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  1. The_Roadie

    How many of us here are Baby Boomers?

    1952, and the oldest NASA Social Media journalist credentialed for a SpaceX launch in April.
  2. The_Roadie

    C0055 code

    Tailpiece of the transmission unless you have 4wd, in which case you have two of them on the rear of the transfer case. Be suspicious of the connector or the wiring before concluding it's a bad sensor.
  3. The_Roadie

    so who still uses the old site?

    Hadn't looked in there for a long time. Loverotties is gone. There's a couple of new mods, and one of them at least has been rooting out spammers. Only a member for a few months, his user name is Pau Hana from around Seattle. Only friend is "GM Customer Svc" !!! Har! The other thing Vertical...
  4. The_Roadie

    All electrical inside cabin won't work after jump start

    This picture I've been posting for about NINE years has that warning.
  5. The_Roadie

    What can these things handle?

    Offroad in Florida is different what I think of as offroad in the West. Modified, it can do amazing things.
  6. The_Roadie

    Brake Lights Staying on When Parking/Headlights on

    Flasher module on the firewall above the driver's feet. Combines those signals for use in the trailer connector.
  7. The_Roadie

    searched a lot, still not sure on fitment

    Run some more searches, and you might discover the kenda klevers are CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) tires and there's no long term cleverness in saving too much money on tires when you need them to save your life offroading. You need good tires, good recovery equipment, good tools and spare parts, and...
  8. The_Roadie

    Towing a 3800 lb Boat/Trailer. Z71 Springs worth it?

    You can do both. I put in the airlift compressor and remoted a gauge and switch up front.
  9. The_Roadie

    Hex bit sizes?

    Should never need an excuse to buy tools. Just get the set. Profit!
  10. The_Roadie

    Cruise control pulsing

    It's a poor programming job in the cruise control part of the pcm software. If I could find the goofball who never took a test ride after writing the code, I'd rub their nose in it. Proof that GM fails to listen to customer complaints.
  11. The_Roadie

    P1680 diagnostic

    Second useless bump I've seen from you. Why?
  12. The_Roadie

    Kinda stranded

    Why? :no:
  13. The_Roadie

    rear AC blower won't turn off

    Bad transistor in item #5.
  14. The_Roadie

    2004 - Trailblazer - Proper Alignment - Camber - Caster - Rear Diff

    Any shop should be have access to a DVD or on-line manual set, but here's the summary. The Lower Control Arm bracket is item #13. It's held in by three hardened bolts with the highest torque spec in the vehicle - 185 ft-lbs, I think. Loosen these three.They are item #40, but only one is showed...
  15. The_Roadie

    pickle fork size

    And many folks get it off by hitting the mount at right angles to the pin in the lower control arm, to shock the taper fitting into jumping right off the pin. I use the pittman arm usually, with a little hammer tap once slight pressure is on the fitting.
  16. The_Roadie

    SpaceX CRS6 Launch Report - April 2015

    Gotta weed down from 1800 total 18 MP pics. Love it now FILM IS FREE!
  17. The_Roadie

    SpaceX CRS6 Launch Report - April 2015

    Just got home from an exhausting week in Florida, touring Kennedy Space Center and viewing the SpaceX CRS6 space station resupply mission. Will amplify this more soon, but basically I've been spending a lot of my hobby time with an obsession with space that started in 1962 when I was ten years...
  18. The_Roadie

    What are you doing today?

    Flying to Florida - press pass for Monday's SpaceX launch.
  19. The_Roadie

    Anybody going to the SpaceX launch April 13th?

    Thanks for the offer. San Diego is a bit far to drive out and back in a week. I'm actually a huge fan of AirBNB, and found a weekly rental for half the price of nearby motels on Merritt Island, owned by a gal who works at Kennedy Visitor Center and who seems to know everybody. And her Dad worked...
  20. The_Roadie

    Anybody going to the SpaceX launch April 13th?

    Join my SpaceX group and never miss an announcement. Plenty of other launches happening monthly of other launch vehicles. Just because the Shuttle got cancelled doesn't mean space flight is on hold!
  21. The_Roadie

    transfer case question

    Of the two sensors on the rear, one goes to the TCCM, which needs to compare the front shaft RPM to the rear shaft RPM in A4WD mode to detect slippage. The other one goes to the PCM, and in a 2WD vehicle without a transfer case, the harness connects to a sensor on the tailpiece of the...
  22. The_Roadie

    Anybody going to the SpaceX launch April 13th?

    Or anybody live nearby? I've got NASA social media credentials for press access to the launch, and will be visiting the Kennedy Space Center for a few days in advance. Also going to a "Yuri's Night" Celebration in Cape Canaveral on Saturday night the 11th to commemorate Yuri Gagarin's orbital...
  23. The_Roadie

    Happy Birthday The_Roadie

    Awwww, youse guys are so sweet. I can just imagine you all sitting on Hello Kitty seat covers and wiggling your butts with excitement as you wish chrome onto me. Hehe. Got the gift of a lifetime confirmed last night. Not sure you all know I'm a huge SpaceX enthusiast. I administer their...
  24. The_Roadie

    CV Shaft and Wheel Hub Replacement advice

    It's trivial to remove the bolt that holds the upper ball joint shaft in, then the steering knuckle tilts down and everything gets easier. Make sure while you're in there that you also carefully inspect the splined disconnect where the CV shaft snaps into, for evidence of a bad seal or damaged...
  25. The_Roadie

    Hello good people!

    Hello! If you already know the term "wiener dog" then you'll fit right in! (And you must have been reading here or on Trailvoy where I've used it as a term of endearment.
  26. The_Roadie

    P0894 for trans - Power is way off and runs horrible

    I dont' have much to add on the other issues, but a dry/dead/damaged transfer case can make it undriveable in 2WD as well. Also the differentials are critical to get changed, since parts spin in the front diff in 2WD mode. And the splined disconnect on the passenger side front can deteriorate...
  27. The_Roadie

    Power Steering Lines, Compression Fittings, and Pressure Ratings

    If mine were to blow, Mrs. Roadie has arthritic wrists. It's doubtful she could recover from a steering seizure, depending on what conditions she's in for traffic and terrain. But she would almost never be driving mine unless I was incapacitated and she was getting us back to pavement. Her car...
  28. The_Roadie

    wind buffeting

    If you have loose tracking due to bad tie rod ends or ball joints, nothing an anti-saway bar busing can do to fix this. Just carefully inspect your steering for looseness or play (dead zone).
  29. The_Roadie

    Rear Diff Fill Plug

    It's 3/8" Odd, but it was the standard. Using an impact on the proper tool (the ratchet extension has an unwanted rounded bottom you could grind off) is a lot more reliable than any amount of force by way of a breaker bar.

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