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    Metal lines 2008 Ascender RWD 4.2

    There is 2 metal lines that run up and over the driver side wheelwell . What are these lines ? I am seeing a sheen on the ground and it looks like it may be coming from these 2 lines where there is a foam separator on the wheelwell and it looks like it has rusted out in this area...
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    Temperature gauge goes inop p0128

    2008 Ascender , . No CEL currently . Temp gauge will go to zero at times and getting a P0128 at the same time . I find it interesting that the stat could cause this to happen . If that is the case it must be some stupid ECU programming that says when you see this code shut off the...
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    Trailblazer buy

    I am going to look at a 2007 trailblazer tomorrow at a dealer and get this the thing has less than 30000 miles on it . It has leather which Im not real kean on and the auto temperature control also not kean on but probably could live with . The carfax seems to back this up with a timeline...
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    TPMS issues

    Have a 08 Ascender and was driving down the highway and the tpms light starts flashing and after a minute went solid . Took it to mechanic and for some reason their tool could not read my one and half year old GM tire sensors. Just replaced a little while ago. So they replace 2 with...
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    NEED HELP rear wipers

    I went to change the rear wiper on a 2008 Ascender and after I put the new one on I notice it is shorter than what came on the vehicle. So I went and checked the rockauto website and they had sent the correct one according to their website . So I went to other parts websites and checked their...
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    Alignment after strut replacement

    I am replacing the front struts with Monroe quickstrut OE Spectrum front struts . It is generally recognized that you should do an alignment after changing the springs so my question is how long do you wait for the new springs to settle out before getting an alignment ? 1 week , 2 weeks , a...
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    new shocks and struts

    Going to have new shocks and quick struts installed. I was talking to a mechanic and he says you should wait a little while before aligning to let new springs settle out . Anny opinions and is it necessary to wait for the alignment.
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    New struts/shocks question

    Getting ready to replace shocks/struts on a 2008 Isuzu Ascender 2WD . I'm going to go with monroe quick struts on the fronts and monroe OEspectrum shocks in the rear . Quick struts are $113 a piece for the fronts and the rears are like $26 a piece. I have seen conflicting opinions on whether...
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    Could this be the return of the Trailblazer?

    This is supposed to be a mid size SUV for model year 2017. Just read an artical on it. Anyone else heard?
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    2006 -2008 recalls for gmt360's

    Got a letter in the mail today from Isuzu saying that GM is recalling all 2006-2008 gmt360's for a problem where the headlights could randomly shutoff by themselves at night. The problem is apparently something called the headlamp driver module and they will be replacing those once they get...
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    Blown speaker

    First of all let me say I have never seen a car have issues with radio speakers like this platform. If fact in my 40 years of driving I have never had a speaker just stop working all together like these cheap mexican GM speakers. The question is are the back speakers the exact same speaker...
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    dealer problems

    Ok I take the Ascender into a GM dealer for the famous whining sound. Yes I know I should have done this myself. So they come back saying it's the fan clutch and they went down that rat hole. So they replace the fan clutch and they punctured the radiator while at it and had to replace that...
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    new tire question

    About 3 months ago I noticed some pretty good wear on the inside edges of a couple of the tires. I took it in and had an alignment done but it was too little too late . I just had 4 new Dunlop Rover HT's put on. Will the alignment be ok for the new tires or do I have to have this redone...
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    Tire Wear

    I have a 2008 Ascender , both fronts are wearing on the inside edge. Tires have about 37000 miles on them . At this point I might be able to get about 15000 more out of them . Just wondering at this point should I get it aligned now or just wait until I get new tires down the road . They...
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    I need to buy some dexcool to top off the reserve tank. Is there any issue in buying Autozone's Dexcool 50/50 version versus say buying the Prestone version for $5 more ? Also whats the reccomended flush interval ? While mine is a 2008 it really didn't get any mileage on it till 2010 when I...

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