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  1. MRRSM

    How To Use PICO #2204A & HANTEK #1008C Oscilloscopes

    During a recent investigation of a Mysterious Problem of a Trailblazer suffering repeated incidents of having Fuse # 28 Burn Outs... the problem turned out to be from an Internally Shorted Coil Over Plug. Replacing that Coil solved the OP's problem... but more information is needed to explain...
  2. MRRSM

    NEED HELP Which transfer case is used in '04 Envoy XUV, '07 Saab 9-7x?

    This is the GM Transfer Case "Bible" PDF covering Parts, Repair and Exploded Views Diagrams with Tables of Information about 'Which Transfer Case goes into What Vehicle?' as well:
  3. MRRSM

    SOLVED! 2004 envoy crank wont start fuel pump not prime .

    Way Cool... BUT... ALL the Props and Credit go to @TJBaker57 and @budwich for sorting this Dead Coil issue out in the referred SOLVED! Thread. Thanks for Joining & Helping GMT Nation to "Keep The Lights ON..." Come Back and SEE Us Again... from Time to Time!
  4. MRRSM

    SOLVED! 2004 envoy crank wont start fuel pump not prime .

    Bounce over to THIS Thread and see What's What... You might be looking at a "Dead Short inside of a Coil":
  5. MRRSM

    SOLVED! 2004 envoy crank wont start fuel pump not prime .

    NP... Just understand that my reasoning is "Grounded" in my training and experience as a USCG Aviation Machinist's Mate- Helicopter Mechanic (circa 1970-1974). This is a situation of having a "Lost Foam" AL380 Aluminum Silicate Engine Block casting being bonded together at various places with...
  6. MRRSM

    SOLVED! The Mystery of the "Under Hood Rattler...:

    For anyone interested in just performing an uncomplicated R&R at the existing Under-Hood Weatherpack Connector after getting this component from any of the GM Online Dealerships that might still carry this item:
  7. MRRSM

    SOLVED! 2004 envoy crank wont start fuel pump not prime .

    I'm hoping that THIS situation involving a Hidden Broken Copper Wire Trace in between the Upper & Lower sections of the Under Hood Fuse Box are NOT involved here... but if it needs investigation, THIS particular 'One Over The World' Video from Wayne Sallee on this Unusual R&R is worth keeping in...
  8. MRRSM

    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    Re: Severe Cramps... @Blckshdw... Get your hands a few Bottle of THIS Stuff from Walgreens, etc... Theraworx... (Magnesium Sulfate in a benign Aqueous Solution) ...It comes out via...
  9. MRRSM

    Rear Blend Door calibration - Tech II

    This GMTN Rear HVAC Module and Blower Motor R&R Thread may prove interesting... ...and there MAY be some Additional Steps to cover that specific set of Blend Door Activation & Blower Motor Testing set forth...
  10. MRRSM

    SOLVED! 2004 envoy crank wont start fuel pump not prime .

    If jumping the relay like @MAY03LT shows still does NOT allow the Fuel Pump to run... Be aware that, oddly enough... The Fuel Pump Relay...The Left Head Lamp and the Left Turn Signal ALL share a Common Ground at the G-107 Bolt Down Point on the Driver's Side of the Engine Block..Thusly...
  11. MRRSM

    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    @Blckshdw ... THIS Idea is Worth Sharing with YOU... Sometimes, Sheer Laziness and Lethargy can result in Generating the Most Inspiring Of Ideas... Earlier today, I realized that right after running over a jutting-out section of Concrete Sidewalk and Bending one of the two Special Blades...
  12. MRRSM

    The Friendly Face of Linux

    @Blckshdw ... You and perhaps a few others in the IT world might already know about this incident... but since I recently stumbled over it while browsing Linux information from back around the Y2K Transition, when I saw the Advert, I laughed so hard I almost "P'd" in my pants. I'm sorry...but...
  13. MRRSM

    Any pics of underside of V8 4WD/AWD Envoys/TB/Buick/Isuzu especially trans/Xfer case/exhaust?

    First... Visit THIS Link while you are Signed In as a Member privileged to access and Download the GM Factory OEM Service Manuals providing uncommonly good technical data on all of the SUVs in the GMT360 Family:
  14. MRRSM

    SOLVED! P0017 Assistance

    Because of another contemporary Thread focused on the P0017 Code Problem... It's worth noting that in addition to all of the details explained in Post # 16 on this subject... If the Main Thrust Bearing catastrophically fails... Then there will be NO restraint left upon allowing the Crankshaft to...
  15. MRRSM

    P0017 code and Knocking. Need help with next steps.

    Just to Clarify for Post #5... The GMT360 GM 4.2L LL8 I-6 Engines do NOT use a Cog Style Timing Belt to control the Camshaft to Crankshaft interplay. They rely upon a single leaf Bicycle Type Linked Chain for this purpose. [Mod edit: The post prior to this one referred has been deleted and...
  16. MRRSM

    What came in your mail today?

