDS online subscription and Tis2000

    I had to do the same. I had not logged in for several months.
  7. m.mcmillen

    New (COMPLETE KIT) "GYMKO" GM Tech 2 Scan Tool

    Here is a thread I started a while back. It has some screenshots from both GDS2 and Tech2Win. As far as the Chinese clones go, I haven't used any of them so I don't know how well they do or do not work. I've only used the ones made by drew tech...
  8. m.mcmillen

    Using your Tech 2 with TDS online subscription and Tis2000

    Maybe it is to compensate them for making their website look up to date. Although, it is still $40 for 2 years here. I think that is the price that it has always been. It looks much better than it did before. I also noticed that they took the wording away that made it look like you can only...
  9. m.mcmillen

    tech 2win

    That is correct. Tech2Win is just an emulator. It does what a Tech 2 does and nothing more.
  10. m.mcmillen

    Waterpump leak? Video within

    It looks like it could be the water pump but the leak is also close to where the gasket is. Look at it from underneath and see if you can see the leak coming from the weep hole on the water pump.
  11. m.mcmillen

    Eric The Car Guy & Paul "Scanner" Danner Discuss HQ Scanners

    That video is 5 years old. Scan tools have come a long time since then. I had a Snapon Modis Ultra for a few years. The more I did, the more I found that it was lacking the ability to do a lot of special functions and the updates were ridiculously expensive at $1,200 a year so I sold it. I...
  12. m.mcmillen

    Looking for an axle..

    Here you go.
  13. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    I use the bottles they send in the test kit and catch the oil mid-stream as it’s coming out of the oil pan.
  14. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    I pulled an oil pan on one of these once and I don't recall pulling the rack and pinion completely. I think I just unbolted it and tied it up out of the way. In regards to your noise, I had almost identical symptoms that you're describing with my engine. The noise eventually got to where it...
  15. m.mcmillen

    Notes from The Edge... of Nissan Hell...

    That doesn't sound like a very fun getaway! I used to work for a a construction company and I don't miss the days of having to go out and repair equipment in the field (sometimes literally a field). I replaced timing chains and everything a while back in an Impala with a 3.6 in it. I took one...
  16. m.mcmillen

    4.2 Engine Rebuild

    I think it should be 1.2 x 1.5 x 2.5 but your best option will be to tear it down and see what needs to be done before you order any parts.
  17. m.mcmillen

    What are you doing today?

    Out driving a bus for a week and a half. Rolled over 900k miles today. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture until it was well over 900.
  18. m.mcmillen

    The good 'ol days!

    Our family car when I was about 6 years old was a Dodge Dart. I remember sleeping on the ledge by the back window on trips.
  19. m.mcmillen

    Vacuum is a powerful thing

    On a post last week something was said about what vacuum can do. Here is a video that I took today. I had an old 55 gallon drum and I connected a hose to the barrel and the hose to a vacuum pump. It took about 5 minutes for the barrel to implode. It was quite loud! Of course, the air compressor...
  20. m.mcmillen

    Help to identify top end noise

    I don't think it determines a whole lot. I could do the same thing and it would make my engine stop knocking.
  21. m.mcmillen

    Chicken or Egg (Plug or Coil Pack)

    I wouldn't use anti seize on the plugs. It can cause the plug not to get a good ground which could be causing some of your coil problems.
  22. m.mcmillen

    Back pressure in coolant system?

    If you’re using spring clamps, they might be weak.
  23. m.mcmillen

    What are you doing today?

    Changed the lower control arms on a Malibu and replaced a fuel pump on an International bus.
  24. m.mcmillen

    New (COMPLETE KIT) "GYMKO" GM Tech 2 Scan Tool

    I’ve nver tried a clone VCI but I’ve heard that sometimes they’re not very reliable if you’re going to be flashing modules.
  25. m.mcmillen

    What are you doing today?

    Changed the air filter in my Acadia and did a top end clean to get all of the gunk off of the intake valves. It smoked a ton. After that, I worked on a 99 Silverado changing out all of the brake lines. What a chore!
  26. m.mcmillen

    New (COMPLETE KIT) "GYMKO" GM Tech 2 Scan Tool

    It looks like a good deal to me if it works.
  27. m.mcmillen

    Looking for a diff guru / advice (Dana)

    I don't think I've ever been into a Dana 60 but I'll try and help. I think the best thing to do would be to just rebuild the whole thing. You're going to wind up taking the whole thing apart anyway. Before you get started, you need to know that you will need a press to press the carrier...
  28. m.mcmillen

    Limp mode

    Did you check for codes?
  29. m.mcmillen


    That is a typical wheel speed sensor problem. I would personally just change out the whole hub assembly on the right front.
  30. m.mcmillen

    Oil leak

    I would check the oil pressure switch which before mentioned is above the oil filter. The sensor can go bad and leak oil through the connector. I've seen them go really bad and blow the connector out of the sensor.

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