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  1. Blckshdw

    Product Review: Eonon GA2189; Android 10 OS w/10" Screen

    Figured I'd make a thread to document my experience with this unit, since I didn't do so with the last one. This is a 2021 model Android HU from Eonon, off Amazon. If you read the full description, at least at the time I bought it, you could choose 3 of 4 accessories to receive for free. The...
  2. Blckshdw

    SOLVED! Intermittent HVAC

    Started off on Saturday, went to use the AC during a drive and had no fan speeds on the front system. The rear worked fine. Couldn't do anything about it at the time, as I was on the way out. 5 hours later, on the way home, tried it again for kicks, system worked just fine. :confused: First...
  3. Blckshdw

    Wheel Cleaner Recommendations

    Now that I'm washing the truck at home, and getting a decent array of goodies to get the job done, I've got one glaring issue to resolve. The front rims get pretty filthy with grime and brake dust. Even using the pressure washer, and a couple of drill brushes, I can't get them completely...
  4. Blckshdw

    SOLVED! Just a Case of Crushed Bushings??

    Was driving back to the office to drop off some coworkers, when we passed through an intersection I've been through a million times before (coming from 3 of the 4 directions), but this time from the 1 direction I never come from. There was a crest in the middle of the intersection, and some...
  5. Blckshdw

    Opinions Wanted: Bypass OEM Transmission Cooler?

    As I wait on a new radiator to arrive, the thought of bypassing the OEM tranny cooler, and running the aux cooler with built in thermal bypass by itself, crossed my mind. Since I'm in FL, we rarely see super cold temps. The few times we get near the freezing mark, is overnight during our short...
  6. Blckshdw

    Engine Monitoring Feedback: Lazy O2 Sensor?

    OK, as some of you remember, I had some concerns about my engine's behavior following a transmission and water pump replacement a couple months ago. I've been looking at Torque from time to time while on the road, as well as looking at other people's threads and screen shots when I noticed...
  7. Blckshdw

    SOLVED! Transmission shifting issues

    Welp, here we go again. Stopped at the gas station near the house, went to shift into drive, and the lever moves freely. Transmission remains in park, as does the indicator. I can hear the click when pressing the brake. Got underneath and the linkage is still connected. Had another customer...
  8. Blckshdw

    Michelin, GM present new airless wheel technology for passenger vehicles

    This is the Michelin Uptis, pretty interesting concept. I wonder how much of a ride difference you'd be able to feel between a traditional tire, and this one? :undecided:
  9. Blckshdw

    SOLVED! Engine Bay Noises - Water Pump, bearings, lifters?

    Alright, like I said in the chat thread, I think I'm just being paranoid, but since I got the trans replaced, I'm hearing all sorts of random, inconsistent, noises that worry me. For a while now, I've suspected my water pump might be on its way out, but my temps have stayed in acceptable...
  10. Blckshdw

    NEED HELP OEM Side Mirror Disassembly

    I know the number of people that have tinkered with their mirrors is very few, but I'm gonna shoot my shot anyway. Does anyone know how to get the mirror assembly separated from the base? I can't seem to figure out how to get this retaining nut off the shaft. I think I remember a post from...
  11. Blckshdw

    eBay Listing Test Thread

    Just seeing if the post function is operational
  12. Blckshdw

    Rear Diff Capacity Advice Needed

    Decided to get around to changing my rear diff fluid today. Everything seemed to go relatively smoothly, until I got to the refill portion. I thought I remembered reading on a thread here to get a pair of 1 quart bottles, and before you used up the 2nd one, some would overflow from the fill...
  13. Blckshdw

    NEED HELP Transmission Pan Gasket Fragment Removal Tips Needed

    Finally getting around to the fluid flush, and filter change since I've got only a few more days of vacation left. Followed the video by @MAY03LT and got the pan dropped (still spilled a bunch of fluid but whatever) :rolleyes: The pan gasket does NOT want to let go. I've gotten most of it off...
  14. Blckshdw

    eBay Listing TBLT 06+ Primered Front Bumper

    Have had my eye on this for a while, figured I'd share the link. Truck Front Replacement Bumper Cover w Fog Light Holes Primed
  15. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday jrSS

    Happy birthday to our favorite Pickle Headed Troll! :rotfl:
  16. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Harpo & Kickass Audio

    Happy birthday fellas! :dance:
  17. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Denali n DOO

    Happy birthday man, I told your boss to give you the day off today :biggrin:
  18. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Midnyteryder196

    Happy birthday young man, hope you didn't party too hard last night! :Lager Louts: :tequila: :stars: :sick:
  19. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday 24v 4.2!

    Happy birthday Mike! We're long overdue for another meet, we need to set that up and have a :Lager Louts: for real!
  20. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday djthumper!

    Happy birthday old man!! Tell your boss I told you, you can take the day off! :biggrin:
  21. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday SnowBlazer

    Happy birthday Ryan, just in time for the long weekend. :yes:
  22. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Sparky!

    Happy birthday rusty... :duh: Oops, I mean Jared. :biggrin:
  23. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthdday Mapanch & TXBlazer

    Happy birthday gents! Where's the party at tonight? :celebrate:
  24. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Hardtrailz

    Happy birthday young/old (select whichever you feel is applicable) man! :tongue:
  25. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday The_Roadie

    Happy birthday Bill! :woot: We're all gonna pitch in and get you some chrome goodies for your truck :biggrin: :poke: :cool:
  26. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Dmanns67

    Happy birthday Dave!! We know you started celebrating with your coworkers after work yesterday, so be sure to pace yourself! :raspberry: :tequila:
  27. Blckshdw

    Orlando Meet Picture Thread

    Since we have a Tampa thread, I think it's only fair to have one for Orlando as well. :yes: In the beginning, there were 2... We headed cross-state to Orlando (and fought some pretty bad pre-Daytona 500 and theme park traffic) to meet up with Mike. Then the 3 of us caravanned to...
  28. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Matt!!

    Happy birthday you crazy, possibly Florida bound, wombat!! :biggrin:
  29. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Boriqua SS

    Happy birthday Juan! Hopefully the weather up there improves a little bit so you can take the BeaSSt out for a celebratory spin this weekend!
  30. Blckshdw

    Happy Birthday Aarkon!!

    Happy birthday Ryan! GMT party at your house this afternoon! :yes:

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