    The GM OEM Factory Replacement Under-Hood Lamp for my Y2K Blue Silverado finally arrived this evening. The "Gravity Switch" DEFINITELY wobbles around inside with a LOT more movement in the New One vs. the *Old, Sketchy* One. They may look a little different in their sizing in these images...
  17. MRRSM

    How To Use PICO #2204A & HANTEK #1008C Oscilloscopes

    Okay… By now most of you will have figured out that above ALL things, I think it will be important NOT TO BE AFRAID OF AN OSCILLOSCOPE… if you are ever going to get anywhere with using one as a Tool of Discovery and Problem Solving. There is enough good, instructive information out and about...
  18. MRRSM

    Acquired a 1984 S-10 over the weekend

    The 2.8L and the 3.4L Engines share quite a few parts and pieces in common. Just as I did with linking memorialized the work in images of the Dis-Assembly, GM Factory Parts, GM Part Numbers, OEM Box Ends and Re-Assembly for the LL8 Engines here, I also did likewise for the Old GM L32 V6 Motors...
  19. MRRSM

    Frame repair rust damage

    One Last "Tune Up Tip" about Flux Core Arc Welding (Non-Gas-Shielded) Welding Primer that is well worth watching before you begin. This one will give you some good information on what the suggested Best FCAW Welding Techniques are to follow:
  20. MRRSM

    Acquired a 1984 S-10 over the weekend

    Congratulations... If the V6 Motor inside the Engine Bay of that Cool Truck is the GM L32 3.4L 60 Degree V6 Motor... Please visit some of the Photobucket Albums I recorded about a decade ago that may prove instructive. This Wiki may also prove a Very Good Reference...
  21. MRRSM

    2005 Sierra Occasional crank/no start

    As a Follow On to your Investigation... You KNOW All of this Information already... But for other interested Readers using Oscilloscopes: It is VERY nice to see your use of an Oscilloscope for making comparisons between the timing of your (CKP) Crankshaft Position Signal vs. the (CPS) Camshaft...
  22. MRRSM

    How To Use PICO #2204A & HANTEK #1008C Oscilloscopes

    Back in 2013, Paul “Scanner” Danner showed off his then New AES Wave “U-Scope” Oscilloscope with an Induction Coil Clamp Sensor Cable while demonstrating how EASY it is to perform Ignition Coil Wave Form Diagnostics: Use the "Known Good Wave Form" of a properly working Ignition Coil being...
  23. MRRSM

    Tool Talk

    Once again... Because of THIS... ...I REALLY Wanted to get THIS.. Then I went looking for THIS... ...and also THIS... ...BUT Could ONLY Find THESE... ...and for ONLY Ten Bucks... THIS... Remington FAST BLADE... ...also has a VERY Nice "Rubbery" Non-Slip-Grip Handle... Like...
  24. MRRSM

    "Watch” This…

    "Watch” This… Recently, I took the plunge and purchased a Legacy TAG Heuer 4000 Professional Stainless Steel Diver’s Watch from a Watch Collector in Japan. Then after getting deeper and deeper into learning the history of its “Swiss Watch” mystique, I wanted to know more about why TAG Heuer...
  25. MRRSM

    Amazon Product Super Deal on The Hantek COP BNC Paddle Probe

    If you are going to have all of the additional gear necessary for performing Pro Grade Auto Engine Diagnostics using your own flavor of an Oscilloscope (PICO-Scope, Hantek, Autel U-Scope, etc.) Your "O" Scope Kit" cannot be complete without having a few types of Standard Wired Coil Induction...
  26. MRRSM

    Boy, I wish I could weld...

    Related to @Reprise more recent inquiry about Welding and since he is also the "OP" on this same subject, this is a pleasant On Topic 20 Minute foray into a wide range of Welding Issues and the different kinds of equipment to consider using in these various situations. The Video was created by...
  27. MRRSM

    How To Use PICO #2204A & HANTEK #1008C Oscilloscopes

    In his Classroom White Board Setting, Paul "Scanner" Danner shows "How to Use a PICO-Scope to Test a MAF Sensor" ...the Follow Up Video with the MAF hitting "Out Of Range" P-Codes:
  28. MRRSM

    2012 Silverado 5.3 Rough Idle

    As an Echo of what @Mooseman has covered for issues that need to be sorted out about any MAF Codes… Paul “Scanner” Danner puts on a Two Part Clinic on “How To Diagnose the GM MAF Sensor and Circuit”. To Cut to the Chase on the Salient Points: (1) Of the Three Diagnostic Tools that might be used...
  29. MRRSM

    What are you doing today? [Part II]

    I've just finished peeling the Brown-N-Bronze individual plastic wrapper off of a "CHOCO_ZERO" 85% Pure Dark Chocolate Cocoa Square and after popping it into my Kisser, I bit through that flavorful wafer... then I took a Sip of Coffee and nearly passed out from this Gastronomical Delight...
  30. MRRSM

    2009 Silverado 5.3l rough idle

    When you fired your "Forum Shotgun" at this unfortunate problem at the Internet... it looks like you got a reply from another place that might be helpful:

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