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  1. bigytwotone

    Traded it off

    So as of tomorrow I will no longer own a 2003 trailblazer LTZ:( I have been having nothing but problems with it but still love it. I have needed a upgrade in towing so I purchased a 2010 silverado 1500 I will post pics when I get it tomorrow hope that I am still aloud to stay on the site will...
  2. bigytwotone

    disable Auto headlights????

    hey guys just want to see if anyone knows how to disable the auto head lights i hate them i have the relay version of the DRL killer but now want the auto lights gone two any help is accepted.
  3. bigytwotone

    wobble in 4x4

    so just today i found a problem with my truck. i got it back from a friend of mine that needed to tow a trailer full of junk so not a problem but i today need my 4x4 up the hill and i put it in and was driving and the truck was shaking ever so badly so i stopped and took it out of 4x4 and drove...
  4. bigytwotone

    what im up to

    so i have been doing some work to my truck over the last couple days and here it is. now the next project i did. next on my list is the DRL killer, new head lights, plasty dipping my dash red, getting a price on embroidering trailblazer in to my seats, ordering my pcm tune :)
  5. bigytwotone

    Anti-Bullying day

    Well it is the day hope everyone is wearing there pink I know I am.
  6. bigytwotone


    Hey everyone im looking at getting a meat together for june some time. I was thinking Right a the coulee dam. I have gone there befor and think it is beautyfull that might be a grate spot for a meat. Lets get this ball rolling.
  7. bigytwotone


    Hello guys so my truck has a little issue the cat is getting plugged now I know I need to replace the o2 sensors but what els??? And can I do this in my driveway I'm good at welding but have not looked under my truck as I have one foot of snow and can't get to a dry place. Any help is great plZ
  8. bigytwotone

    Rear end problem :(

    ok guys i need all of your help today i have and my truck break down on me. which is not good i need this vehicle for me to live. any who i was towing my utility trailer with a old hot tub on it up to the dump. so the truck did awesome on the way up to the dump and when we got there i was told...
  9. bigytwotone

    FS: taillights & inside door handls

    hello every one got some stuff to sell a set of stock trailblazer taillights $50+shipping stock black interior door handles $50+shipping need them gone cant keep and don't want to throw in the trash i will post more pics when its lighter out
  10. bigytwotone

    need to get metal bumper

    well looks like i need a new front bumper. was out hunting over the weekend and had accident. i drove in to a ditch while trying to not hit a car in the on coming lane and drove in to the left ditch and hit it hard totally messed up my front bumper when i was trying to get out. i do not have...
  11. bigytwotone

    You MIGHT laugh

    Hello everyone just thought i would post this. Today i went to the stealer-ship to look at trading the beast in on a truck and i found one a nice 2002 chevy silverado with the 4.8 v8 with 167,000 KMS and nothing in it, no tow package no options manual everything and a tape player. Well drove...
  12. bigytwotone

    smell and MPGS :(

    hey guys need some help i have just got back to driving my truck after being in the hospital and physio well the truck runs great but smells horrible and gas mileage sucks just had the thermostat changed with a working one and all the fluid changed what else do you need to know for me to try and...
  13. bigytwotone

    Terra Grappler

    just want to know what y'all thought about these tires i need a new set of winters so these look like a nice replacement. any good reviews??
  14. bigytwotone

    In hospital

    Hello guys just want to let you know that I am in the hospital I have flipped my lawn tractor and now have two bulged discs in my back and can't walk let you know as I get better
  15. bigytwotone

    OCT meet??

    hey guy's and gal's just wondering if any one would be up for a meet in Oct near wenatchee maybe do a camping trip i think it would be fun and i just got my camper all fixed up myself and Offroadbella are going to come from Canada so any one else like to come?? we are thinking the weekend of...
  16. bigytwotone

    lost a family member today.

