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  1. northcreek

    Question re: online vehicle application guides

    Wondering if others have experience this when shopping car parts online. It can be RockAuto, AutoZone,Ebay, etc.. you hunt down the part that you are sure is for your vehicle and you get the "this part does not fit your vehicle". I think I'm batting 50% of the time on this. Today I needed a...
  2. northcreek

    Dangerous Insect Bites!

    I found this article while researching if the AHB can survive up here in NY (seems they can't) but, the article did have good information on the transformation to present day.
  3. northcreek

    What are you doing today?

    Watching the Boston / Toronto game and wishing there was a way that neither team could advance... :satan:
  4. northcreek

    Front caliper pistons aren't extending

    A collapsing brake hose can restrict in both directions so you won't be able to compress the piston. I recently when through this on my Chevy G30 van, after replacing both calipers, it was a $8 hose. I'm thinking you have the same problem.
  5. northcreek

    Deadish Engine - Opinions

    Yeah, at 14-15 years old you might be under it more than in it. Like you said the non-electronic vehicles of the past were timeless due to their simplicity, now...not so much. With your situation of not being able to wrench the costs would make it impractical IMO.
  6. northcreek

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Deadish Engine - Opinions... You will know it's fully dead, when you see the red writing ...
  7. northcreek

    Deadish Engine - Opinions

    I would do the math on all of your options and see if the scale tips towards a new vehicle. I do not like what the shop is telling you(ball park est.). I've had good/bad luck with junkyard engines ( flip a coin). You don't mention your mileage but, if your truck is nearing the end of it's...
  8. northcreek

    FOR SALE XUV low budget motorhome

    That looks like a well cared for vehicle. Someone on here was looking for one of these awhile ago but, I can't remember who it was.
  9. northcreek

    FOR SALE XUV low budget motorhome
  10. northcreek

    Little blazers 2019 Colorado z71 build

    You might not remember when GM started putting the LS engines in their trucks and hoards of complaints piled in about "piston slap" and "excessive oil consumption", many buyers walked away, never to buy a GM again.... Now the LS engine is the crate engine of choice. The point is that all makes...
  11. northcreek

    Little blazers 2019 Colorado z71 build

    That's why I got the Hemi...:dance:
  12. northcreek

    Little blazers 2019 Colorado z71 build

    Yeah, I felt that way too but, going out of my comfort zone has been a pleasant surprise. :love0001:
  13. northcreek

    Little blazers 2019 Colorado z71 build

    True, my Jeep GC isn't small but, is very similar in size to my former Envoy Denali and comes with V6,V8 or Diesel engines.
  14. northcreek

    Random Videos

    Not your Grandpa's Jeep..
  15. northcreek

    Jokes and Riddles

    Although, with all of the USN ship collisions with merchant ships in the last few years, it's almost believable....:undecided:
  16. northcreek

    eBay Trailblazer Northface SWB

    Nice...getting to the point where it's no longer "dated" but, now "retro" looking.
  17. northcreek

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Ready to just drive it till it dies... But, it can't die !
  18. northcreek

    Cleetus McFarland

    Yeah, and opening up those ring gaps really helps them stay together longer now.
  19. northcreek

    Cleetus McFarland

    They just dyno'd Ruby to over 1000 hp without blowing, yeah pretty cool...
  20. northcreek

    Cleetus McFarland

    Wondering if anyone else views Cleetus McFarland's videos on YT. Presently watching them build their auction Corvette using mostly junkyard LS engines and blowing-up a few along the way.
  21. northcreek

    Chevy salesman suspected of kidnapping disabled customer, stealing $200K

    I think that the "crack smoking " was the first thing that happened and everything else happened after that. :stars:
  22. northcreek

    [RUMOR] Trailblazer coming back as a Trax

    Maybe Chevy should just name it "Tail Chaser" which is what they seem to be doing lately .
  23. northcreek

    The Random/Funny Pic Thread.

    Yeah, and the funny part is that "Desire Mozek" sounds like a porn star...:googlyeyes:
  24. northcreek

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Looking for axle...
  25. northcreek

    The Random/Funny Pic Thread.

    I don't think I would want that Dentist putting his hands in my mouth...just sayin'
  26. northcreek

    Jokes and Riddles

  27. northcreek

    What do you think when you read thread titles??

    Rear window wing (not factory)... You might be right on that...

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