    just want to say sorry if ths is not the place for this but i just need to say this to empty my mind. so this morrning i woke up and my dogg charlie 15 Years old was not sleeping in my bed and so i started to surch for him only to find out that he is gone. he was put to sleep. the worst thing...
  17. bigytwotone

    ABS going nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone i have a 2003 Chevy trailblazer 4.6l 4x4 and every time i use the breaks and get below 20 KM's my ABS goes in to full action and i have almost missed a stop sign because of it. I have just gone 4x4ing on Sunday with wootown22 and on my 6 hour drive home i had no issues and now...
  18. bigytwotone

    any one have these???

    hello every one i was wondering if any one has two of the screws with the black nobs on the ends to hook up the cargo net??? i am missing to of them and i want to put my cargo net on. This is what it looks like
  19. bigytwotone

    what do you think????

    hey guys i just wanted to know what y'all thought of my updates??
  20. bigytwotone

    Gauge problems

    hello guys i have a question my grandfather's 2001 GMC Sierra and the fuel gauge will just die some times and then the low fuel light comes on what could be causing it?? i think the stepper motor is dieing but want to make sure. Also my mothers 2004 Chevy silverado has a weird fuel gauge, lets...
  21. bigytwotone

    Leap year babies???

    well February 29th is my birthday(tomorrow) and i was just wondering who else there birthday on the 29th of Feb? encase you don't know he 29th only happens every 4 years so this year i turn 5 years old wow (im actually turning 20) if its your birthday let us know and tell us you leap age and...
  22. bigytwotone

    Stock Height Sucks !!!!

    So as all of you know i have a stock 2003 trailblazer LTZ well i took my 3 dogs out for a run in the snow today. well stock height is way to low I couldn't go where i normally go so it is time for a lift. maybe this summer all depending on money flow.
  23. bigytwotone

    Dont Talk About Your Parents

    I found this while on face book today i think this dad is over reacting i would never do this mind the language Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson - Chicago's Best Variety of the 80s, 90s and Now
  24. bigytwotone

    brake lights blow fuse

    Hello everyone i am having an issue can you help me. I went out for a drive today and almost got a fine.:confused: the officer cam up and asked me "do you know why i pulled you over" and i said no because i was not speeding my tags are up to date and all my lights are on so no i don't know why...
  25. bigytwotone

    how to remove and replace steering wheel controls

    So i know this seems like a scary procedure but nope it is easy. Tools Needed: 5/16 wrench small pic with hook on end one small punch (to release the air bag) needle nose pliers Removal of the controls #1. Disconnect the battery!!! Must DOOO!!!! #2. Use the pic and slide it down the side of the...
  26. bigytwotone

    Afternoon in the bush

    Hello guys i thought i would post some pics of my afternoon 4x4ing didn't get a lot but got some:biggrin: All i wanted to do was pull over and get some pic's but went a little to far but is was fun no damage but funny The snow pulled me in as i was trying to get out had to have it in 4x4 and...
  27. bigytwotone

    Rear HVAC controls

    Hello everyone i have been doing some mod's on my truck all day to day and have now come to my rear heat and stereo controls i have been able to get it apart to a point but t further.
  28. bigytwotone

    My new look and sound

    so yall remember how i was saying that money is tight and i wont be getting my resonator removed well karma has come around o got a phone call the other day and my mothers bosses husband phoned me. He is a welder hint hint, so he asked me to come up to his house he has something for me. so i...
  29. bigytwotone

    NO FAN!!!

    Ok so i have a 2003 trailblazer LTZ 4x4 with 124,000km's it is -16c here and last night my heater fan was working. then i lent my truck to off road bella and this morning the fan wont come on. The truck was left outside and not plugged in. the fan wont come on when the truck is running and it...
  30. bigytwotone

    tire ????

    hello everyone what is the biggest tire we can put on a 1997 Chevy blazer LS with no lift and we don't want to do any cutting. any help would be much appreciate it.

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